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Lady Callista, please step forward...

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  • Lady Callista, please step forward...

    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial stands at the front of the Council Room and addresses all those assembled as she sees her apprentice Lady Callista gracefully enter ::

    "Council, and fellow members of the Empire, my apprentice Sith Disciple Lady Callista has demonstrated her battle prowess to me in a <a href=>Sim session</a> as a result of her training. Her outstanding skills make her worthy of the honor she now receives.

    It is with pride that I now bestow the rank of Sith Warrior upon her as well as present her with a customary <a href=>Sith blade</a> from my personal collection for this ascension. Congratulations Sith Warrior Lady Callista. May you wear your new rank with pride and remember this day."

    :: Dara smiles and nods to the newest Warrior of the Empire ::

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    Daegal nodded from the shadows, pleased that a fellow apprentice of his Master had attained the rank of Warrior.

    "Glory to the Empire. We grow stronger this day with your ascension, Lady Callista."


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      Stepping into view, Callista immediately dropped to one knee before her Master in show of utter respect. She silently thanked Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial whole-heartedly for the privilege that was bequeathed upon her this day.

      "With this new rank I shall continue to answer the bidding of The Sith Empire to my utmost ability," she announced to not only her Master, but also the other members in attendance.

      She took the precious warrior gift carefully with both hands, then rose and thanked Daegal Murdoch for his words with a simple nod of the head and a gracious smile.


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        *Bi0 leaned against the wall, as was his habit at these things*

        "Well done Lady's always nice to see a fellow Sith apprentice claim one step higher in the ladder of ranks"

        *Bi0 smile a small smile and lower his hat down to cover his eyes*


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          "Congratulations Sith Warrior Callista."


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            "Congratulations, Warrior Callista, upon your advancement," The Sith Lord spoke as he entered the council room from the west corridor. "And may you continue to bring honour to the Empire."


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              Watching, Poreon walked forward and smiled, "Congratulations on your achievement."


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                Congrats on becoming a Warrior, Callista.


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                  The anchient Sith Lord lent against a pillar, watching Dara as she made the promotion.

                  "Deserved I am sure,"

                  He said just loud enough for her and Callista to hear


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                    Dyne gives a simple nod of his head to Callista as a show of respect before speaking.

                    "Excellent work Callista, keep it up...."


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                      "Congratulations, Warrior Callista"


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                        *Sith Lord Raine Sarin nodded from where he stood*



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                          Leaning up against the wall, sieken kept quiet as he always did unless he needed to talk, and loked at the new warrior with a slight nod, hopeing she knew what he ment.


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                            YAY Cal!


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                              Lana bowed her head in respect to the new Sith Warrior.

                              "...Yet another person to look upon. A pleasure, and the most sincerest congratulations be bestowed upon you, Miss Calista."