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  • Appointment

    Well after the usual essential business had been taken care of within the chambers of the Empire, there were still other members about coming and going as they pleased, and the council ever present discussing common place issues amongst themselves..

    Havok arose from his seat and approached the chair of another one of the council members..

    “Lordess Dara?..” he said addressing her.. “Might I have a moment of your time?” saying as he gestured towards the center of the room in request for her to rise from her seat..

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    :: As a new member of the Council, Dara was finding that there was a tremendous amount of work with regard to preparing holopad reports of the Empire's activities and holdings for discussion and review in the Council member sessions.

    She glanced around and saw that the other council members were finishing up their reports, and so she started packing the holopads in her satchel to finish up her work in her quarters. As the Lordess put the last holopad into her satchel, a familiar voice and presence stepped before her.. Sith Master Darth Havok. She looked up into his eyes ::

    "Of course, Darth Havok."

    :: Dara rose from her council chair and accompanied him to the center of the council room ::


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      Raising a hand a gong on the wall made a single clang, resonating throughout the council room and beyond, before he spoke as to gain the attention of all those present, once the sound ceased Havok continued..

      “Unbeknownst to yourself, I’ve been observing you since our falling out to call it… I’ve still felt a responsibility as your former Master, though we had our differences of opinions at the time in that area.. And now I feel is as prudent of a time as any to bring forth a conclusion deduced by my own cognizance, though the Darkside will be the true arbitrator..” Saying sharply and aloud gaining the attention of all those present who’d not already been listening.. He rose his hand again and an ancient Sith sword that was hung upon the wall whisked across the room with a whistling noise and graced the hands of the Master..

      “Now kneel..”


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        :: Standing before him, Dara was reminded of the past.. to a time long ago before her dissolution of their quiet relationship when he had been her Master as well. Havok had guided her skills after her first Master, Sith Master Lady Diamante, had recommended that Dara seek an additional Master to further her battle techniques. She looked into Havok's eyes at hearing that after all this time, he had been watching after her from a distance.

        Memories filled her mind.. her impulsive choice not to continue as Havok's apprentice.. her choice of not remaining in contact with him at all.. and other things which were the result of her unbridled emotion back then, but over time had settled into a more rational perspective.

        The sound of the archaic sword whizzing through the air brought her attention back in focus to the moment at hand, and lent a sense of conviction to his words as they penetrated to her dark soul. Following Havok's command, the Lordess slowly kneeled before him and bowed her head ::


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          He began to chant a script from an ancient language, so quiet his tone his words were indecipherable, as he swept the Sith sword over her head from side to side, before it came to rest just above.. Lowering it slowly it touched the top of her head, instantaneously and to her surprise time in the sense of that realm froze, and in a flash of uneasiness they were transported to a different plain of existence..

          The environment was unlike any other, it was so cold and dark and if you were to look from side to side, it would seem as if their were no beginning nor end to anything.. Their she was still knelling, though her master was now at her side also knelt with his head low to the ground..

          What is this place? The question ran through her mind, and just as it did an unseen presence made itself known..

          “So, my guidance is what you’ve sought my Dark Lord.. “ a dark rugged voice was heard.. Seeming to come from no where..

          “Yes, my lord..” Havok uttered.. Well, might we see what she believes before I cast my judgment was conveyed only to the mind of Havok..

          “Dara Shadowtide… This could be a day of advancement for you, a day that will not soon be forgotten.. A day that may bring about your true destiny, or it could be a day that brings forth your premature demise…

          … So what say you? Do you feel deserving of what you are about to receive?” The tone much more firm when speaking this time around, it were as if it was a beast speaking to them, as this representative of evil (dark side) sought to know what in essence it already had foreseen..


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            :: Dara remained kneeled next to Master Havok as she reached out with the Dark Side to assess her surroundings.. but she was met with no avail. Much was clouded in this strange place Havok had brought her to. Upon hearing the unfamiliar voice and sensing the significance of the question presented to her, thoughts began to gather in her mind regarding her time at the Empire. She paused as she took a deep breath, recalling the words of the unknown being ::

            So what say you? Do you feel deserving of what you are about to receive?

            :: She remained silent as she attempted to deduce the answer ::

            < I have served my Master and the Empire well with participation in missions including leading the one to my home planet Garqi. I currently supervise the training of 20 apprentices which not only aids to prepare future warriors of the Empire, but also demands that my skills are kept current and in a constant state of readiness for battle.

            Each part of my own training has prepared me and I continue to learn additional techniques to this day. The struggles and triumphs I have experienced have only served to shape me into a more efficient warrior of darkness. Length of time and service have tested my loyalty and prowess. I have faced Jedi on the battleground.. and the battle scars which I wear proudly display the means in which I fuel the darkness to wield against them, for pain is power.. >

            :: The Lordess continued to sort through her own abilities and contributions, not knowing if this was a test in itself of some sort. However, it was time to address the question at hand. She cleared her throat and raised her head to speak, while still kneeling ::

            "I serve my Master, the Empire and the Dark Side loyally and if my Master feels I am deserving, then I will accept his judgement. I have always strived to better myself for the glory of the Empire and should that result my skill level advancing, then I will accept such an honor with pride. I shall continue to strive towards bringing further glory and respect to the name of the Empire in all that I do."


