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  • Return..(Snack)

    Jared treaded into the Council Room, his boots clicking against the stone floor. His left hand was bandaged with a white cloth that showed blood seeping through, In his right hand he held the hilt of a sabre, The sabre of the Jedi Aura Allei. Apon reaching the centre of the room Jared kneeled to one knee and placed the sabre on the ground infront of him. Then awaited the arrival of his Master.

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    *Snack sat in his Council Seat and watched as Jared entered the room and knelt down. He noticed the bloodied bandage on his Disciple's left hand, and knew instantly that he had returned from a hard fought battle with a Jedi.*

    Tell me how you came to have an injured hand, Jared.


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      "Before I engaged the Jedi in which this sabre belongs too, I had..installed.. another TRI-Sabre system into my left hand as you see now, Unfortunatly, the wound in which was left after the installation had not completely healed when I engaged the Jedi. It ripped the attached muscle from the encasing and caused the wound to be reopened." Jared kept still as he explained the wound, "Although I had bled first, not of her doing but of my own. She was the one to suffer the most internal damage."


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        *His faced winced a bit as he told him, but was glad that it was Jared's own doing. Using the Force, Snack lifted the Jedi's saber in the air, and floated it to his outstretched arm and open hand. Grabbing it from mid air, he looked itover, before igniting the plasma cobalt blue beam. He swung it in the air infront of his own face, then powered it down.*

        What did you learn from the fight?


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          "From this fight I learned that most Jedi's are too weak with their 'Code of Conduct', Thou shall not harm a creature unless it attempts to kill ye." Stupid Code Jared thought to himself then continued,"Eventually they will be distroyed along with their Code. Their fighting skills are a bit to the observed, their work with the sabre is astounding, if not the rest of their lifes."


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            You have much to learn, young one.

            *A smile crossed his lips as he supressed a laugh.*

            A padawan, I am guessing. 'There are always bigger fish.' And badder. When a skilled Jedi is put up to fight, he can be the last being you'll ever see in your mortal life. Don't let this one fight cloud your mind. Always stay on your toes and in the best of shape.

            *Snack paused, looking at the saber once more then returning his gaze to Jared.*

            Now, arise as a Warrior of our Empire. And take this as your prize.

            *Snack tossed the saber hilt back to his apprentice.*


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              :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide nodded in approval from her council seat ::

              "Congratulations on your well deserved promotion, Sith Warrior Jared Mriad. The Empire grows stronger this day as another member advances in skill."


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                "Congratulations, Warrior Mriad."


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                  "My thanks, I shall continue to serve this Empire as I have done before until the last bit of breath has exited my body." Jared caught the sabre hilt, "With this and skill, many more will fall."


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                    Congratulations Sith Warrior.