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Lord Sabre, please step forward...

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  • Lord Sabre, please step forward...

    :: As her apprentice Lord Sabre enters the council room as summoned by her, he sees his Master, Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, standing at the front of the Council Room ::

    "Council, and fellow members of the Empire, my apprentice Sith Disciple Lord Sabre has demonstrated his battle prowess to me in a <a href=>Sim session</a> as a result of his training. His loyal service to the Empire coupled with his superb battle skills make him worthy of the honor he now receives.

    It is with pride that I now bestow the rank of Sith Warrior upon him as well as present him with a customary <a href=>Sith blade</a> from my personal collection for this ascension. Congratulations Sith Warrior Lord Sabre. May you wear your new rank with pride and remember this day, my apprentice."

    :: Dara smiles and nods to the newest Warrior of the Empire ::

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    Sabre bows low before Dara,

    "Thank you my master, you do me a great honor and I swear I will make the Empire and you, proud of me"


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      He approaches into the light, looking at Sabre as they face each other.

      "Congrats Sabre, continue the good work."


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        DarkStar watched Dara bestow the rank on her apprentice then, without so much as looking in Sabre's direction he turned with a swish of his cloak and walked out of the council room.


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          "Congratulations, welcome to warriorship"

          Tempist didn't think that was a real word, but it worked.


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            *Raine spoke up from his place in the shadows*

            "Congratulations, warrior Sabre."


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              The Sith Knight smiled as another had started the path of darkness well.

              " Congrats Warrior Sabre "


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                "Well done Lord Sabre"


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                  "Congratulations, Warrior Sabre."