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Daegal Murdoch, please step forward...

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  • Daegal Murdoch, please step forward...

    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide waits at the front of the Council Room and as her apprentice Daegal Murdoch enters, Dara motions for him to come stand before her. Dara then addresses Daegal and all those present ::

    "Daegal, as your Master, I am filled with pride in all that you do. You are very active on behalf of the Empire and serve as an example to all on what it is to be a member of this glorious organization. It is on this day, that I bestow upon you the well earned rank of Sith Knight. I also present you with this <a href=>Sith Dagger</a>. Wield it with pride and remember this day, my apprentice. Take your place among the Knights of the Empire at last. Congratulations."

    :: Dara smiles and nods to Sith Knight Daegal Murdoch ::
    <table width=380 height=200 background="" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">[c]
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    Dara Shadowtide

    Rank: Sith Master

    Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Council Member

    Apprentice to: Lady Dia, Darth Havok

    Sister to: Athena Lady Darknss, Lyra Darkstar,
    Dalethria Mal Pannis

    Master to: Raine Sarin, Darth Varlon, Vega Van Derveld,
    Dyne Darkforce, Athena Lady Darknss, Bi0 Hazzard,
    Daegal Murdoch, Lady Callista, Lord Sabre, Alisa Sha,
    Lyra Darkstar, Kekoa Alkarin, Rothmar Dujek,
    Dark Jedi Kitano, Lana Westbrooke, Michin Troval,
    Abydos Nighthawk, Anubis Lockheart

    Wields: A pale blue lightsaber, a turquoise lightsaber,
    Staff of the Tides

    "Do not talk about what you have done
    or what you are going to do...
    do it, and let it speak for itself."

    <a href=AIM:GoIM?ScreenName=SithMasterDara>AIM</a> <a href=>Bio</a> <a href=>The Sith Empire</a> <a href=>Tides of Darkness</a>


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    Daegal knelt as he accepted the dagger and the rank that his Master had graciously bestowed upon him. Standing as she concluded speaking to him, Daegal's normally emotionless face showed a smile, which faded quickly.

    "Thank you, my Master. I will wield this dagger, as well as my new rank in the glory of the Empire."


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      Lana smiled and bowed respectfully before her husband, held by the darkness that surrounded.

      "Congratulations on your promotion, love."


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        A promotion well earned, Knight Daegal.

        *The Lord bowed his head to the newest Sith Knight*


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          :: The sound of clapping hands echoes through out the council room, Phantom emerges from the shadows ::

          " Congrats Daegal. Continue as you have done, and the galaxy is yours. "

          :: Phantom bowed slightly and returned into the Shadows ::


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            ooc - congrats, the first of many


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              "Congratulations, Knight Murdoch."


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                Sieken just stood there not a word utterd from his lips,he glanced over to Dara, then back to Deagle and with a voice as cold as ice.

                'Congrats Deagle' He said before turning and and exiting out of the room.


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                  Congrats Daegal


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                    Salem watched from the wings of the room, simply nodding a silent congratulations to the newly promoted Sith Knight.


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                      Daegal Murdoch, please step forward...

                      Dyne nodded to Daegal from the shadows for his accomplishment. His promotion only meant he was going to get stronger and in turn let TSE get stronger.



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                        Tempist smiled at his blood brother from the corner he stood in, almost always when he was here.

                        "Congrats bro"


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                          Xavier leans back against the wall slowly, his arms crossed over his chest, his right ankle over his left.

                          "Congratulations, brother."


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                            "Congratulations Knight Daegal."


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                              *Raine watched quietly from the shadows and nodded his approval at his friend reaching the rank of Knight. A well earned promotion*