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For Those That Bare the Chaos Talisman (Please Read)

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  • For Those That Bare the Chaos Talisman (Please Read)

    Though the distance was great between Dalethria and her Apprentices, it did not matter. The power of the Chaos Talisman could reach across the galaxy to find a missing or wayward Disciple if one desired. Only those that carried the Talisman could hear the call of the Sith Master Dalethria Mal Pannis.

    All those that wear the mark of Chaos are to appear at this location. It's the duty of the Master to make sure their Apprentices come with them on the journey

    An image forms in the minds that Dalethria had touched of an area covered in snow and trees. It looked like it could be anywhere, but instinctively, all knew where this place was.

    Be there or face the consequences ...

    As quickly as it came, Dalethria's presence faded away.