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  • Resigning

    A silence fell upon those present in the Council chambers as the Warrior Taja Loraan made her entrance - unannounced, and certainly not summoned by of her superiors. Her brisk steps the only disruption to the quiet, she knelt down before the Empire's leaders.

    The expressions on their faces said enough. "Prestigious Council Members, I apologize profusely for my unexpected interruption here this day. However, I feel it is my duty to inform you of my decision now before matters progress any further.

    "As a result of certain matters which have arisen, at this moment I must, with your permission, take my leave of the Empire. I am unsure as to when my path shall again cross with that of this faction of Darkness, and my circumstances at time of the encounter."

    "Regarding my training," her face frozen and solemn, Taja's eyes briefly scanned the room to sight the one in question, "I humbly request to continue tutelage under the guidance of Lordess Mal Pannis, if it be her wish."

    Having spoken, she lowered her head to touch the ground.

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    *Lord Firebird lets out a sigh.*
    Is this your real wish, what you really want?
    What are the events that lead to this? Why would you want to leave?


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      OOC - take care care wulffie. hope to see you online sometime in the future


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        "Answer Firebird's question and then I shall give you mine, Taja." Dalethria waited. She had some insight into this decision but she rather make sure hurt instincts were right before jumping to any conclusions yet.


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          ooc: noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! taja go bye bye?!? ......wait a sec, if your dark jedi now, then i can fight you ::evil grin:: disregard the above statements.


          Tempist stood in the corner as he listened to what one of his oldest friends in TSE had to say. He shook his head slightly in disbelief, but said nothing. It wouldn't be the same without her, but out of loyalty as a friend, he wouldn't try to hold her back.


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            OOC: GAH! I boarded the plane last Wed (19) and arrived the day after, and didn't get to come online from London since my last post here .. sorry!! I'm writing from my uncle's workplace now and don't have much time, but I promise, I'll reply IC asap!! Oh yeah, and I'm in Dhaka, Bangladesh now, lol. ^^; :: hugs :: How is everybody?! =)


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              "My brothers and sisters of The Black Hand ... "

              Taja paused.

              " ... for some time, the children of the Empire have been at battle with my dark brethren, and thus it is inevitable that war looms ahead. I for my part have attempted to remain neutral, faithful to both groups. However, this no longer seems possible in the long term, and I believe it is time for me to limit my loyalties to only one dark faction.

              "It has become evident to my peers and myself that my mannerism counters several of the great Empire's teachings. This only proves me to be an added burden, and so I feel it is best that I take my leave now rather than pursuing goals that are not my own."

              She could feel the eyes of the gathered members of the Empire spearing into her, among them those of her Master, Lordess Dalethria Mal Pannis.

              "I am a Dark Jedi."


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                "And that is something to be proud of?"

                The Siths cane struck the floor in as he walked in the room his eyes judging her in their green glow. His dark obsidian robes flowing all around him causing his form to seem all that much greater. The sith slowly approached her never letting his glare drop.

                "The natural order. Sith preying on the Jedi, light or otherwise. The ballad of life continues in an never ending dance. To the tune you now move may prove to be your undoing, that which you give up may prove to be the catalyst of your own ruin."

                Stopping directly in front of her he held out his hand palm open putting it in front of her face, his sharp finger nails lightly touching the skin, his mouth opened slightly revealing the fangs inside. A low hiss came from his throat as he removed his hand and brought his mouth to her ear so that he might whisper.

                "Tell them I'am their future. Their fate now and forever with a future written in blood. This I have seen let me show you what is to come...."

                Standing back quickly he brought up one hand finger nails extended that torn into the side of her face leaving gashes that leaked crimson red down one side of her face.".....remember it well for one day there will be a reckoning most holy. Tell them the Sith will be coming and we will deliver them all."

                Averting his eyes the undead Sith walked away his cane ominously echoing its tap in his wake as he himself vanished from view.


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                  Again, the silence. Taja was without inhibition, it appeared; the hot blood which now burned her flesh though stemmed from a scar on her physical embodiment, caused no mark on the mask of apathy she wore. The Sith Master's action had, however, inflicted a far deeper wound; he had made a satirical display of her honor and old customs of conduct. She had come to announce of her decision in peace, and instead received Jedah's reception of mockery before the Council, her peers ... her Master.

                  Humiliation she could willingly tolerate, but there was a time and place for everything. Taja realized the vendetta between the Empire and the Hand and their ever-increasing antagonism; but even on those terms, Jedah had breached the barrier separating sheer animosity in the face of an adversary from one's loyalties. At least, to Taja.

                  Maybe she was over-reacting; maybe madness had finally got the best of her. For one instant, wrath conquered over control; her words were uttered through clenched teeth, eloquently dripping with malice, "The object of my pride is not for you to dictate, Lynch."

                  Taja stood. Her pain was not for the injury - this she could hardly feel, and would heal with time regardless. The hurt was from the nature of his violence; an insult, sordid. She had committed no severe treason against the Empire; her sedition had only been in making a decision before matters were further complicated. So why was her choice so completely regarded by him as sin?

                  The emotional scar was indissoluble, and the immediately perceptible one would serve as a manifestation of that; at risk of distorting her own demeanor, no longer was there a venom in her voice, but her usual calm and respect. Taja nodded low.

                  "I'll be sure to convey your message, sir."

                  Turning to finally bow to the others present, she left the Council Room.


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                    OOC: =( Bye bye lil' "sis".

                    IC: Xanatos gave her a cold stare as she exited the room.

                    This is a decision... that will come back to haunt you.