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Im back!!!!!!!!

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  • Im back!!!!!!!!

    *Kodos bows before the council*
    I am back from a long leave I am here to resume my training.

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    :: Sith Master and council member Dara Shadowtide prided herself on knowing most every member of the Sith Empire and this man's name seemed familiar.. but for the life of her, she could not remember the last time he was at TSE or even who his master was. After putting down an urgent security breach notification from one of the top TSE Assassin Droids, she rose from her chair and walked down to speak with him ::

    "Greetings. When was the last time you were here at the Empire and who did you train with? My memory seems to be failing me for some odd reason. I was just alerted to your presence in the Sim by one of our top security droids and was about to check into it. Your appearance here makes that far more expedient now."


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      I was here a couple of months ago. My first trainer was Big Bad Naga after he, Darth phantom took over my training. Then I took a leave of absence.


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        :: Dara studied the Disciple as he spoke and she began to recall a few things from the past ::

        "Now that I think about it, I do recall being the one to greet you almost five months ago when you came back to <a href=>continue your training</a>. However, your journey took you away suddenly shortly after that brief return. Let me send for Lord Phantom. I am sure that he would be most interested in one of his apprentice's returning to the Empire."


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          Thank you i shall wait for Darth Phantom.


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            Mmmmmm. I familiar presence filled Phantom's sences even before Kodos entered The Council Room. Phantom rose from his chair, putting down the datapad he was looking over. He glides down the passage ways until he reaches The Council Room. From with in the Darkness, Phantom over looks his now returned Apprentice ::[/i]

            Why have you returned Kodos?


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              To rejoin the sith.


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                Ooc: am in back in


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                  Mummmmm. Why now? Why do you wish to return?