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  • Deadly Treats (Darth Snack)

    Tossing up a jewel in his hand the Sith held out his palm as the small crystal clear item fell earthward into his grip. Tightening his hand around the valuable little stone he walked down the path so many walked before, many powerful dark siders had taken this path before, it had been a long time ago now he had first gained the position he held.

    Sitting down into his seat on the council he tossed the jewel up into the air once more as he held out his palm open not bothering to look as the jewel landed into his hand again. The once crystal clear diamond now was dark and pulsated with Sith energy. Tossing it to his side the diamond exploded in small shards that fell to the ground.

    All things fell to the power of the dark side.

    No one could destroy its magnificence.

    Nothing would ever conquer them.

    No one could.

    No one would.

    That was the reality of the situation.

    Sitting there he held in front of him a staff of old, runes of Sith markings firmly crafted into its design. It was time.

    Darth Snack your presence is required.

    And so he waited.

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    *The Dark Lord snapped out from his meditating as he heard a voice reverberate within his mind. The voice, dark and sinister yet holding a calm power with it, told him that he was requested. It did not say where to, however. But he recognized the voice wandering in his head, and knew that the Council Room was where he needed to be.

    Tossing on his robe and cloak, Snack quickly exited his room in the Sith Dormitories. He made his way through the long, damp and dark corridors, down the winding stairs and through the long hall way that connected the dorms to the main building where the Coucil Room was. Upon reaching the end of the hall, he glanced about before turning to face the gigantic doors of the famed room. The same room where he first came so long ago to request admittance to the Empire.

    He took a few steps towards the doors then stopped, wondering why exactly he had been called. Was it news of one of his apprentices? Maybe the Council had a mission for him, and only him. He hoped for the latter of the two. Lowering his head and swiping the fingers of his right hand through his long black hair, Snack pushed the Council Room doors open and briskly made his way towards the center of the room. He looked up to where the Council members sat, and immediately saw Sith Master Jedah Lynch holding a staff of sorts. Taking to one knee and lowering his head, the Lord spoke.*

    My presence was requested?


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      So he had arrived.

      Entering into the council room the Sith Lord kneeled before the Master, Rising up from the seat Lynch stood there silent staff in hand. The one known as Darth Snack had been an loyal member of The Sith Empire for a long time now but more importantly he had proves his capabilities in battle and deed. Such was important in the life of a Sith, those that did nothing gained nothing, achieved nothing.

      "Rise. Stand. Kneeling is for lesser kind than our own."

      Shifting the staff from one hand to the other the Master waited for the Lord to stand on his feet. "Do you know why you are here?"


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        *Snack did as he was told, slowly standing while keeping his eyes fixed on the Sith Master. Jedah shifted the staff from one hand to the other, then asked a question, wanting to know if Snack knew why he was here. The truth was he really had no clue.*

        Maybe you have news about one of my apprentices? But if something were to happen to one of them, I'm sure I would have felt it through the Force.

        *Blinking a few times, the Lord paused in thought.*

        No, I do not know why I have been summoned.


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          "No of course you do not......tell me why are you here? Here at The Sith Empire. What is it you hope to accomplish?"


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            Why am I here? I'm here because I grew tired of the Jedi. Because they could not give me what I did truly yern for. Because The Sith Empire, and those of The Sith Empire were the only ones to take me in. The only ones to allow me to use my full potential...

            *Snack paused, this time thinking back far into the past when he had returned to the Empire after being a Jedi. The thought of the events that transpired before his turn to the Darkness; the saber duel with Darth Phantom and he beat Snack. The weakness he had as a Jedi showed in that fight, and the once Jedi wished to be stronger, wished for that weakness to go away.

            He then remembered the day he set foot into this room asking to return and having to answer a question. " Why do you turn your back on the Jedi and wish to join the Sith?" The answer: "I don't want to be weak anymore. I strive for power..."*

            I'm here because I wanted power through strength, but learned that power through knolwedge can only give power through strength...


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              "You have sought to get power and such you have. You have sought to gain knowledge and so you did . You have sought to get strength and so you have grown stronger than that of your past limitations placed upon you by the Jedi and their burdens they place on each and every shoulder that does join their ill fated way of life."

              The runes on the staff glowed and shined with an inner power, placing one hand to it Lynch then moved the hand away as black and blue strands of light flowed from his fingers to the staff. "It has been decided....."

              Ceasing its energies from the staff the Sith Master held up his hand that now burned with Sith energy, untapped, unyielding and overpowering. Pointing directly at Snack the ball of darkness struck Snack in the chest, rays of lightning screamed out from the Sith Lords body to the ground, ceiling and pillars in the room.

              As quick as it began the energy storm receded until it died to nothingness. There on Snacks chest burning brightly than fading into a dark pattern lay a symbol of the Sith. "....You shall now sit with the rest of the council. Darth Snack, Lord of The Sith Empire take your rightful seat on this council."


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                *Snack listened to the Master's words, and his eyes suddenly caught glimpse of the glowing black and blue strands of light emminating from the staff. His eyes did not avert from the energy being formed, watching it grow closely. And then it hit.

                His eyes went wide as the energy struck him in the chest, spewing forth lightning and dark energy out into the ends of the Council Room. The intital shock struck Snack, causing him to stumble a few feet back. But he regained his footing and kept standing as the last bit of the energy flowed out into the room. He felt a slight burning sention where the ball of energy had strcuk, and slowly bringing his right hand up to feel, winced in slight pain knowing he had been branded yet again with a Sith marking. The second one in a couple of months.

                He took a moment to catch his breath, and then looked up to Jedah once more as he continued to speak. "....You shall now sit with the rest of the council. Darth Snack, Lord of The Sith Empire take your rightful seat on this council."

                Snack's mind went blank. They had chosen him to serve on the Council? Speechless, the Lord had no clue how to react nor what to say. After a few seconds which seemed like five minutes of silence, Snack once again dropped to his knee, still catching his breath this time trying to calm his pulse rate down.*

                This is a great honor... one of which I am not sure how to respond to.

                *Pausing again, he looked up.*

                An honor that I accept, and one that I will not fail.

                *Snack stood, still a tad awe struck. Slowly, he made his way up to one of the empty Council Chairs, and looking down out over the room from a new perspective, smiled. He took a seat for the first time as one of the Council.*


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                  :: Sith Master and fellow council member Dara Shadowtide smiled in approval at Darth Snack as he took his place among the council of the Sith Empire ::

                  "Congratulations, Darth Snack. This is a well earned honor and I am glad to have you alongside us."


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                    Congratulations Lord Snack an honor much needed!


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                      Ket smiled and gave a nod to his old friend.

                      "I'm glad i returned when i did. For i would have hated to miss seeing you become a Council member. Congrats, Snack."


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                        "Congratulations, my old friend."


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                          Slow applause echoed through the council chamber as the Force Vampyre appeared from behind the pillar he had watched from.

                          "Too long in coming...Congratulations Lord Snack,"


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                            Many thanks to you all.

                            *He said, still trying to get use to being in this chair. Shifting a few times, Snack finally settled in, leaning back.*


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                              Congratulations Snack...............I hope you don't regret our decsion. <img src= ALT=":lol">