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Martyr Rising - Xavier Sadow

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  • Martyr Rising - Xavier Sadow

    The Council doors swing open slowly as a darkly robed man paces his way into the sanctum within. Prior to his arriving, Lord Van-Derveld has notified his Warrior apprentice Xavier Sadow of his return, and had summoned him to the Council room. Thus now he stood in the center of the room, with his back to the doorway.

    Vega brushed back his hood and looked over his shoulder – to anyone who knew him it was obvious he was sporting a new pair of scars, one beneath each of his eyes to go with that which crossed the bridge of his nose. The Lupine cleared his throat, as he heard footsteps approaching from behind.

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    Xavier slowly enters the Council Room, tossing the bottom edges of his trenchcoat back slightly as he looks to Vega. He bows slowly then raises up again, his hands hanging at his sides.

    "You called for me, my Master?"


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      The Lord nods his head slightly.

      "Indeed. Tell me what you are, Xavier."


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        Xavier quirks an eyebrow slightly.

        "I am Sith, m'lord. And very proud of it.."


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          Blade watched his master and another of his apretices from a dark corner in the chamber. He come across the voice of his master as he was lurking in the halls and it had lead him here. blade watched the goings on.


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            "A Sith you say?"

            Vega paced forward, stepping around Xavier slowly.

            "And as a Sith, what would you say you strive to accomplish? Personal goals? Universal goals?"


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              Xavier puts his arms behind his back, gripping his left wrist with his right hand.

              "I strive to accomplish the goals of the Empire, Master."


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                "And what would they be?"

                He leant towards Xavier, with a mock smile.

                "And how exactly do you intend to achieve them?"


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                  Xavier smirks slightly, standing completely still.

                  "The goals of the Empire is the will of the Council. And I strive to become more powerful so that I may better serve the council."


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                    "To become powerful?"

                    There was a 'hmm' sound from Vega as he brought one hand to his chin, rubbing it in a habitual show of thought.

                    "Are you not already a force to be reckoned with?"


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                      "That I may be. But I do not think of myself in that way. There is always more power to be achieved."


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                        "In my opinion, Xavier, you are a highly able fighter," Vega said as he walked so that he was face to face with his apprentice.

                        "And I believe some public affirmation is due."

                        A faint smile seemed to form.

                        "During your time here, Xavier, you have shown yourself as an active contributing member to the cause of the Sith Empire, and have shown time after time that you are destined for great things."

                        The Lord paced to the side, canting his head so that he could keep his eyes on Xavier.

                        "A new generation of great fighters is being created, as once younglings develop into fledged crafters of the dark arts. As one legend passes on into history, thus another is born; born to father hundreds more of servants of the darkside."

                        He stopped, back center aligned with the Warrior once more.

                        "Xavier Sadow, kneel."


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                          Xavier hides a small smile as he kneels down infront of his Master, bowing his head. His left knee rests against the ground, his right foot next to it with his arm draped over his right knee. The bottom of the Sith Warrior's trenchcoat drags lightly against the ground as he kneels down.


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                            "I hereby dub you Sith Knight Xavier Sadow,"

                            Vega said, his smile deepening as he looked down at his apprentice with pride.

                            "Rise, and look upon your brethern as a new man."

                            From within the folds of his robes Vega removed a thick-material bag and unfurled it, removing a blade and shield, which he held out towards Xavier.


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                              Smiling, Daegal looked on at his brother.

                              "Congratulations, brother."