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To Rise ... (Miryan no Trunks)

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  • To Rise ... (Miryan no Trunks)

    Many answers needed to be asked of her Apprentice that disappeared for a long period of time. Miryan appeared battered and left for dead in the Council Room and now Dalethria wanted to know what he remembered.

    Always faithful, Miryan should show soon. With that, much would be decided upon.

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    *As per the usual, when Lordess Dalethria's message had reached him, MnT broke off what he was doing, and made haste to her side. In this case, he had been meditating, trying to pry from the fog in his mind, memories of the past months..*

    *Striding into the concil room, MnT came to a halt a few feet in front of his Master, bowed deeply to her, and spoke, his words simple formality*

    ... I've arrived, Master, you summoned me..?


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      She acknowledged his presence with a short nod of her head, "Yes. Since you are finally able to stand on your feet, I wished to see you. I've done as you asked with your Apprentice, Yurza and now wish to know how you fare and what had happened to you."


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        .. And I thank you, Master, for fulfilling my request.. As for my health, I'm physically fine with the exception of numerous scars, but it's doubtful those will heal.. However.. According to the logs of my stay in the med-bay, I often seem to suffer from terrible nightmares, yet retain no memory of them upon waking.. And as for what happened to me..

        *She could see the slight twitch in his eyes, demonstrating immediately to her that he was fairly troubled about the question at hand..*

        ... I also remember very little.. I have found glimpses of an eerie landscape hidden in my mind, of a place unlike any in our galaxy.. Shadows move freely through across the ground and through the air, as if they bear physical form.. The wind is accompanied by inhuman screams and can come from more than one direction at once.. The scenary consists of forests of rock, tainted with red stains, and immense statues of things that should never have lived, providing constant watch for something I cannot see..

        *As he spoke, MnT's eyes seemed to glaze over, as he reached into his memory for further detail..*

        ... However, I do remember clearly parts of a battle.. I was fighting something that, again, should never have lived.. Twice my height, Its face was almost man-like, save for the lack of physical eyes, and the addition of teeth like stalactites.. Its skin seemed to be made up of the living shadow I earlier mentioned, that hastily melted together over any wounds I inflicted.. Large bat-like wings protruded from it's back, numerous bone-spikes drive out of the flesh along their length.. It's body looked heavily muscled, as did it's arms and legs, all ending in large scythe-like claws that looked sharp enough to split even the strongest of materials as easy as tissue paper..

        *Looking around, MnT could tell from the apprehension on many faces, that few believed his story.. After all, if it were as dangerous as he made of it, how could a mere knight have survived at All? Might as well answer..*

        ... I cannot remember the events leading up to the fight, or even how the fight started at All, but I do remember fighting it.. My wounds were not made by its claws, for I rarely came close enough to it to warrant such an attack.. Instead, I kept my distance from it, charged my body through as many stages of the "Super Saiya-Jin" phenomenon as I could, and unleashed volley after volley of the most powerful ki-attacks that I could muster.. However, the attacks seemed to do little more than stall it momentarily, while it's shadow-skin sealed over the wounds.. It seemed, in fact, that the only time I managed any real damage, was when I'd managed to get close enough to attack with my broadsword, Damnation's Touch..

        *Again, his eyes seemed to flicker with pain, and with a look, those around could see the knight did not carry his sword..*

        ... The blade bit into it's flesh leaving a brightly glowing wound that it's shadows could not heal.. Again I attacked, driving my sword almost to the hilt into it's body, but before I had chance to retrieve it from the demon's body, it let loose on me, terrible tendrills of it's shadow lashing out at me, knocking me away and tearing at my skin, rending flesh from bone whilst snapping and crushing the same bones in the process.. I recall everything going dark, with an inaudible laughter ringing in my mind's ear...

        *Silence hung heavy over the council room for a moment, as MnT fought down the almost unbearable simultaneous feelings of fear and rage that threatened to overcome him as he spoke.. Finally..*

        ... I do not recall how I survived, how I escaped, or how I returned, but the next thing I remember is when I woke up in the medbay over a week ago..


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          Out of all the tales that she had heard in the Council Room, this one of Miryan's was most perplexing. Not only because of his battle induced amnesia, but because the foe he faced, at least what he could remember, was something that she never heard of. This caused many questions to surface. Was this something that wanted to get to her through her Apprentice? Or perhaps the Empire itself? Could it be that wherever Miryan was, he stumbled upon something in which not even he could have prepared for? Or was it just another random encounter ...

