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She had walked barely obstructed...

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  • She had walked barely obstructed...

    ...all of her codes and commands working for the majority of the way through the HQ. She had once been on their council and surprisingly not much was changed. The wife of one of their most valuable Sith went berserk and then missing.... and that was that wasn't it? What wasn't changed, could be broken. They were minor alarms, bringing minor obstructions. She didn't even have to kill them to get them out of her way.

    Slowly but surely, the various Sith not offworld or in training became alerted to something... to some familiar, to all yet strange.

    She was covered in a blue cloak head to toe and approached the council room, gently shoving the door open with a soft push. She stood in the center and waiting for the appropriate congregation. They never needed to be summoned here.

    Nuriko Sha looked around.

    <img SRC=>

    She said softly, admiring the few changes... "Different."

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    :: Dara Shadowtide sensed a familar and powerful surge in the Dark Side as she looked up from her council seat to see Sith Master Nuriko Sha standing in the council room once again after so long. Rising quickly from her seat and filled with curiosity, Dara made her way to Nuri ::

    "Hello, Nuriko."


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      She looked through the thick hair covering her eyes. It was Dara Shadowtide... She had secretly hoped someone of Dara's caliber wouldn't be the first Sith to respond to her arrival... that maybe some new unwary disicples would approach her giving her ample reason to attack them. Scratch that itch some other time...

      "Dara Shadowtide.... I seek counsel with Rama." That was all that would escape her lips. Nuriko kept a distance, her hand close to a sabre at her side.


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        :: Dara nodded in understanding and returned to her council seat, depressing a small communication device to alert Rama that his presence was required in the Council room ::


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          :: A small speaker near the call button jumped to life, and Rama's voice came thru it. ::

          "What? I was just about to leave for Gothica........this had better be important."


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            "Rama.. Nuri's here to see you."


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              He walked slowly into the Council Room and was shocked suddenly at the person he saw standing in front of him. He spoke low towards the figure.

              "Hello, Mistress Nuriko."


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                "HA HA......that is real funny Dara."


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                  Her foot tapped once, the golden shoe making a distinct, slight pound on the floor... in impatience. She heard but acknowledged not yet. Simply in silence for now...


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                    "Rama.. when have I ever been one to joke about something of this importance to you? Now, although I don't know Nuri that well, she sure looks like she is not going to wait much longer for you to come see her."


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                      :: The comm Broke.......then cams back on after a few moments. ::

                      "i'll be right there."


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                        She continued to wait quietly.


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                          :: Rama walked into the council room. He stopped at the doorway and looked at the form of the woman. It was her......he could tell, but was it HER? ::

                          "Im here."


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                            Nuriko turned around. "I wish to speak to you...." She looked around. "....privately."


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                              :: Rama Narrowed his eyes ::

                              "I'll right"

                              :: Rama motioned to the door ::

                              "We can use my private office, it's not far from here."