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  • Shadows of the Past

    A pair of light footsteps echoed through the Council Room as a girl entered, stopping in the center of the floor. Her gloved hands raised to lift a flowing hood from her head as she eyed the shadows along the walls. Her teeth bit briefly against her lower lip while Lucine drew in a deep breath. She calmly dropped her hands to her sides and kneeled upon her right knee, pale locks of hair slipping down, shadowing her eyes. Her voice was soft, out of respect, but was still carried in faint echoes as she began to speak.

    "I am here before you all in search of someone of whom I believe is within your ranks. He is my brother, and I have been searching for some time to find him.. And so I ask you if Sieken Kasstra is among you.."

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    A Sith Lord stepped forward and looked down at the kneeling girl. He sneered somewhat and caught her collar with one hand, yanking her up to her feet.

    "Greetings, Miss Kasstra!"

    He spoke with an overly cocky fang-lined grin, holding the girl a foot or so off of the ground.


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      Lucine's eyes widened as she was lifted off the ground, a pouting frown forming over her lips. She squirmed about, kicking frantically to free herself from the man's grasp. After a moment she pouted and slipped her arms into the oversized coat, dropping onto her rear as she slipped out of the coat, looking up at the man with a rather cold smirk.



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        Vega let the coat slip from his fingers. He smiled lopsidedly down and the girl, laughing to himself - he really did like teasing those who came to the Empire.

        "I'm sure you're darling brother will be here soon enough."


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          I looked over to Vega slowly, my face as cold as steal and raw as ice, he saw me, and knew what i ment.

          ' You can bash me, you can electricfy me, you can rip me apart you can even kill me but dont ever touch my sister...ever! and as your a friend you will understand what i mean'

          I looked over to Lucine...'Lucy' she was diffrent, leather trench dress...what?...last time i saw her she was in PJ's and with long silky hair and in her bed with me telling her storys...shes gotta be what?...18 now..she had grown up so much...

          'Hey lo lo'


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            Her poked poked out at the man before she rolled over and pushed to her feet, shaking bits of dust from her skirt. Lucine turned around to look at Sieken. She forced a grin from creeping over her lips, keeping to a light smile.

            "Hey there, stranger.."

            Lucine moved over the few feet between her and her brother and pulled him into a warm embrace before pulling back to take in what she hadn't seen in so many years. He had changed, true, but most everyone did in ten years time. She herself was quite obviously not the little girl she once was.

            "It's lovely to see you still in one piece."


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              "This really isn't the place for family reunions, Kasstra. Perhaps you should take your little sister here to Rama's."

              Vega spoke with a defiant smirk.


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                ' This is as good aplce as any to talk about my sisterthat i have not seen in a decade' looking at the young girl was like looking into the past.

                ' How did you get did you deseve mother to letting you visit me here?..this is a plce of horror and place for my little sister'


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                  Vega spoke through his teeth,

                  "The Council room is not a place for social matters. I do not care if you have not seen your sister in a thousand years, Sieken. The Council has important matters to deal with and doesn't need another distraction."


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                    Lucine stared at her brother for a long moment before looking to the other man. She had no desire to find herself facing the bad side of anyone here.

                    "Siek'... Come on."

                    She grabbed his hand without saying another word and made her way for the doors.