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  • Sten...

    *The Dark Knight entered the Council Room, nodding to each of the Council present. He turned towards the doorway, and watched as Sten entered.*

    Kneel before me, Sten...

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    "Yes, master."

    *Sten, his heart still racing from the sim and his hair still matted, knelt before him, bowing his head and waiting for whatever it was that was going to happen.*


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      *Snack looked down at his apprentice, his expressions unchanging.*

      Why did I have you fight a simulated Jedi opponent?


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        "Probably because of two reasons. One: the Jedi are the common enemy of the Sith. And Two: because I once was a Jedi myself. Hence the temptation. But it's futile, for I am for the Sith and only the Sith. The past, my past is gone, banished from my mind. Is this the answer you're looking for?"


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          *The answe given was a surprise to be heard, yet is was indeed the one he was looking for.*

          Your insights serves you well, for the latter of your reasons is the right one. Temptation. I know what it is like to fight off the Lightside, since I have been there as well. It is not an easy task, and in the simulator, you showed that you have conquered the Light within.

          I hereby grant you the rank of Sith Warrior.

          *A smile crossed his lips, showing the pride he had in his apprentice.*


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            "Thank you, master. I am honored to accept the title of Warrior."

            *Still kneeling, he bows his head down to his master.*


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              "Congratulations, Warrior Sten! May the darkness within your heart never fail you."

              Daegal saluted his comrade sharply.


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                Standing near the pair, Poreon walked closer as he noticed the formal part of the ceramony end. Poreon nodded respectively to his master, then turned his attention to Sten, a new Sith Warrior.

                Giving Sten a handshake, Poreon spoke, "Sten! Congrats!"


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                  Jared entered behind Poreon, also bowing.

                  "Congratulations Sten!" he smiled while clapping.


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                    ::Yurza walks from the back of the hall and lays a hand on Sten::

                    "Kudos monkey deserve it."


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                      Raiseing a thumb up to sten one of his old buddys of the empire, he also gave a quick nod and a short smile.


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                        "Congratulations, Sten. It is a well deserved promotion."

                        :: The Sith Lordess smiles nods to the newest Warrior of the Empire from her council chair ::


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                          Dyne stepped in from the shadows to look at Sten.

                          "Excellent Sten....the Dark Side grows stronger now."


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                            "Congrats Sten, your doing well."


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                              "Congratulations, Warrior Sten. Never forget what happened here today. The Darkside lives in you now."

                              *Raine smirked before vanishing back into the shadows.*