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  • Check Point (Jodah)

    *Snack stood in the Concil Room, his black cloak and robes covering most of his six foot three inch body. The hood was down, drapping across his back allowing all to see his face. He ran a covered right hand through his hair from front to back, "combing" it so it fell behind his head. The cloak arm fell to aronud his elbow, revealing the Axe tatoo given to him by his Master, Ogre Mal Pannis. He stood patiently awaiting for Jodah to arrive.*

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    A black robed figure stepped in. He kneeled before his master. "My Lord. I congratulate you on your promotion. How may I serve you?"


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      Thank you, Jodah. It's been a long time since our last training exercise. I'd like to know, have you fought a Jedi?


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        Jodah shook his head sadly, almost wistfully. "I began once, before my absence. Unfortunately, that was ended. I have never completed a battle with one Master, no. "


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          A fight with a Jedi never really completes unless on of the fighters die. Tell me of the fight.


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            Jodah shook his head again "It was...short, milord. I hit my opponent 2 or 3 times, and each time it was returned." He raised the back of his robes to revel a long scar on his back. "This is about all I have as proof of my battle. Aside from that, nothing truly significant or even worth mentioning occurred."


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              Then go out and find another Jedi.

              *The order was short and to the point. Jodah was quite capable of this task, depending on the Jedi he faces.*


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                Jodah nodded swiftly "As you wias, my lord." He bowed once, deeply, and then turned and walked from the council room.