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  • BladeIce, step forward..

    Vega stepped into the center of the Council room, looking down to his apprentice Blade as the Disciple stepped up before him.

    "For you continuing attempt to progress your skills as a Sith, your willing loyalty and commendable efforts against the Jedi Knight Jubei SaDherat Vader in battle I hereby promote you to the rank of Sith Warrior and present to you this dagger..."

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    (blade kneels before his master in acceptance and puts his hand out to receive the dagger.)

    I'm proud to serve you vega and the council and with this new rank with in the sith I will prove to be stronger towards the sith cause.


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      :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial watches her apprentice bestow the honor upon his own apprentice and nods in agreement ::

      "An honor well deserved, Blade Ice. You serve the Empire well. Congratulations."

      :: Dara nods to the newest warrior of the Empire ::


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        Congrats Blade


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          "Your promotion was well deserved. It was a pleasure to work with you on Garqi and was great fun sparring you."


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            ::Yurza steps forward and clasps the warriors shoulder::

            "Yes, it is well deserved. You should feel very honored."


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              ' Welcome to warriorship is nice to have such a man among our rank....' i said giveing the man a slight nod


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                (blade nods in thanks to everyone.)

                I am glad to be apart of this Empire and I thank everyone for allowing me the chance to prove myself even after my ruff start.


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                  Congrats Sith Warrior BladeIce


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                    Congratulations Blade, you earned that a while ago I think.


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                      *Well done Blade Ice, now I have another equal to spar with in the Training Grounds*

                      *Lowers his head so his eyes can't be seen and leans against a wall. He flashes Blace Ice a victory sign*


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                        Congrats, on a promotion well earned, Blade Ice.


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                          Gratzie on the promo Blade. Hopefully I'll catch up with ya (sooner or l8er) <img src= ALT="">


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                            As everyone was giving their wishes to Blade, Dyne made his way to him as well. He awaited for Blade to notice him before speaking.

                            "Good job Blade, keep up the great work....and the rank of knight shouldnt be too hard out of your grasp."