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**Shimmers in the sky** -- CLOSED--

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  • **Shimmers in the sky** -- CLOSED--

    OOC: This thread is closed to everyone except those that have been contacted.

    The sky was clear blue over the surface of Munto Codru. To any casual observer it was another beautiful day on their relatively peaceful planet. If that was the thought, then they would be wrong. It was not what the eyes did see, but what they didn't see.

    The ship was cloaked, not a regular cloak though, this was some advanced design that Sumor had not seen before. The new system did not block the scanners of the ship like other types of cloaking devices. However their was a price for that ability, which was that the ship was not completely invisible. To the naked eye the only thing that could be seen by anyone looking directly at the ship was a shimmer in the sky as the emmiters re-adjusted their projection.

    It had been a long time since Sumor had travelled these skies, but the long journey home was almost over. Now he would start his life somewhat anew, and in keeping with the destiny laid out for him in his visions of a dark lord long since past. As he approached the entrance to the Sith Empire base he hoped that his access codes still worked. As the ship hovered only feet from the top of the false building Sumor waited to find with satisfaction that the doors began to slide open.

    As soon as the doors had slid far enough to allow access to the gapping abyss below Sumor dropped the craft down the long shaft into the underground hanger facility. Only once the landing struts had solidly connected with the metallic surface did Sumor drop the cloak reveiling the crimson and gold ship.

    Sumor began to walk down the lowering ramp even before it was fully deployed. As he walked through the vast hanger he noticed that many of the ships normally parked throughout the vast space were missing. Thinking it only a coincidence Sumor made his way to the lift at the far end of the hanger.

    After a short ride down, Sumor stepped off the lift and was greeted by the large ornate doors that garnered the Council Room entrance. Pushing the door open with the force Sumor stepped in. He expected to surprise many with his new appearance, a by-product of the procedure to repair his right arm. Instead he was greeted with a surprise... The Council Room lay empty.

    Where is everyone? He posed the question to himself. It was not uncommon for the room to be mainly empty when no ceremony was being undertaken, but never did it lie completely empty. Closing his eyes Sumor reached out with the force trying to find anyone inside the great confines of the headquarters.

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    Kitano walks in the council room and sees someone standing there and says " Can I helped you with something?"


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      Sumor turned to face the man who spoke to him. He hadn't seen this one before. That wasn't a surprise really, he had been gone for a long time after all.

      Sumor did not mince words, his reason for being here was simple and straight forward and did not need to be prolonged by one who from the looks of him was a Disciple.

      "The council, where are they."


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        They are out looking for Jedah Lynch right now with quite a few members of TSE too


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          Looking for Master Lynch? The ramifications did not sound any better when said it to himself. If the majority of the Empire was away looking for him it must be serious.

          He had come looking for the council, and now it seemed the council was out looking for one of their own. The decision was an easy one...



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            They were all going toward the planet Spira I think as Kitano looks at the man "Hey who are you anyway?"


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              As soon as Kitano spoke the name of the planet Sumor had turned and began to walk out of the Council Room but stopped when Kitano asked who he was.

              Turning one of Sumor's eyes began to glow bright crimson while the other remained it's natural brown.

              "Sumor Rayial... Sith Lord.."

              Without waiting for a reaction Sumor turned and began to walk back towards the lift, and from there the hanger. In less than 5 minutes his ship would be entering hyperspace, destination, Spira.