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  • Requesting an Audience

    ::Etanial walked into the chambers from the <a href=>bar</a>. He stood, head lowered, in the center of the chamber as he silently waited for the Council to convene::

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    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide Rayial glanced up from her council seat to see a man she had not seen in a very long while. Xanatos had been a member of the Empire when Dara had joined so very long ago. He was a Warrior back then and in her opinion had initiated one of the greatest <a href=>sith versus jedi battles</a> in the history of the galaxy just before he left TSE. Dara had ascended to Warrior status as a result of that very battle. Wondering why he had returned to the council room this day, she merely greeted him ::

    "Hello X. It has been a long time."


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      ::He nods politely and gulps down::

      "If I may, I would like to address the council."

      ::He paced a little, trying to gather his thoughts and words together::

      "They say all things come full circle. They say that a person only learns true wisdom with experience and age. I think I finally understand what they meant. As I'm sure most, if not all of the Council knows, I left TSE some time ago. And since then have pursued my own goals, most recently forming my own group. This latest endeavor failed miserably. It was this, as well as my banishment from my home world of Mythos that caused me to have a revelation.

      I am not meant to be a leader. For too long I have convinced myself that I was better than I was, that I knew enough to lead and control. My own arrogance caused the problems I have faced, an arrogance fed by my ego. An ego I had without even due cause. I have foolishly tried to make myself out to be the top contender, when in reality I was nothing more than a side show. I know this now. I know I am no master, and I am not ready for all that I had attempted to take on by myself."

      ::Falls to one knee head lowered::

      "It is with these facts in mind that I now come before the council. I am a broken man, but my mind still fills with the memories of my once proud days. I am no master, and I am no leader, but I am a warrior. And it is what I have always been. I once had honor, but I lost what little I had left when I attempted to be greater than I was. Somehow, I know I can still recover some of that if I find my way back to my true course, the course of a warrior.

      I humbly ask readmission into the ranks of the Sith Empire, to retake my former rank of Sith Warrior, and to continue the lessons that I never finished.

      If however, you feel that my crimes against the Empire are too great, then I place my life in your hands as well, and will accept apropriate punishment for all that I have done."

      ::He keeps his head lowered and goes silent, awaiting his judgement::


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        :: Having felt X enter the council room, he knew there could be only one reason he was there...X was returning home.

        A Dark presence hits the council room like a shockwave, a Tall Cloaked figure emerges from the darkness he himself creates.

        As he draws closer, a smile tugs at the corners of his lips ::

        X, its good to see you again...


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          DarkStar followed X from Rama's, this was something he had to see. The Empire had a habit of humbling the greatest of the rogue Sith. This was just one more to add to its collection. But Xanatos was a friend of his, he would be here to see its decision, what ever it may be.


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            "Life is ever the lesson. You never really know how things will be until its over. Until that time one can only be sure to experience the deeds that exist of their own actions and of others around them, such is the wheel of fate."

            A black robe figure leapt out of his seat as he ignited a lightsaber that shined dark red as it hummed to life. Spinning the blade towards the returning Sith the lightsaber deactivated before it could cleave in Xanatos skull leaving Etanial to stare down the weapons hilt held tight by the Sith Master who glared at him while he held the stare.

            "If you think you can keep up this time feel free to prove your worth. All things do come full circle so the next book can be written however second chances are not to be wasted or penance may be extracted for failure"

            Bending back his arm as he spun the hilt in his hand before clipping it to his belt beneath his cloak. Walking away from Xanatos he glared back only once. "If the others accept your return than make this time count."


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              "The past is over and done with - dwelling on events that happened and cannot be changed serves no real purpose. In punishing you for learning from your mistakes we would lose the loyalty of a true warrior. However, Master Lynch does speak truly - second chances are not to be wasted. Make the most of this one."


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                :: Hearing the words of her fellow council members, Dara nodded as she concurred with their sentiments ::

                "I too agree with what has been said by Jedah and Dia. Welcome back, X. May your blade once again ring true for the glory of the Empire."


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                  ::He stood up from his bowing position slowly and nodded towards the Council::

                  "Thank you, this is indeed a great honor to once again be amongst the ranks of the Sith Empire. It is however my understanding that my former Master, Ayanami Rai, is no longer to be found with the Empire. Due to this, if I am to continue my lessons, and progress I will require a new master.

                  I am not familiar with many of the newer members of TSE, however there is one I have had a few brief dealings with, one who has impressed me greatly. If I may, I request Lord Vega Van Derveld be the one to continue my training."


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                    Vega stood for a moment or so, arms folded over his chest, watching Xanatos. He had heard a lot about the man. A lot. He was not your average newcomer, nor your average Warrior - or at least that was what he had heard. And of course, there was a lot to be heard about Etanial.

                    "If that is your wish, and the Council permit it... then so be it. I will train you."


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                      "So you return X"

                      :: Rama walks in. ::

                      "Indeed your master has left us......but im sure Vega will train you well in the dark arts."


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                        :: Dara looks at X and then to her apprentice, Sith Lord Vega Van Derveld and smiles ::

                        "An excellent choice for a master indeed. You will learn much from his instruction. There is no further reason to delay your training, X. The course of your destiny is now in the capable hands of your master."

                        :: The Sith Master nods to her apprentice ::


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                          "Very well. We shall begin immeadiately."

                          Vega bowed to the Council members and nodded lightly, turning away to exit.

                          "Come now, Xanatos. Follow me."


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                            ::Etanial bowed once more to the Council, and followed his newly appointed Master out of the Council room::


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                              "Congrads Uncle."