          That caused her to frown. No, something that powerful only attacked with reason and purpose. The only other logical explanation was this thing ... was protecting something. Unfortunately, none of these questions could be answered until his memory returned.

          She didn't want to wait too long, "This entity you faced ... it could be a danger to you or the Empire in the future. Since your memory of what happened is buried, I suggest that we try and unlock it soon. I don't need one of my best Apprentice's jumped again nor do I want a member here to share the same fate as you."

          Dalethria stood and walked down the first few steps towards her Apprentice. Miryan was much taller then her but at this height, she could look him squarely in the eye, "I actually wondered what happened to you. Your ordeal was intense and required much strength and ingenuity to escape with your life barely intact. You have proven yourself countless times before me how solid your character, dedication and loyalty are to me and the Empire. For that, you beome a Lord this day.

          Congratulations, my Apprentice ...." She allowed herself to half smile with pride shining in her eyes.


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            *For a few moments, MnT just stood there for a moment, his face expressionless.. It was as if he could not quite register what his Master had said, and in honesty, that was quite the truth.. Going again over the words in his mind, MnT could find no conclusion that would say to him that he'd mis-heard her.. Lordess Dalethria had just made him a lord..*

            .. Ma-Master? I..

            *He choked slightly on the words, the raw pride and joy welling up inside him so rapidly that he found it hard to speak.. His mouth spread into a huge smile, and he bowed again quite deeply..*

            ... You have honored me greatly, Master, and I give my word that I will continue to do my best for the glory of yourself and the Empire.. Although..

            *The smile could not leave his face, although some of the raw emotion softened slightly.. As glorious as this day had suddenly become for him, it did not lessen the matter at hand..*

            ... I supposse I mustn't have mentioned this, but... A few months after I first joined the Empire, I was pulled into a... well.. the best I can describe it as is an alternate dimension.. Not all of the physical laws that we abide by exist there, and as such, creatures that could not exist in our world Do.. It was the same place I was taken to this last time.. I imagine I was pulled there because of the shifting ability I possess, and use for transportation..

            *Those who knew of him would know of the rifts of which he spoke, and the way he could shift out of the dimension, to a mid-way point in between dimensions he had dubbed the netherlands of nowhere, and back to anywhere he could picture in his mind.*

            ... Because of this, I do not believe that the.. demon.. I faced could pose a threat to the Empire..

            *As he stood there waiting for a response from Lordess Dalethria, thoughts continually ran through his head.. Suddenly, it came to him.. An answer to a question he himself had been asking since the last time he was pulled into the other world..*

            ... Wait.. I could well be wrong.. I have been pulled to this demon-ridden dimension twice now, and both times the creatures there have tried to kill me.. I cannot say for sure, but the number of creatures that have seemed to possess human or animal physical appearances says to me that it could well be that those that live there are spawned from other creatures taken there and killed.. If they killed me, theoretically anything that was borne of my body and soul would possess my shifting ability...


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              ::Yurza had been in the Council room at the time his Master had been promoted to Lord and was about to congradulate him when Miryan began to speak of these alternate dimensions. He had heard of them before, but was not sure if he spoke of the ones he had heard about so he decided to wait and see what would turn out::


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                Tempist stood watching his master's promotion, as well as the story of dimension shifting. He had once heard of beings known as planeswalkers.... was it possible his master was one of such creatures? He didn't know, but it didnt matter at the moment. Tempist steped forward slightly.

                "Master, I am sorry to interupt, but I have somthing for you."

                With this said, he unveiled a sword, a great broadsword. It was silver plated, with brimstone and gemstone dust mixed in. The grip was steel mesh around a raincor tooth, cut down and chared for strenth and size. One rune was etched into it; honor.

                "I know it is an inatiquate substitute for Domination's Touch, but I hope this is sufficant untill it is recovered."


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                  Inside, she was enjoying the shock of Miryan's promotion. Dalethria knew that he was humble and would not have expected this honor ... which was another reason why he deserved it so.

                  After Miryan regained his composure, she listened intently to what he said. Out of the corner of her eye, she also saw Yurza watching the procedings and the sense she was getting was that he might have some insight to this.

