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    He stepped before the Council,dressed in the traditional black Sith robes,his hood up,shadows covering his features. He pulled the hood down slowly,his hair still blond,his features had more wear upon them,but He still had that arrogant look of his youth. He looked to the council,his face was a tome of history now,battles won and lost,experiance gained and lessons all learned the hard way. They could feel the mastery he had over the force compared to the light grasp he had when he had left. He didn't expect to be promoted in rank anytime soon,no,that wouldn't feel right,let alone be right. He would earn his title. He spoke lowly,his voice gruffer than it used to be...

    "Council members,fellow Sith...I have come beofre you this day to ask that i be allowed to return to the home I once knew. I left because of certain (OOC) circumstances,but i have found the will and the way to return to you. I was a Sith Knight,and i hope to be allowed to keep that title. As for any notions of wondering if i will ask for promotion to Lord anytimes soon,I tell you now,I will not ask. I do not take my titles the easy way. I earn them. As when i went from Disciple to Warrior,and from Warrior to Knight. All I ask is a second chance. I await your decision."

    And with that,he kneeled before them,his head lowered,awaiting their answer.

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    It was perculiar, he thought, that he would loose two family members in the space of a year, only to regain another. As the Lupine Sith Lord watched from his usual spot in the Council chambers, he pondered studiously to himself on the matter of his brothers return. Of his three brothers - Ket, Cat and Mort, two had been members of the Empire, and only one had really ever achieved much in it's ranks. The one being Ket.

    Yes, it would certainly be most interesting to see what things would be like with this piece of his past around. Much had changed for the Sith Lord, and undoubtably for Ket too; the two would have much to catch up on, story to exchange, tales to tell and the like. Each carried new scars, emotional and physical.

    "Welcome back,"

    The words that passed his lips, in his characteristic regal tone, would be the only ones for now. The bidding and judgement of the Council would decide whether the Sith Knight would return, though he did not at all doubt that his brother would be welcomed back with something nearing on open arms.


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      (blade looked upon this stranger who looked similar to his master in many ways but different in dark signature. who was this man that his master vega had begun to talk too and what impact would he have on the Empire for blade new very well this one new nothing of the changes that had happened to this great empire and what other changes where to come.)


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        :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide looked over at Ket Van Derveld. She remembered him well.. his unyielding loyalty to the Sith Empire and his strength in battle. He stood before them a changed man, yet his character and committment to the Dark Side remained the same. Dara smiled at him and nodded ::

        "Hello, Ket. It has indeed been a long time since I last saw you. It is good to see you return so that you may continue the tradition of evil you had established here so well. I see no reason that you may not return at your former rank of Sith Knight. Is your master still here at the Empire? Or do you require a new master to continue guiding you down the dark path?"


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          Ket looked up at the sound of that voice. He smiled when he looked upon her face,and arose to meet her,eye to eye. He remembered when she was but a disciple like himself. But he knew times had changed,and she was one of the few,the all powerfull Sith Masters. He knew then she would become great,and He knew now she would not falter.

          "Dara,it does me well to see your face again. Too long,I have been gone. As far as my master is concerned,I was apprentice to Rama Sha last i was here. I have heard he only will take one at a time. I hope he will take me back again,but if not,there is only one person I could think of to continue it...and that person is you. For after all,anyone good enough to train my brother is good enough to train me"

          He smiled to her,a sense of calm washing over him that he hadn't felt in a long,long time. see her...was good.


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            :: Rama approached from the shadows ::

            "You wish to return and learn from me?"


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              Ket looked back and saw Rama standing before him. Without hesitation,He lowered himself to one knee,his head bowed to Rama,and spoke in a low,obediant tone.

              "Yes,My Master."


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                :: Rama's boots left loud taps on the hard stone floor as he approached Ket ::

                ".....and Why should I take you back? Why should i not take your head off right here?"


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                  OOC: Rama,just so you know,IRL has been insane the past year,and that is why i left. that and my computer going haywire all the time.

                  Ket did not look up,he merely replied in that same tone

                  "My Master,the reasons behind my departure were not my own. It was out of my control. I knew i would find a way to return,and so I have. All I ask is a chance to complete my training and show you exactly why I am a worthy apprentice..."


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                    "Indeed.......You belong to me now, betray me to any other and I shall hunt you and your death shall be painful and long. So think well before leaveing my council for another. Now that you have been warned......I will take you on, Eve has come to the point were my full guidance is no longer needed and her mastery is now for her to learn and to only carry the name of Rama Sha when ask by who she was taught, but I hope you do not Jealous easliy as she may remain her with me for a long while longer. If you are not you may return to your training under me..but let it be known that I only take you on as I had agreed to do long ago and not as a new student. I still hold fast to the words I said about their only being One Master and One Apprentice. Even though you had left me.........surely you did come before I must finish what I have started."


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                      *Snack kept quiet as Ket and Rama conversed. He wished not to interupt. So he sent a message to his old time friend, Welcome back, through the Force.*


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                        Ket raised his head and spoke quietly,with much reverance,to Rama.

                        "My master,I am not jealous. I only seek to further gain knowledge and training under your guidance. You are my master,and therefore,I will not betray you by seeking another's teachings."

                        Ket stood up quietly,looking to Rama.

                        "With your permission,I will go to the training grounds and await your arival."

                        Ket waited patiently for his reply.


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                          You may......