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              Her words projected out into the nothingness of this realm, a long silence was soon broken by the brutish voice of unseen evil..

              “Not all your claims are entirely true my pawn of darkness.. You alone are responsible for impeding your own progression, by having dismissed further enrichment from Master Havok a time ago….

              ...Though with the passing times, this I feel has shifted your views of that issue.. Though the fact still remains.. You have not served your master in sometime; you’ve served your empire undauntedly, yes..” Another silence befell the moment, yet was broke again soon by the continuance of the dark presence…

              “Your Master, has an ever present shadow of doubt with the act he is performing on this day.. That is why he has sought my aid, and that is why he has brought you before me for judgment..” The all knowing and all seeing representative of evil already knew all it needed to, it’s queries were merely for experimental sake..

              "Have you anything else to say on your behalf?” it asked..


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                :: Dara's eyes flashed crimson as the words 'Your Master, has an ever present shadow of doubt..' rang in her ears like a deafening blow to her very soul. Her hand shook with the tremendous amount of Dark Side energy which surged suddenly through her entire body like pure evil adrenaline.

                Without even thinking, she reflexively grabbed her <a href=>sith blade</a> from her belt and leaped at Havok. Wrapping her arm around his head with lightning speed and snatching up a generous amount of his long tresses, she held the sharp blade at his throat and moved her mouth to his ear as she whispered between clenched teeth ::

                "If I were not loyal to you or served you, I would slit your throat right now.. my Master. Let that remove any shadow of a doubt you may have regarding me or the degree of hatred which boils and festers in my black soul."


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                  A slight cackle escaped his lips.. “I’ve still yet to be convinced..”

                  Havok was surprised by her actions yes, but disappointed from her line of reasoning, and of her actions here on this plain of existence. Had she over looked that aspect? That this was an existence purely derived from her masters will alone? And let her own impulsiveness overwhelm her; to put them in this position of questionable intent..

                  At times Havok feared his own death, as he had a strong passion for living, and to believe all that he still wished to accomplish in his lifetime could and would be vanquished in one fleeting moment wasn’t exactly a comforting feeling. But this was not one of those moments for him. Fear can be healthy or unhealthy. The positive aspect of fear comes from passion. We are afraid to lose anything that we hold dear. The negative aspect of fear is cowardice. We can hone our fear like separating the chaff from the wheat; reject the cowardice and keep the passion.

                  “So what’s stopping you..?” he questioned, as he was putting up no struggle as of yet.. “Why not cast away all my doubts and finish me now?”


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                    :: Dara's lips curl in a snarl at Havok's taunting her. His 'doubts'.. he hadn't been around her that much as of recent and didn't really know her any more. She would show him what she had become, if it was the last thing he ever saw from her. Suddenly, Dara's hand began to shake, the feeling overtaking her once again as the mysterious <a href=>black symbol</a> glowed brightly on the top of her hand, her actions becoming fueled purely by the Dark Side itself ::

                    "So be it.. Master."

                    :: The Lordess pressed the sharp blade to his neck, making a clean and deep cut from side to side, the jugular spewing forth a generous amount of crimson liquid as his head was severed from his body, the lifeless carcass of the Sith Master dropping to the ground.

                    She stood still holding his long tresses, her breathing deep and his head hanging from her fingers as she looked upon it one final time before tossing it aside. Dara looked around and stood ready, the adrenaline pumping through her veins as the darkness rippled through her as she braced herself for things yet to come ::


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                      The still open eyes of the severed head looked up at her.. “Very well then….”

                      The next words that came from the head were similar to those that she had heard her master speak earlier in this meeting, uttering a tongue that neither she or many others could recognize, and the illusion dispersed..

                      She was still kneeling in the center of the room as Havok stood holding the sword’s blade on top of her head. “Look into my eyes Sith Master Dara Shadowtide Rayial..” His sword moved down under her chin and prompted her to look up at him..

                      “Your trial is passed, but now you shall never forget it!” His eyes flash from their normal blue to a deep empty black and with a flick of his wrist the tip of the sword moved from under her chin up and across the side of her face, slicing from the corner of her lip to the base of her ear, a ragged slash across her face that would scar her forever..

                      “Rise now and present yourself to those members of the Empire who would congratulate you on what you have accomplished, for my part is done..”

                      Havok walked over to the wall where he had Force pulled the sword from earlier, and placed the weapon back in its place. The blood of the newly appointed Master was still trailing down the blade’s edge, as he then walked out of the room and left her to her devices..


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                        "Congratulations, Master. It is more than deserved. The level of darkness within you is something that all who serve the Empire should strive to attain. Glory to the Empire!"


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                          Congratulations, Mistress Dara. The Empire grows stronger yet, with this promotion.

                          *Snack nodded to the new Master. He wanted to say more, but that just wasn't him. Indeed, Dark times would continue to live in the galaxy.*


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                            *Bi0 kneed on one knee and knew that this turn of events would be forever marked*

                            "Congratulations Master Shadowtide...It is indeed an honor to witness such a remarkable event take place".


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                              "Congratulations Mistress Dara, you continue to be a beacon for us to follow in your leadership. You most definatly deserved that."

                              Tempist smiled to her, one of the few he could consider a friend.