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So you want Ron Thrawn dead. . .

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  • So you want Ron Thrawn dead. . .

    OOC: Now that I have this account, I want to be hired to kill my flawed original account, and thought you guys would enjoy Ron Thrawn being dead.
    IC: The names Ognaj Fett, and I'm a bounty hunter.
    I heard you've had soem trouble with a guy by the name of Ron Thrawn.
    I'll take him out for 10000 credits.

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    Stepping out of the shadows of the council room, the only sound the Sith Lord by the name of Konrad that was heard was the sound of his boots clicking against the floor. Stopping by the bounty hunter's right shoulder, he smirked slightly. "And why should we hire some money-grubbing, gutter spawn of scum like you," He spoke softly, but it was enough with him. "For a job that we could easily do ourselves, and get more enjoyment, and quite possibly better results by doing so?"


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      Dyne stepped up the bounty hunter, besides his left shoulder. The Lord came in just as a breeze would come and go through a building. Now he stood inbetween the two Sith Lords while contemplating his answer. A smirk formed on his lips as he glanced at Ognaj from the corner of his eyes.

      "Careful bounty hunter...put as much as thought into it as you need."


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        OOC: Never mind, I forgot Ron became a snack to a Cizzerack months ago, ignore this thread.


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          OOC: If you ever forget about Ron becoming cat-food and think about getting him killed again, come look me up.

          After all, he's still unfinished business for me, after that cowardly flight he made from the Black Hand that last time when I had gone through all the trouble of personally dumping him into that hole of acid.

          I enjoyed that... let's do it again

          *still has a whole list of torture methods to try out on some unlucky fool to come across her*


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            thats actually an insentive for ME to look you up Delirion, haven't been tortured in a long time, and I so enjoyed my last visit to TBH lol


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              (pats his tummy) mmmmmm <img src= ALT="">