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  • A new beginning

    ****** This takes place after the events of the <a href =>Voices from the Past</a> thread ******

    The Empire's headquarters was alive with activity, people scurrying throughout the maze like hallways, combatants fighting viciously for their honor in both the training chambers and the simulators. Tucked away in one corner of the headquarters, one soul grew resltess, pacing back and forth in his room, contemplating his actions, and what course of action he would now take with recent events.

    The shirtless figure stopped to look at himself in the mirror. His hands were clenched so tight, his knuckles were white, and his arms were flexing their muscles. His body had regained most of the muscle it had lost during his troubled period. NO longer was he lean and small. His chisled physique was one of the lone things he was proud of, however that same physique still bore the telltale sign of needles in his arms. Before he was ashamed of this, and had not wanted anyone to know about his addiction, now though, things had changed. He did not care who knew, and relished the fact that people knew. For in his mind it was a symbol of strenght that he could overcome the drug and still perform at his peak. That line of thinking was a good example of the current state of mind he had.

    The reflection in the mirror smiled back at Laran as he continued to flex his new figure. And that's when a light went off in his head. With a quick glance to his bed, he located his lightsaber and grabbed it, holding it tightly. With the force, he opened up his door and strode out of his room quickly, making his way to the council room chambers

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    I saw my master walk from his room, and i cought up to him with a light jog my hair down and swaying from side to side.

    'I see your venturing to the Council room sir...amy i join you?' i said giveing him a slight nodd of respect.


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      The council room was quiet, in his seat The Sith Master known as Lynch sat impassively gazing to the room in front of him. Banners and symbols lay embedded within the structure throughout the room, pillars of obsidian stood as silent immobile guards. Black statues of sith past and present who had made a mark in the history of The Sith Empire adorned the room as a testament to their deeds and achievements to the dark side.

      Some had long since passed into the stuff of legends, others had vanished or died. A few still true in the ways on the Sith still severed the Sith Empire. Someone was coming to the room, this he knew, he could sense the presence approaching. For now he remained like the stone, unmoving. He could tell the person was almost there now, a flicker for life appearing on his emerald eyes.


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        He heard the voice, but chose to ignore it. He pressed onwards to the council room, actually picking his pace up, trying to leave the voice behind. The voice called out to him again, and this time Laran turned to face it's source. Turned to face it, with his free hand shooting out to grasp the throat of the source.

        " Why? So you can use this opportunity to foward yourself? To make your presence known to the coucil?"

        He lifted the young warrior off the ground, and slammed him hard into the wall behind him. Laran's eyes narrowed, becoming a slit, as he gazed deep into the eyes of the young man, who dangled in his grasp.

        "You are naive in your ways and your beleifs. You need to change that very quick, if you wish to survive with myself."

        He squeezed his throat harder, choking him further.

        " Loyalty is a trait that I value. Cross myself or betray me, and you'll find yourself in a most precarious position"

        The last part of his sentence was said with an evil smirk forming on his face. Sieken continued to gasp for breath, as Laran's grip tightened further.

        "This will not be a pleasant trip to the coucil room, and will have serious implications. Do you still wish to follow me?"


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          WHAM!, my back was slammed into the grey cold stone surface of the empire the pain shot through my body like a wave of electricity, the coldness however was soon surpressed by the warmth of the blood that dripped down my back i could feel the liquid run down the groove of my spin, my head raised and my mouth opend to cry in agony but nothing came out.

          The feeling of a hand sprung around my kneck and began to squeeze the life from my body, every time i tried to speak to him his force crushed further and further till my legs became weak, then he asked me a question...and said about loyalty...i could not talk but...i had to tell him...i opend the force to his mind.

          My master, if it is anything the most important thing to me is Loyalty, i have always served my master to my fullest and sir you are no exception,my loyalty shall never venture elsewere for you sir, and i would like to stick with you where you go, so that you may teach me your art of yes...i would like to join you.

          i sent to his mind hopeing he would understand as the blackness of conciousness started to set in.


