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To my master Katern

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  • To my master Katern

    I walked in to the council room, even before i checked into the Medi-bay, blood and cuts covered my body but i surpressed it, my respect to my Master and the Empire was more important than my health. The evil shadow casting apon the room was well, what i called home. Kneeling down apon one knee and extending a deactivated Jedi hilt from my side cargo pocket i fowarded my hand to give it to Master Katern

    'Master Katern i bring you a token of my respect from my fight with Jedi Knight Verse Dawnstrider, I this day add another hilt to a future many in my loyalty to this Empire. ' i said bowing my head in honour

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    The sound of the Sith Warrior's voice echoed through the council room until finally fading off into nothingness. the only light in the room seeped in from various torches that lay in the walls, casting off eery shadows and distorting paintings of the past.

    From a far dark corner of the chamber, foot steps could be heard growing louder and louder as they came nearer and neater to the evil soul in the center of the room. Finally the footsteps stopped, their source standing behind the Sith Warrior. Laran bent over so that his face was positioned behind that of his apprentice. Laran was so close that Sieken could feel the warm breath of his master against his neck, sending chills down his spine and causing the fine hairs to stand on their end. Laran hesitated a moment longer, letting his presence linger in the mind of his apprentice before speaking.

    "Well done my pupil. I am pleased. Now it is time for your first lesson under my tutelage."

    With reflexes as quick as Sieken had ever seen, Laran's right arm shot out, wrapping around Sieken's neck. The Sith Knight's other arm went behind the unprepared apprentice's head, pushing it forward and causing his airway to be blocked. Laran tightened his grip even more, causing even less air to get through. Sieken began gasping for air, writhing and squirming desperately under the pressure.

    " Never let your guard down my apprentice. IF you do, pay for it with your life you will. "

    Sieken closed his eyes, feeling consciousness slip away. He continued to move around, trying to break the hold. He opened his eyes one last time, to find himself alone in the room. The lightsaber that he had brought his master was gone. He jumped to his feet, looking around the room for anyone, only to confirm that yes he was alone in the room. Well almost alone. A loud maniacal laugh could be heard through the force, echoing inside Sieken's head.