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    The Lupine Sith Lord strode into the Council room with a visible show of enthusiasm. Stopping dead center in the room, he folded his hands behind his back and cast a glance towards the Council chairs before him.

    "Council Members... I lost member of our fold has been recovered," Vega said stoutly, a grin brimming on his face.

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    Gitane stood slightly behind Vega, her head bowed as she pushed back the thin cloth of her robes. Her ivory eyes gazed across the room as she slipped her hand into the Sith Lord's, a calm look on her face. With all truth, her heart was beating rapidly with nervous anxiety. She didn't exactly want questions asked of why she was there... she wasn't even sure why she'd been able to reach Eve, let alone why she was able to stand there before the Council.

    Bowing for a moment, Gitane murmured quietly, "Greetings.."


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      The disturbance Darius had been feeling all morning seemed to be coming from inside the Council Chamber, always reluctant to even think of that place Darius kept moving closer.
      Memories trickled back as he neared the door, the weight of her body, dragging behind him like a doll and how he had presented himself along with the gristly trophy; curiosity gripped him with cold fingers and propelled him forward into old nightmares.

      The doors swung open at a touch and the scene unfolded before him like a dream.

      The Council sat as usual. Faces serious and wise; they were in session.

      Standing in the very centre of the chamber, like two petitioners were an odd couple; the tallest was undoubtably his sire, Lord Vega; his female companion was less recognisable, she had light green skin and hair, her bearing was oddly familliar. She was undoubtably lovely but there was something....about her, her presence had a soothing effect on Darius' usual heat, she felt like.........


      The wisper was the quietest word ever spoken by the young sith, but it seemed to echo around the vast vaulted room like a gunshot.
      Caught up on a wave of emotion Darius' lurched forward, caught himself then stopped and became as a statue.

      can it be true?

      The words came quieter still, as if she could be scared away by them like a dryad or other fairy-tale creature.


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        Gitane turned about rather carefully, peering at the near-silent murmur. Her eyes flashed with a seething hatred as she recognised her own flesh and blood, despite the calm look upon her face.

        Leaving her beloved's side, she walked slowly forward and grinned at the boy, her hand lifting, gently touching against his cheek.


        Seeming to pull him into a tender, motherly embrace, her fingers slid into the hair at the back of his head and wrenched it sharply. Her head bent close to his ear and she breathed coldly into it with words only he could hear.

        "Thank you so much for putting me to my death... I'll soon repay the favor."


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          It hurt...she had hurt him.

          Eyes filled with tears of joy, after dreaming of her touch for so long her vicious embrace seemed like a ghosts touch, gentle and full of the love he had missed for so long.

          Every moment they were entwined was savoured, just as her scent was; stored away deep inside of him to be recalled and enjoyed again.
          Seeming to last a blissfull eternity, the silence at last was broken, Darius' voice still thick with joy.

          thank you for coming back to us, it has been so are more beautiful than in my dreams...


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            *Standing off to the side, MnT simply held his position, and pondered over the situation... Once already she'd been ressurected or whatever, and had dissapeared.. And now she was back again? How strange.. Well, in any case...*

            " ... Welcome back Gitane... It's indeed a pleasure to once more see you alive.."


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              Sieken knelt down beside Darius, the young boy did not move,but sieken could sence he was not happy that the Warroir was there, he could sence the slight fear erecting from the boy. Sieken lowerd his head close to Daruis without even looking athim, so he could whisper a "Good luck" message to the young Van-Derveld, Siekens breathwas deathly cold, his face expressionless to the nacked eye.

              'Do what you did to your mother some months ago again...and i will kill you myself dear boy...' He whsiperd quietly into the ear of the boy, before pauseing and tilting his head.

              ' Regardless of what your father does afterwards.' Sieken Whisperd again, offering the young boy only a sercastic smile and a nod,before standing and walking toward Gitane who had not seem him since her death.


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                He strode across to where Gitane stood with Darius, giving the boy a good fatherly thump on the back. He grinned somewhat at Sieken, nodding lightly.


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                  Grinning lightly, Gitane tilt her head back to look at Vega before nodding to Miryan and Sieken.

                  "Thank you.."


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                    Breaking the embrace seemed to lift a dead weight from his shoulders, as if the body dragged no longer at his heels.
                    Brushing aside tears of happiness and affixing an appropriate mask of neutrality over the cracks of emotion he looked to his mother and bowed low.

                    “Mother, It fills me with joy to see you again, but there is something that must be done,”

                    He bent his knee and knelt before her;

                    “I now, before this august assembly, offer myself up for judgement, the crimes committed in my youth affected all who knew you in the most profound way,” glancing from his pose of submission he met the eye of everybody in the room “before I can move forward to better serve the Empire I need to leave my childhood mistakes behind me.”


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                      'Pheh!' Sieken snorted,his head shaking with a sercastic smile.

                      Yeah right He thought looking down


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                        "You beg for judgement ... There are many here who would deal out death in judgement to you, Darius. Do not be so eager to plead for forgiveness, for it shall not be given. Not words but deeds shall seal your fate."


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                          A proclamation from on high was never ignored and often it made alot of sence.

                          "Very well, it is fitting, nothing freely given is worthwhile."

                          Inside Darius puzzled over what he could possibly do to repair damage done such a long time ago...killing jedi probably wasnt a bad start.

                          Feeling a comforting sence of direction settling upon him he smiled again, jedi. It was so simple.

                          "Oh and father. I beg for nothing."


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                            DarkStar stood quietly at the back of the chamber. This was between Darius and his parents, it was nothing to do with the Sith Lord who had taken the murderous child as his apprentice so he watched. Though it was not his buisness he would not allow anyone to hurt his apprentice, not while he couldn't defend himself and way that would be dishonorable and the ancient Sith would not allow it.


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                              "You will beg forgiveness if you ever cross me," Vega snapped out at Darius.

                              With this said, he turned back to Gitane and silenced himself. He knew that Darius was a member of the Empire, and therefore out of bounds for his anger.