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  • Ending of a chapter

    *The Sith Lord slowly walked towards the council room, pausing in front of the large doors that lead to the hall where those who lead the Empire sat. He did not touch them; there was no need to smear the blood of the despicable creature he had destroyed upon them. It was bad enough it was everywhere on him: his clothing, his hair, his skin. He hadn't bothered changing after he had spoken with his brother and niece.
    Raine Sarin slowly waved a hand, the doors opened for him. He looked up and walked slowly into the council room, the only sound coming from him was the quiet movement of his long black coat. He stopped before the council and went to one knee, bowing his head.*

    "I have finished what had to be done, my personal matters have been tended to, and I have returned to the Empire. I shall return to my former duties only with your permission."

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    *Snack sat in his Council Chair, watching as Raine made his way into the room and knelt. The Lord spoke, asking for permission to come back to his duties here in the Empire. Funny, Snack thought. Why would he ask permission to return to his duties?*

    Permission granted.

    *He smirked, tossing his questions away for another time.*

    Welcome home.


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      :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide smiled at her longtime apprentice and motioned for him to rise ::

      "Yes, my apprentice. Your place is still here and your duties await you. With your return, a powerful presence is among us once again. Welcome back, Sith Lord Raine Sarin. Many newcomers are arriving daily and could benefit from one as experienced as yourself to guide them in their dark path."


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        Dyne nodded to the Lord from the shadows, just barely visible to him. It was obvious they would grow stronger with Raine back now.

        "Nice to ave you back Lord Raine."

        The words released, as his cold breath could be seen even in the dark. He had this low, sinister tone while he spoke to Raine.