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The Sciences of the Force

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  • The Sciences of the Force

    Dalton searched about the corridors quietly, sliding between a pair of Sith as he lifted his eyes, scanning here and there. His search for his Master or someone else of higher Sith rank hadn't been long, but it seemed that way, seeing that he felt he needed to share this information before another source would grab hold of it.

    "Master Shadowtide Rayial..." Seemed to be the only other Sith personal that he trusted enough with what he had kept to himself for so long.

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    :: Dara Shadowtide Rayial entered the council room and sensed a presence seeking to speak with her. Making her way to the front of the room she saw Sith Warrior Dalton Blesse and she approached him ::

    "Greetings Dalton."


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      Dalton lowered his eyes to a prompt humble before his superior before speaking, acknowledging her at first with his own greeting,

      "Sire." Raising his head from it's bow he took a cautious look from two ends, wings shifting rather uncomfortably beneath his cloth trenchcoat, wrists folding into his chest as he bundled his arms. "Master, Rayial... I found a few rather, intriguing aspects of The Force that you may find rather interesting... I'm not rather sure if you are the head of the Research and Development here, but I trust you with enough, Milord...."

      He pushed a few dangling locks from his auburn eyes, tails drifting from his waist, a fist away from the ground.

      "Milord, the physics of the force... I've found that the abilities of throwing one's 'soul' is much more than it seems... of course the powers of 'Force Push,' 'Force Jump,' and of course, 'Force Sorcery,' are key in this... I've found that more concentrated forms of The Force may be used as weapons... Not only to just drag one's self from place to place, but enough to destroy an entire planet, sire!" He struggled to maintain himself. "Milord, I know it sounds crazy.. But maybe if you knew of someplace more private I would be able to explain...."


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        :: Dara nods as she listens to Dalton speak, intrigued by the topic at hand ::

        "Of course Dalton. If you will <a href=>follow me</a>."

        :: The two depart the council room for a more secure location in which to speak further on the matter ::