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  • Searching for someone....

    Danya wandered through the halls of a large complex until she arrived at a door. Carefully, the young Apprentice entered it quietly and looked around. She felt people in the room.....but saw no one. Finding the center of the room, she knelt to one knee and bowed her head in respect.

    "Greetings....I seek Darth Phantom....great Sith Lord of this Empire. He told me to find him, for he wishes to speak with me. I did not know where it was proper for me to find him...."

    Danya called out to whoever was listening, hoping that perhaps one of the presences knew where he was. She continued looking at the ground, not trying to be disrespectful to anyone by being there....but hoping she could find him......

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    " Good Evening ... "

    :: A voice echoed from the Shadows ::

    " I trust your ... play time went well. "

    :: The young woman could feel the Sith Lord's grin from across the room ::

    " Arise young one. "

    :: Turning around she could see two bright red eyes peering through the Darkness ::


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      Danya turned around and saw two bright red eyes looking at her. She smiled to herself and nodded.

      "Indeed, my Lord....I had fun..."

      She said softly. Walking a bit closer to the one who sought to speak with her, she bowed her head in respect once again. The Apprentice could feel his power...and she wanted to embrace it.

      "You asked to speak with me, and I have sought you out...."

      The young woman spoke once again, hoping she was not out of place or out of turn as she did. She held the greatest respect for one of his power and stature....and she viewed it as an honor to be in his presence....


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        " Excellent ... "

        :: Phantom takes a deep breath and releases it slowly ::

        " It would seem I owe you an ap ... apology ::[/i]

        :: Phantom clinched his fists as his eye's turned bright red ::

        " I am a very hasty person, I have seen many a Sith fall victim to the ways of the weak Jedi and I vowed never to let it happen again. I have never, ever apologized to anyone, I think it is a sign of weakness though I think I was wrong in jumping down your throat as I did at Rama's ..."


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          Danya listened to his words and was quite shocked, to say the least. She looked at the floor for a moment, not wishing to anger him by having to apologize. Sighing inside herself, she looked up at him and bowed her head.

          "My Lord, you do not owe me an apology......I understand what you were doing and I would have done the same. The Jedi are weak, and they push their ways upon people because no one willingly joins them. I should be the one apologizing for I ran off with him without thinking....."

          She said softly, noticing his eyes turned a bright red in color. The young Apprentice had met several people who, so far, have had their eyes turn that color.....she did not know what to think of it so was odd, yet pleasant in the same....


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            Nikka leaned upon the wall in the shadows with her arms folded across her chest as she watched the woman with little or no interest. She said nothing, but many thoughts were wandering in her mind about the incident in the bar. Remaining silent, Nikka observed their conversation. She began growling low when she saw the way the woman was looking at him, but this was not her place interfere....yet.