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*Enters the Council Room*

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  • *Enters the Council Room*

    *Snack pushed the Council Room doors open, still holding his right arm close to his chest with his left hand. The hood of his cloak was down along his back, allowing for his face to be seen. It was expressionless as he passed by those standing or sitting in the room. Snack looked at each of the Council Members indivudually before dropping to one knee and bowing his head.*

    I have returned from Meras. My Master, Ogre Mal Pannis, summoned me there for what I did not know. My stay was short, yet fruitful. He wished for me to bring back something for the Empire...

    *He fell silent as he stayed kneeling in the center of the room. A small smirk crossed his face, as he felt each of the Council's eyes upon him, wanting to know what one of their former Members had to offer.

    With his left hand, he slowly rolled up the sleeve of his shirt on his right arm. The skin was still very sensitive to touch, the marking not yet healed. Wincing just slightly at the pain it brought him, he rememebred why exactly it was there. Snack held out his right forearm for all to see, showing his new tatoo of the double-bladed axe. One that ressembled the Sith Master's weapon.*

    He has proclaimed me a Dark Lord...

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    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide Rayial smiled and nodded in approval from her council seat ::

    "Congratulations, Sith Lord Darth Snack. A promotion well deserved. May you continue to delve further into the darkness for the glory of the Empire."


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      Daegal bows before Darth Snack. "I can think of no one that deserved it more. May the darkness that flows within you never cease."


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        :: A smile escapes Phantom's lips as he sees this friend Snack promoted. Snack had been his good friend for sometime ever sence he had turned Snack to the dark side ::

        Congrats Lord Snack, it is well deserved.


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          "Congratulations, Lord Snack."


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            "Congratulations Lord Snack on your achievement," Varlon spoke as he entered from a darkened hallway. "May you continue to bring honour to the Empire as your brethern do."

            OOC: Ahhh the joys of the generic congratulations <img src= ALT=":b">


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              Athena smiled at the news of her dear friend Snack.

              " Congrats Snack... "

              Athena spoke to her friend via the force..

              ~ A party at the Oasis maybe? ~


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                *Snack stayed in his kneeling postion, bringing his arm back in close to him, lightly rubbing the new tatoo with his other hand. His smirk grew into a smile as those whom he had meet since his time at the Empire congratualted him. He looked at each Sith gathered, nodding to each of them.*

                Thank you, all. I will continue to strive for the Empire, and to serve the Empire to my fullest capabilities.

                *Snack sent a message to Phantom, via the Force.* And I thank you personally, for showing me and pointing me torwards the Truth.

                *He smirked again, and sent a message via the Force, this time to Athena.* You know I'll be there.


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                  Poreon watched in amazement. A long, long time ago Snack took on his first apprentice, Poreon. Snack had taught his apprentice, who was now a knight, much including how to overcome fears and many other valuable lessons. For a first time mastering effort, the at-the-time Knight Snack did an excellent job on DarthPoreon.

                  His master deserved the rank; Snack had devoted so much to this Empire and the Sith legacy. His apprentice smiled and bowed in respect.

                  "Congratulations, my Master." Poreon would have said more, but he was too proud of his Master to come up with words.


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                    It is good to see you return evermore powerfull Lord Snack


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                      Lana gazed at the wound engraved in Snack's flesh before lifting her gaze to look upon the man.
                      "Congratulations, Lord Snack. An honor to know such power can be bestowed upon one of our own...."
                      She lowered herself in a respecting bow, her eyes gazing at her own arm. Lana hoped that someday, she would become the same as so many before her.


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                        "A worthy acension. May the Divine path of the Sith be your path to greatness Darth Snack"


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                          *Snack stood, nodding to Lana, Poreon, and Sieken.*

                          Thank you.

                          *He then turned to Master Lynch, and bowed.*

                          It will, Master Lynch.... It will.

                          *Snack grinned, holding his right arm close to his body. The pain had subsided for now, yet he could still feel the hot poker embed on his arm.*

                          If I may, I would like to go to the med bay, and get this bandaged, to save it from infection.

                          *After a nod from the Council, Snack bowed once more and turned in his spot. He walked out of the Council Room and headed towards the Med Bay. It would be a short visit.*