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Jade Comes Before The Council....

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  • Jade Comes Before The Council....

    to deliver an important message. She kneels before the Council, then rises slowly, her neon yellow eyes a dark blood red in anger.

    She is angry at Ashano Samanosuke to the point where she can kill him.

    "I must speak with Eve Siren. It is important that I do so at once. It concerns her apprentice, Ashano Samanosuke, my nephew."

    Jade lowers her head and waits patiently.

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    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide looks up from her council seat at Sith Disciple Dark Emerald Jade ::

    "Greetings Jade. I believe Sith Knight Eve Siren is away on a personal journey. Is there some sort of emergency that the Council needs to be aware of?"

    Eve is away IRL on a vacation or a trip so I don't think she will be around for a few weeks. I'm not sure if she was going to have access to a computer while she was away but you might try e-mailing her. I also thought Ashano was gone due to RL stuff until August.

    <table width=380 height=200 background="" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">[c]
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    Dara Shadowtide

    Rank: Sith Master

    Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Council Member

    Apprentice to: Lady Dia, Darth Havok

    Sister to: Athena Lady Darknss, Lyra Darkstar,
    Dalethria Mal Pannis

    Master to: Raine Sarin, Darth Varlon, Vega Van Derveld,
    Dyne Darkforce, Athena Lady Darknss, Bi0 Hazzard,
    Daegal Murdoch, Lady Callista, Lord Sabre, Alisa Sha,
    Lyra Darkstar, Kekoa Alkarin, Rothmar Dujek,
    Dark Jedi Kitano, Lana Westbrooke, Michin Troval,
    Abydos Nighthawk, Lina Capulet, Nikka DarkStorm

    Wields: A pale blue lightsaber, a turquoise lightsaber,
    Staff of the Tides

    "Do not talk about what you have done
    or what you are going to do...
    do it, and let it speak for itself."

    <a href=AIM:GoIM?ScreenName=SithMasterDara>AIM</a> <a href=>Bio</a> <a href=>The Sith Empire</a> <a href=>Tides of Darkness</a>



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      Jade looks up at Sith Master Dara Shadowtide and nods slowly.

      "I was over at The Rebel Faction, checking on my daughter and sister after what happened recently with my other sister.

      There, I ran into Ashano, asking for a Jedi Master to train him. He has quit TSE and turned to the Lightside. My sister shall be training him.

      I thought the Council and his Master should know at once."

      OOC: ACK, oky, im sure she will find this out when she gets

      Yes, the one who played Ashano is still in Japan, but his brother told me he might come home this week. Anyways, still in Japan, he handed the role of Ashano over to his brother Kitaro, who is now playing him.


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        ooc: Uh... the world of TRF and the world of TSE are in two different galaxies... What's happening in one doesn't affect the other and vice versa.


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          OOC: I know that, but this is what i was told.......

          Sorry, I thought when someone quits the Empire by ways of giving up his character to someone who does not play Sith, then the Empire should know about it, in some way........


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            It's ok, thanks for letting us know he has left our roleplay galaxy then. We appreciate you passing on the word to us. <img src= ALT="">


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              OOC: anytime Dara.....