                  The tempistopps interrupted and it crossed her mind briefly to snap at him but he came with a gift ... another sword since Miryan lost his. She would let it slide ... this time.

                  Back to business, "So what you are saying is that perhaps these ... things ... want you to kill you and take your abilities so they could come here?"


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                    *Taking the sword in hand with yet another look of shock, MnT looked up at Tempist, beaming once more with pride..*

                    ... I thank you greatly Tempist, my Apprentice, my Friend.. It seems a magnificent weapon, and I could not expect anything you craft to be less than magnificent.. Your blacksmithing skills far exceed my own, as is demonstrated by this sword..

                    *To accent his point, he took a few swings single-handed of the sword, measuring it's balance and speed, and finding them just as he expected they would be, perfect.. The sword was quite a bit lighter than Damnation's Touch had been, but he doubted Any non-deity could craft a weapon of it's size to be so heavy..*

                    ... Again today, I am deeply honored.. This does seem to be a day for it..

                    *A well-placed moment of silence fell over the council room, and, as if with practiced timing, Lordess Dalethria then broke the silence with a question, just before the silence would have begun to grow tedious..*

                    ... I do say that.. If that is the case, I imagine it due to their knowledge that there are countless life-forms here, and as such, our universe could be seen as a giant breeding ground to them.. So much sustenance, and so many hosts, they would almost seem foolish Not to try and gain a means to come and go from here at their leisure..

                    *Suddenly his face took on a very solemn expression, and he thought he could see a glimmer of understanding in his Master's eyes, before he even spoke..*

                    ... Be that as it may, however, I still have no choice but to go back.. I cannot allow Damnation's Touch to remain in the hands of that beast..


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                      ::Yurza watched as Tempist handed their master the sword and smiled. He himself had nothing to give, but his services in helping his master regain his lost sword, but he didn't knwo if he could possibly be ready::

                      "What to do?"

                      ::Yurza spoke under his breath. Yurza then heard MnT speak of the being trying to take over this dimension. He had definitely heard about that somewhere. Could it be that these beings where part of his dreams? Could it be that he would some find out who was sending him such things?::


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                        *Sensing that this meeting was essentially over, MnT grasped the initiative to take his leave.. After all, the upcoming ordeal would require him to be a great deal stronger than he currently was, and that meant intense training..*

                        *Before he actually left though, he had a few things to say first..*

                        ... Tempist, Yurza, for this next short period, I will not be able to spare time for one on one training with you, as I will need to train myself as much as I can.. I suggest you spar in the Sim, and training grounds though, as often as you can, with opponents of a knight's skill.. I will, myself, be training in the grounds, so when you have time for rest, feel free to come and watch if you'd like. Perhaps you'll be able to pick up on things I myself would not think to teach..

                        *With that, he bowed to those around, and left for his room.. He would need to fashion a worthy sheathe for the new blade he had recieved, before taking it out to train..*


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                          :: Darkness was the ally of the man with the pale skin. He dwelled in it not speaking out as he bore witness to the events that transpired. Another of his Master’s Disciples and succeeded in moving through the ladder of ascension amongst ranks among the Sith, to the next level, and as it should be was already preparing to do what he must to further himself even more.

                          All those that owned a talisman of chaos as passed down from Sith Kat to Dalethria, then Dalethria to her apprentices and so forth, knew that Trace had been present and that his dark soul was, for the time, filled with pride at seeing those of his Master’s training lineage progress so well. Those not of the Chaos talisman bearers did not even know he was there before the shadows completely swallowed his form and he was gone from the room. No sign or sound to acknowledge his pressence having been there was left. ::


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                            *From the shadows, Videl watched quietly with a slight smirk, even though she was no longer training Miryan, she was still happy for him*

                            (Good job, Miryan, you've done well) *she said quietly through the force to him, although she frowned a bit as she listened to what had happened, what he spoke of she had never encountered when she had teleported*


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                              *Even as he walked down the hall, MnT could not help but smile.. The voice of someone he had not spoken with in a long time ran through his mind, and, stopping momentarily from his walk, he replied..*

                              " ... Lordess Videl, Master, Thank you.. And thank you more for having started me on this path.. I must go off and begin preperations now, but perhaps soon we can meet and chat.. It has been far too long.."