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    A communications worker quickly ran down the hall to the Council Room of The Sith Empire. The message which he possessed was flagged as Class Red. This meant that it could be delivered to none other than a Council Member of The Sith Empire.

    He entered the hall and walked briskly to the front of the room. Standing infront of the chairs of the council members, he quickly saluted and then handed a datapad to each of the five council members. As they each opened the message, this is what they saw...

    <font color="red">
    Report #H4216-A

    Distinguished Council Members:

    I write you to inform you of an immense discovery. With the help of Darth Poreon, I have discovered a source of the fungus called Fearoqi. It was designed by the race known as Gamorrean long ago. It has not been seen in approximately 237 years. While this may sound like a trivial matter, this fungus has a unique characteristic. It has the ability to eat through anything metal. Everything from circuit boards to starships is affected by this phenomenon.

    I see this as a great day for the Empire. This fungus could serve as a powerful weapon against our enemies. Imagine if you will, dropping this fungus on an entire planet, effectively disabling every piece of technological equipment that they possess. This has the potential to cripple entire races.

    I have ordered the fungus to be brought back to the Empire for testing and hopefully to be mass-produced for use as a weapon.

    My thanks go out to Knight Poreon for assistance in this discovery. Without him by my side, this would not have been possible.

    Glory to the Empire!

    Sith Warrior Daegal Murdoch</font>

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    :: As the message concluded, a small smile played on the Sith Lordess's lips as Sith Warrior Daegal Murdoch's image faded. A new discovery in the galaxy indeed.. this substance must be handled carefully.

    Dara took out her personal communication holopad and notified the R&D personnel that there would be a need for the quarantine materials upon the arrival of the fungus. She placed those in charge of all incoming packages on standby and then told them to notify her upon the package's arrival.

    Until they received further instructions on the encrypted channel, they were to tend to their activities as usual. The Lordess then departed the council room for her personal quarters ::