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Winds of Fate: Returning Home

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  • Winds of Fate: Returning Home

    Once he had landed the shuttle, Varlon immediately started towards the council room to speak of his victory over the Jedi Knight Aura. He walked with a slight limp and wince from his wounds which had partially been tended to with first aid kits in his personal shuttle. Pushing open the doors to the main cooridoor of the council's place in the massive HQ building, he continued forth without falter. Coming upon the large, rune-inscribed doors that marked the last barrier before the main council room, he approached the council, disregarding any previous meetings, debates, or any political hearings they may have been undergoing.

    "I bring you good news of many kinds, members of the Sith Council," He said as he looked up to them, making eye contact with each. "The Jedi are indeed still alive, as I have engaged in mortal combat with one, and come out victorious. At a cost, as you can see."

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    :: Upon sensing a familiar force signature and then seeing her apprentice enter with a limp, Dara rises to walk and meet Sith Lord Darth Varlon as he tells the tale of his battle with a jedi ::

    "Thank you for such information, Darth Varlon. I shall review the hologram of your fight with the jedi shortly, but for now perhaps a trip to the Med Bay is in order so that you can be restored to top physical condition to continue to bring glory to the Empire and honor to your Master."

    :: The Sith Master nods to her apprentice ::