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  • To whom it may concern

    *bastion strode into the dark council chamber and kneeled on one knee.he already knew that they wouldnt trust a cizerzk halfbreed especially if he was a superthief.he took a deep breathe then looked up* i have a question to ask of the sith empire.if you have seen my mother demon or her companion tempist tell them that lasarian has been taken by the khaosina empire and is being held and will be excuted for Demon's betrayel of her empire.i will await them at Lythacore Pass.that is all..*when he finished with what he had to say the blue haired cizerack got up and bowed befor heading out of the council chambers toward the hanger.his red colored eyes flashing with untold anger at what is happening and what would happen when demon got to planet khaos.there was hell to be paid when demon destroyed the palnet with her armies*

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    Dyne approached the visitor from amongst the darkness and scanned him out. There was a hood and cloak covering almost his entire body. The knight's eyes and face were visible to him nonetheless. Narrowing his eyes, Dyne paused before speaking.

    "You seek Tempist? He was in a coma, but it seems he is alright now from what I have heard."

    Dyne spoke in his normal cold and calm tone without much emotion. He had a momentary silence before speaking up again to the Cizerack visitor. He was cautious when speaking to the Cizerack, as one should always be safe then sorry. Dyne had a feeling that Tempist may show up in the Counil Room as well.

    "His companion I never have spoken to unfortunately."

    He stepped back again into the dark corner of the room, awaiting for Tempist to show up there. The fellow member probably heard of the visitor arriving here and might be curious to see who it was.

    "Patience...and you might be able to tell him yourself. If you must go then I will deliver the message to him."


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      *bast looked down at the human and nodded* i can for his companion hername is demon night


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        *demon strode into the chambers not even looking at the sith warriors and knights,ect.toward her adopted son bast* bastion hellion meereow night what in the hell is going on?*demon asked her native language.she listened to his brief explaination befor storing out of the council chambers toward the hanger with bastion in tow.befor she left she turned to the one who had been speaking to bast* tell tempist to meet me in the hanger...*with that demon demon continued to the hanger*


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          Tempist had been standing in the corner the entire time, listening. Those *******s... he thought to himself, feeling his blood boil. Someone would take his son, and threaten to kill him? [i]If they hurt him the will all die by my hand....</i?

          Tempist looked at his stepson, noded slightly, then ran off to his ship, Morphling.