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    The cloaked figgure steped into the council room, and an abrupt, errie silence fell over the room. He began to speak, his voice resembeling the sound of a thousand dying hornets in an echo chamber. It nearly stung the ears of all who were listening, and all who had encountered him before emediatley knew who he was.

    "I would like to request a new master for my training."

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    "So you do live, Tepes," Varlon said as he walked up behind his apprentice, or ex one as it would seem to be becoming. "Am I not what you expected? Or do you see me as weak, as I have found 'love'?"

    OOC: If this is about the inactiveness of the training thread O.o I told you ages back to post and I would get to replying. I was just busy at the moment you asked me.


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      ooc: sorry, i thought you had forgotten about the thread. i'd bumped it a while ago, but i wasn't sure