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  • A humble request...

    Dull footfalls marked Darius' passage; approaching the Council Chambers always made him feel a little apprehensive but selfishness and a desire to grow pushed him onwards.

    The huge double doors swung over at a touch and Darius moved to the rooms centre; bowed low and cleared his throat.

    "Honoured Council, I have a request. As you know, my initial training was to be undertaken by Lord Darkstar and for that I was immeasurably grateful, but recently milord Darkstar has been regretfully occupied and as a result my training has lapsed somewhat,"
    Pausing, Darius sought a quick way out of his downward verbal spiral, he decided a blunt exit was needed
    “I request that a new master be assigned to continue my training; in all things I await your decision.”

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    OOC/ ack, sorry, i was waiting for you to post, didn't notice that you had, i've replied btw if you'd like to continue?\IC


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      A nervous cough issued from Darius throat.

      "I apologise my lords, request withdrawn."

      Moving on swift feet Darius left the chamber.