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            Laran could feel the words of his helpless victim enter his head. He listened for a second, and then waited for a second, choking his victim longer, showing him how serious that he was. Then as quickly as he had lashed out, Laran turned and let go out Sieken, letting him fall the floor. Turning on his heels, and made his way down the hallway, continuing onwards to the council room.

            "Very well. You cannot turn back now, for you are mine."

            In his right hand, he grasped his prized weapon - his lightsaber - harder and picked up his pace, wanting to ge tto the council room chambers quickly.

            Finally, he found himself standing outside the large and heavy doors. There was much history in the room before him. Past masters, past council members, former enemies, and fallen comrades had all stood in this room at one time or another. Each of them taking their turn standing in the spotlight. Well now it was Laran's turn.

            The force flowed through the Sith Knight, until enough of it was stored up. Laran focused it against the heavy doors, slamming them wide open. An evil laugh was the first thing to enter the room, echoing loudly throughout the chamber. Laran was next to follow.


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              Laran stepped into the coucil room, sauntering confidently, the evil smirk still on his face, his eyes alive with an intense fire. With each step he grew more confident, until he made his way to the center of the room, facing the council.

              His lightsaber was tightly gripped in his right hand. With a quick flick of the wrist, he twirled it around in an arrogant guesture.

              His head moved from coucil member to coucil member, staring defiantly into each of their eyes. That in itself could be construed as a deliberate sign of disrespect. What was to gollow would ensure there was no misunderstanding.

              "I grow tired of not being reconized. My abilites are among the best here, and not far under your own"

              He could not help but chuckle at his own words, as he mocked their abilities.

              "Therefore, since none of you wishes to see myself advance, for you're all to concerned with myself threatening your position, or in some cases your lives "

              He laughed once more, louder this time at thier cowardice.

              " I am here to fight for my right to advance. I never wanted to be handed anything, but since none of you seem to reconize my abilities, I must show you the hard way. If this is the way for one to earn his rank, then so mote it be"


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                A simple smirk crossed Vega's lips as he watched the Sith Knight storm his way into the Council room in a flurry of arrogant panA simple smirk crossed Vega's lips as he watched the Sith Knight storm his way into the Council room in a flurry of arrogant panache. The way in which Laran flaunted his defiance and waltzed with his own ego made the Sith Lord raise an eyebrow of questioning. So freely Katern waved his now assumably targeted head in front of the blade of death, so brash.

                He himself was not one to pass judgment upon the bold Knight, but he knew the council would soon speak their minds on the subject, and no doubt with great force and potency.


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                  Getting up and breathing heavy i saw vega, i walked past him rubbing my neck and have a slight side smile and a nodd and followed my master into the council chambers.


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                    :: Rama raises from his seat. and slowly glides down towards Laran. His eyes glareing into his....cold.....and blank. Nothing showing in the way of Emotion. He approached him and stood almost toe to toe with him. Suddenly from behind Laran the doors slamed shut and locked, as Laran turns to look he is thrown against the wall......pressed hard against it. It begins to press down on his chest......makeing it harder and harder to breath. Rama lets a slight sneer come across his lips, and begins to speak in a launage that no one had ever heard come from him before. ::

                    "Tu wappa sa noon."

                    :: Laran didn't know the words, but some how knew what they meant. ::

                    "Your Insurrection will not be Tolerated."

                    :: Laran began to rise off his feet lifted by an invisble force ::

                    "Cha was ta noon eh wee......Sa Patha Settie don."

                    "Far to long your kind have gone unpunished."

                    :: With that the force on his chest become almost unbearable. Rama lifted his hand and Force lighting jumped from it and into Laran's body. As the lighting hit him the doors behind him flung open, sending him flying out and onto the floor. ::

                    "There is no test for you here Laran......"