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A humbling Request

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  • A humbling Request

    In his room, Laran sat on his bed, his saber in hand and a toolkit open beside him. He was making adjustments to a lightsaber, playing with it's settings and all of it's inner working, making modifications and the like. Finally satisfied, he set it down on the bed smiling sinisterly.

    There, that will work nicely. Much improved.

    The time was almost here, and his plan would be in action. Then they would all see. He had made a decision, and it was one that he hadn't come to lightly. It had taken many days and nights, and much meditation to come to this conclusion, but he thought it would be best for himself and it would definately put him in a better position.

    Rising off the bed, Laran began to get dressed in his best clothes, formal ones, as this was a big thing and a very important day. It would change him and his life and his role with the Sith. He pulled his tunic over his head, and then smoothed it out over his body. Both of his sabers lay on a table in the corner. Grabbing both of them, he clipped them to his belt, for one never knew when the need for them might arise, especially after his attitude in recent weeks. Just to be on the safe side, he grabbed two of his balanced and deadly knives that he so loved to use. It set him apart from many of the Sith to use ancient weapons like this, but they had their advantages, especially in his hands.

    Finally, he was ready. Laran left his room, briskly walking to the council room.

    The doors, ancient, were large and heavy. They had been moved from the previous TSE headquarters as they were abandoning it. The doors were a key to the past, etched with languages and different markings. Many Sith had made their mark here and the doors were a constant reminder of the rich past of the TSE. Looking upon the doors, Laran smiled, knowing his mark would be made, a lasting mark.

    Using the force, he opened the doors and entered, the council in their customary seats. He didn't care for the, for this day, he only needed to speak to one of them. He made his way to the center of the room, kneeling before the coucil.

    "Great Masters of the Council. My attitude as of late has been a hindrance to the Empire, and I come before you today with a request. A request that will have positive affects on that attitude and I beleive positive affects for the Sith. I humbly ask that I may be allowed to present this request to yourselves."

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    :: Rama sat back in his chair ::

    ".....but keep your tongue more will trained then last time. But Saber has not tasted human flesh in awhile and my mood does not bode well for you. "


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      His head remained lowered, his eyes looking at the floor. It would be a sign of disrespect to look the council in their faces after his recent turn of late. Laran took a minute before speaking, taking a few deep breaths, almost as if he was reconsidering what he was about to do. Then he started speaking, confidence in his voice, but not so much so that it could be construed as arrogance.

      "I understand Master Rama. I shall keep this short as well, so as not to keep the council or to further annoy you."

      Silence weighed heavily upon Laran's shoulders, as he let his opening words sit with the council. It seemed as days had passed before he began to speak again, at least to him. In reality though, it was only a matter of seconds.

      So far so good.

      "Master Rama, I come here today, bringing myself to your feet with a request. The past has indicated that your apprentices are among the best that TSE has ever seen. They are among the deadliest, most cunning and all have added glory to the Empire. I wish to be accounted for among the best. I wish to be known as your apprentice."

      Laran knew his change of attitude would be looked at suspicously and that his request even more so. Rightfully so. He hoped they would be able to see past that, and see that he was trying to change. That he really did want to be included as the best. This would be the start of that he hoped.

      Now we wait and see.......


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        "Why would you insult me on day at then request my teaching the next. Your words do not speak the full truth."


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          Ket made his way from the back of the dark room,his long robes barely brushing the floor. His hood was up,but most of his facial features could be seen. He moved slowly and quietly,and watched Laran as he stood upon the council room floor,to the right of Rama's seat. He would not dare stand upon the floor that held the council member's seats,but he would stand near his Master. It was his place to be at his master's side,and it interested him,this question that Laran placed...


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            Eyes from all around were now focused back upon Laran. He could feel them digging into his back, as he kept his head low. Anger boiled inside of him, anger at how this had progressed, anger that everyone was now looking on him. Controlling himself would be key if this was to work. He took a couple of deep breaths, deep calming breaths before he continued speaking to the council.

            "I make my way to the council chamber today, seeking a truce of sorts. Wishing to continue my dark studies, wanting only to add to the great power which the Empire weilds."

            Laran rose from his knee, and looked at the council. It was not a sign of disrespect, but quite the opposite in fact. He was asking a favor from them, and he felt that he should at least address them by looking at them. Laran had paid his respects by bowing and starting before. He was trying to show his respect on another level now. He only hoped that they would see it as that.

            "I realize that my earlier ways were only detrimental to the Sith. Hence why I am here today. To rectify that situation."


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              "Nice words........but why me?"


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                "I mean no disrespect Master Sha, but is your ego so frail that it need stroking ? i think it would be obvious as to why I chose you"

                Some of his definat attitude was starting to come up, but Laran did everything he could to keep it bottled down.

                Now is not the place Laran....Calm yourself....Lots of time for that after....

                His eyes bore into those of Master Rama Sha, laran's face full of seriousness, his expression unwavering at the hesitation of the council member.

                "So I pose the question once again. Will the Great Master Rama Sha chose to have one lowly apprentice stand by his side, and teach that lowly apprentice the dark arts?"


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                  "My Ego needs no stroking......but your motive needs clarification. Answer the question, and then I will give you my answer."


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                    Ket stood there,and that grin began to creep across his face. Lowly apprentices? The thought made Ket damn near laugh. Anyone who thought themselves lowly didn't deserve to be taught by Rama,or anyone for that matter. Lowly,in any form,denotes weakness. Only the strong survive. But it was not his place to interject his opinions right now,so silent he stood,waiting to see what unfolded...


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                      Standing in Ket's large shadow, Eve remained silent, like she always did. Her skull helmet on her head, she cocked her head to the side to take a better look at the Sith, ranked as Knight like her, Laran Katern. He was one of those Siths Eve had never personally met, but it didn't bother her. After taking a good look at Katern, Eve moved back behind Ket.

                      " ... "


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                        The crowd that had gathered around was getting larger and larger. Laran felt like he was on display, with everyone gawking at him. It was no matter though. He knew they would come, and he woudln't have to deal with it for much longer. And besides, once he was out of here, he's show them. No, he wouldn't jsut show them, he would make an example out of them.

                        Laran refocused on the matter at hand, using the force to keep himself calm. Ignoring everyone else around him, Laran looked up at Rama once more, and spoke again.

                        "My motive, I think would be clear. I have no master, and I wish to futher my knowledge and ability. You are a master, and one with great power. Why wouldn't I want to train under you?"


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                          Sieken sat there in silence, his face stayed motionless and emotionless.


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                            :: Rama Sat back in his chair and let out a Sigh, then lifted his hand towards Eve. ::

                            "This is the one Apprentice I have Chosen. One Master, One Apprentice."

                            :: he then Motioned towards Ket ::

                            "And this one......I once promised to teach him the dark arts, and i intend to keep it. But to you I have made no promise, and your are not my chosen one. Im afraid you'll have to seek teachings elsewhere."


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                              Eve tilted her head to the side as her Master lefted a hand at her. A few strands of her brown hair fell out of her helmet, but it did not bother her. She looked at Laran once again, to see his reaction.