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I say all this with a heavy heart...

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  • I say all this with a heavy heart...

    About a month and a half ago, I stated to the TSE Council I would be leaving the Council here after the battle with TGE had ended. But seeing as how it never took place, I will assume it is indeed over. Therefore, my time has come.

    The Council is aware of the actions I am about to announce.

    I am resigning my seat as a Council member here at TSE, and also my membership. I am reluctant to leave, but as of late, I have felt very run down. I need to cut back on some things. Believe me when I say it is not easy leaving. There are good people here, and many that I call friend. And I wish for that to remain.

    In my place, I announce Lady Dia to the vacancy I leave in my Council seat. She will follow in the steps I and so many others have followed to ensure TSE prospers and lives on.

    But I am not leaving you for good. I am becoming an Ambassador of Peace, a voice if you will, between TSO and TSE. We have always been on good terms together, and I wish not to see the bonds of communication broken. We cannot let these lines break.

    I will be around. After all, Ambassador's have to travel quite a bit between the groups put into their care.

    I will never stop caring for TSE, and most likely will never stop helping in any small way I can, whether it be an ear to lend or advice to offer. I'll be here for you guys. <img src= ALT="">

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    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide Rayial rises from her council seat and bows in respect to the departing Sith Master and council member ::

    "Lady Vader, in your time here you have worked hard to keep the alliance between TSE and TSO and although the alliance has ended, you are always welcome to return to the Empire should you choose to at a later time. We welcome you as an ambassador and wish you the best of luck in your continued dark efforts in the galaxy."

    :: Dara then turns her attention to one of her two masters, Lady Dia, and smiles to her ::

    "Welcome back, Sith Master Lady Dia, as you return to a council you originally served on in the Empire's great history. Your wisdom and experience will only serve to further this organization."

    Best of luck always LV. Hope to see you around.. <img src= ALT="">


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      Lady Vader, perhaps more than most people, I completely understand how hard is for you to leave. But know that even though you may be leaving with a heavy heart, we say goodbye with heavy hearts as well. I wish you good luck in all your endeavors, and I promise to do my best for the Empire as a council member.


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        Laughter rippled through the council room,

        "Can't say i'm sad to see you go, becuase that would be a lie, I am glad to see you go, I hope you make it back to TSO in one piece though as I look forward to killing you all"

        DarkStar stood in the doorway and roared with laughter. He bowed to Dia.

        "It is good that we have such a respected and strong leader to take the place of this weakling, may you bring strength to the Empire"

        He bowed again.

        OOC/Sorry to see you go LV, but hope to see you around\IC


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          I sat on the floor my back up against the stonework of the council room,i didn't say anything to the woman but gave a short nod of respect to Miss Vadar, hopeing she knew what i ment.

          I turned my attention to the Sith Lord who had just disrespected the former council woman and gave a side smile of sercasem 'Heh...pathetic' i said quietly to myself and got up and left the room.

          OOC: Miss is sad to see you go and i will personaly miss you <img src= ALT="">


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            It's always a sour day when one of the respected Council Members takes their leave. Yet it seems like it happens all to frequently. Mistress Lady Vader, may your time as an Ambassador bring both of our groups prosperity.

            *Snack nodded his head in respect, then looked at Lady Dia.*

            Lady Dia, Welcome back and I am sure that under you leadership once more, the Empire will grow in Darkness.


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              The Sith Knight looked upon the leaving Sith Master and Council memeber. She had known Lady Vader for sometime and was not happy to see her go. Although this Lady Dia would be interesting for Athena to watch. Her Master spoke only the best of her.

              " Good Bye Mistress Lady Vader. We shall see you soon. "


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                Vega rose one eyebrow and folded his arms over his chest. His silence was not justified to anyone but himself, but one thing was obvious - that he was pleased to see Lady Dia returning back to her rightful place.


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                  "Farewell Mistress Vader, good luck with whatever fate hands you."

                  He turned to lady Dia.

                  "Congratulations to your apointment to the council Lady Dia."


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                    In the corner of the council room stood one defiant figure. He had his cloak draped around him, conceling his body, and more importantly his arms. No one would see him if he were to strike.....if the need for that arose.

                    "And yet another soul leaves the beloved TSE. Not strong enough to handle the pressures of life here. That's fine, you can tuck your tail between your legs and run back to the warm comfort of weakness that you seem to enjoy"

                    He looked around the council room, a smile easily visible on his face to anyone that cast somewhat of a glance in his direction. And why not there be a smile there? He was having fun at voicing his displeasure at the TSE council. And there wasn't anything they could do about it. He had confidence in his abilities, and they would be in for a surprise if they tried anything.

                    "Maybe now the coucil will appoint someone strong. Oh wait, that's right. They're lead by weakness and foolishness and as a result they've appointed someone who will follow in those respective footsteps. Maybe you guys should get your heads out of your ***** and open your eyes to someone who can brin us back to glory. Enough of your nonsensical appointings. Wake up to reality. Wake up and let me show you glorly"

                    OOC - sorry to see you go LV. you will be missed. All your effort here is appreciated

                    Congrats Dia Good to have you back and in your seat again.


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                      :: Standing silent like an obsidian obelisk, the Dark Lord of the Sith nodded as LV turned to face him ::

             star destroyer awaits you.


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                        *LV nodded to all those present, giving Darkstar a sidelong glance.*

                        *Then turning to Darth Vader, she began to walk in his direction.*

                        Very well. Have my ship Cat's Claw brought on board. I will accompany you aboard your ship.

                        *She took one last look at those present.*

                        I will do my best to fulfill my duties as Ambassador between our two groups.

                        *She smiled towards them, then turned to walk out, escorted by Vader.*


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                          DarkStar watched her go, a small smile playing across his lips. One more thorn in his side was out of his way, for the time being at least. Things were going according to plan. He glanced at the council, yes, things were definately beginning to happen the way they were supposed to.


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                            Dyne was listening quietly and nodded to her decision. It was understandable and she was still going to be an ambassador between TSE and TSO. He stood there quietly hoping everything shall go well for her.


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                              :: The Dark Lord nodded, exiting the chambers with his mistress, pausing momentarily as the bickering in the council chamber intensified. ::

                              <font color=990000><font size=-2>hohhhhhh....pahhhhhhh</font></font>

                              :: Turning away again, Vader left the council room. Within moments, his Star Destroyer had drawn the Cat's Claw into its holding bay, and was preparing to leave for Corellia ::