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A Lambda class shuttle arrives

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  • A Lambda class shuttle arrives

    :: Slow on approach to Monto Codru, a Lambda class shuttle prepares for orbital ascent. Its pilot opens communications with the planet ::

    Pilot: Sith Empire command, this is SO-343. Requesting clearance for landing. Code J-A8883-000-LAREDO.

    :: The access code matched that of a personal access code used by Jedah Lynch. The shuttle awaited response. ::


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    "This is control tower CH-126683, you are cleared for landing on East Palace landing wing, pad four Master Lynch. Welcome to Monto Cudro."


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      :: The shuttle descends toward the enormous Sith Palace, approaching the East section and pad four. As it slows its descent, the massive wings fold upwards, the hiss of retros loud as the landing struts lower, supporting the craft as it touches down. The shuttle powers down for a moment, releasing pressurized atmosphere in controlled jets of steam. After a moment, the gangplank lowered. ::


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        Sitting in a circular chamber Lynch sat legs crossed and both hands out in front of him with both fist clenched save two fingers pointed outward. Eyes shut he sat focusing letting himself drift into the force before sending his focus elsewhere where a second individual lay beaten and bloody. A straggler who had found to be force sensitive, a failed force user.

        Unlike the world of the Jedi who sought balance in life within the force so they could gain a pathway to understanding and peace the Sith held no such false ambitions. Sith dwelled in the dark side wanting nothing more than power to elevate themselves and rule over all others, to seek domination.

        He felt the lower force users presence and reached into it, seeing past the mans physical form. The Sith opened his eyes and saw not what was in front of him but the beating shape of a heart sending blood to its paths throughout the body. Its sounds echoing in his ears. Blinking once he saw what he seeked.

        Rising both hands slowly spreading all his fingers the Sith let a temporary look of concentration wash over his face. The mans body jerked rapidly coughing up blood. Stumbling to stand the lesser force user leaned up against the wall, his mouth wide open wanting to scream, a gurgle of blood became the only sound to escape.

        In his mind Lynch perfectly saw the midi-chlorians within the man racing, shaking in a feverish pitch as he forced his own dark side control over them. With one more blink of his eye he saw the pain firmly etched on the mans face, the suffering and knew there could be even more pain yet. With one final push the mans body jerked as the man tossed back his head before the body combusted into flames.

        A beeping sound caught the Siths attention, glancing down upon his gauntlet partly obscured by cloth the Sith listened to its sound recognizing its importance. Taking his leave from the circular chamber he began his walk to pad four. The door to the round room slammed shut jarring the burning husk leaning against the room making it collapse upon the floor in a cluttered smoking heap.


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          :: An obsidian figure slowly walked down the ramp, preceeded by the rasping sound of mechanical breathing ::

          <font color=990000><font size=-1>hohhhhhh....pahhhhhhh.....hohhhhhhh....pahhhhhhh....</font></font>


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            A massive set of doors to the hanger pad opened revealing the Sith Master covered in his custom black cloak. Immediately his eyes turned to stare at the image of potentially the most influential Sith Lord in Sith history. The man known as Lord Vader in his day had accomplished much in his tenure as the Dark Lord during the Emperors rule throughout the galaxy until a twist of fate if not the will of the force lead to the destruction of The Emperor and Vader himself.

            Now the Sith Lord appeared in the landing pad like a ghost from the past.

            Vader did die.

            The dead do not walk.

            The undead may very well be another matter.


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              :: The man in black kneeled before Jedah ::

              What is thy bidding, my Master?


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                "Your purpose is to stand ever vigilant in the eye of any storm that may try to lay waste to our divine heritage. Winds of change are in the air and more so than anyone can possibly fathom, all has been orchestrated and carefully plotted, there will be a reckoning as a prelude to zero hour. Even if I'am dead by that time slain by our enemies you must carry out your purpose as others are already sworn to do, within your body lay traces of a race that has its origins based in Sith lore. Your blood has the basic principals within ready to awaken when the time is right. You will need to embrace your role in life and so you will become nothing less than a dark God, we already are legion."

                "You must keep watch over those whom you already seek to protect, you must not fall prey to the heretics that consumed the mind and tainted the soul of your failed former self. Already you encase yourself in the armor of a Dark Lord who brought the galaxy to its knees. Do you think that was mere coincidence? Hardly the case. It was the will of a Dark Lord long gone before the name of Vader was ever breathed. You seek to find your way in life, that which is your right to rule over others. You know your purpose already, it is at the core of your soul screaming to be unleashed. Heed its call, know your birth right. The Sith will be made to prosper."


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                  The destinies of our enemies are already sealed. What I do not destroy, I will bend to my will.