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  • *Requesting an audience*

    :: As Dia enters the Council Room, followed by her long time apprentice Dara Shadowtide Rayial, silence falls over those assembled. Many recognize the Lordess. Some may recognize the former Master or guess that she had been a person of authority at one time. Whatever their reactions, Dia accorded them no attention as she focus on the Council Members, seated in their chairs of position and prestige. Dia herself had once sat in their position. Now, she - like so many before her - knelt before the Council. ::

    After deep mediation and soul-searching, I know my place is with the Empire. Therefore, I respectfully requested to rejoin its ranks.

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    :: As Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial accompanied her Master into the Council room, she recalled their conversation at the <a href=>bar</a> at her home at the Tides and was glad to see Dia's return this day. As Sith Master Dia kneeled, Dara placed a hand on her shoulder briefly as she walked by her and then made her way up the steps to her council chair. Dara sat down slowly and gave a smile to Dia awaiting the rest of the council to speak first, as the Lordess and Council member felt her own answer was rather evident ::


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      *Walking in from outside with a work-out towel around his neck, MnT looked around to find out what was happening.. He had been in the middle of his training, when he'd recieved a message through the force, saying something important was happening in the council room.. He had hurried over, and now took his usual place in the shadows.. He had heard of Mistress Dia before, yet never actually seen her in person.. This would indeed prove interesting..*


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        Vega entered the Council room shortly after Miryan and took his usual place, also - standing at the side of the Council room so that he had an overview of all the members who resided within. He looked to Lady Dia with a strong curiousity, a longing to know more about the one who had trained his own Master, and half smiled.


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          It's been a long time Dia.

          :: Rama stood up from his seat and made his way down to the floor. ::


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            The Sith Knight made her way into the council room, just as Sith Master Rama spoke to the Lady Dia. She (Athena) had seen the Lordess at her own Master home a few times. But has yet to speak with her. Athena slinked in and took a standing postion in the back of the chamber. She watched and waited.


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              *At one time or another, those who have left somehow managed to find their way back to the Empire. It was an addicted call from the Force, calling out to those who have once been members yet wanted to go on their own. The call beckoned them, and if their traveles included a search for home, or a place to call home, the Empire was their home. Of course not everyone who has left came back. Theyhad other homes to be, and other things to worry about.

              Snack knew this because he, too, had gone in search for his true home once. It led him away from the Empire and then showed him his way back. It was his home -- his place, as much as it was any other member's home.

              Standing against the wall, Snack watched the proceedings as Master Rama addressed and made his way closer to Dia.*


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                Learning forward in his seat the Sith Master stared at the returning sith with emotionless eyes giving nothing of his thoughts. Instead he merely watched Rama Sha approach the returning female dark master.


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                  *Where there were shadows, the curiously quiet Sith Lord known as Raine Sarin could be found, if one was lucky enough to know how to find him. He always moved in stealth, and now he had found his way to the Council Room without many other members even noticing his presence. His wanderings came to a halt as he rested his back against a pillar in the Council Room, his eyes fixed on Lady Dia. He had heard of her many times from his master, and he well remembered the day she had left. Now a brief glimmer of deranged joy crossed his mind in response to her return. A smirk crossed Lord Sarin's face as he waited to see what would become of this.*


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                    DarkStar entered quietly, not wishing to disturb things, but not trying to hide himself either. He studied Dia for a moment, he had never met her, but he knew her by sight though it had been a long time since he had seen her last. He smiled to himself as he went and stood by himself.

                    "Can't say i'm suprised,"

                    He said quietly to himself,

                    "In the end, they always come back,"


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                      "Give her the best quest quaters we have till we can get her a room."

                      :: Rama yelled at two serveants near the door ::

                      "Lady Dia has come back to us."


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                        *Leaning against the wall like many others in the shadows, Bi0 looked at Lady Dia with his burning eyes*

                        (Lady Dia...the first Morale Officer of the SE I think...)

                        *Bi0 never actally talked to her but did on occasion, see her*

                        (Maybe that old saying is true..."Those who leave will in time, return..")

                        *Bi0 silenced his mind and continue to watch this amazing turn of events*


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                          :: Dia stands and faces Rama. :: It has indeed been a long time, Master Rama. I thank you for your welcome.


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                            “The time has indeed been kind to you Lady Diamante.. You’ve been well I trust?” comes a familiar voice from a council chair..


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                              Daegal nods to Lady Dia. Having hear only whipsers and rumors about the great Sith, he did not know her. Judging by the happiness of the Council Members, this was indeed a great day for the Empire.