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  • "I come forth.......... ask about my master's where abouts. I have trained to my limits and beyond, yet I cannot go any farther without his tuteledge."

    ::Yurza bows before the Council as he waits for the answer to his question::

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    *Stepping into the council room with a workout towel slung across his shoulders, MnT had arrived just moments before Yurza had spoke. He had sensed his apprentice heading for the council room, and had rushed to see if it was anything he could help with. Needless to say, what Yurza said came as a bit of a shock..*

    ... I believe you'll find him behind you..

    *The words came with a definate tone of anger. He had seen and talked to Yurza on many occassions in the past few months, and he Knew that Yurza knew where to find him. He had been spending most of his time in the training grounds, and he had told all his apprentices that if they wanted to see him, simply look for him there. Yurza had never come asking for help, yet was now here in front of the council, acting as if MnT had been ignoring or hiding from him.*

    ... Well then, if you feel it is time for further training, I'll be happy to oblige..

    *His tone did not change, nor did he wait for a reply, before turning and walking out of the council room again. If Yurza felt his limits had been tested and developed to the max, then obviously he would need some rather difficult training to keep them growing..*


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      ::Yurza nodded and followed him out of the council room. He had his reasons for appearing there, instead of the training grounds as he would soon show. He had been away following a wild goose chase and he had just gotten back. He had appeared there only to let those that knew where he had gone that he had returned. Just before he had left he felt the presence of the one he had come for, but he remained silent as he walked out following his master.::