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    Posted by Akuma Manifest on 12-29-2002 05:32 PM:
    Insert a witty phrase here.

    Silence and darkness enters the room, he makes yet not a single noise, and it difficult to see, for light doesn't reflect off of him, but seems to be absorbed into his body. He wears a light suit, completely black, and seems to absorb the light that intercepts it, the skin of his face is an orangish-red. The only easily visible thing by the untrained eye would be his head. That of a Kel-Dor. With a helium breathing mask suctioned tightly to his mouth, and a grid of filters covering his eyes, he walks to the center of the room, followed by an r6 [if they're availble at the current time if not, downgrade it to the appropriate type] Astromech droid.

    His voice echos from the mask, muffled, but not too difficult to hear.
    "Siths... 'Force' users. Just as those who proceed before me, and those who will come after. I seek to further my abilities."

    Posted by Saharia on 12-30-2002 12:39 AM:

    ::The sith here were all mostly trained so most of the sith would have noticed the figure came in, cloaked and the light seemed to fade around the newcomer. A good sign perhaps, but the questioning was what ruled the outcome, and the outcome would be for the masters to decide. She was not a master but questions would be asked, as all sith members had this right.
    Silently she watched until he had spoken then bowed her head in a welcome before speaking, her eyes showing no emotion as she watched the shadows of the figure which yet had no name, there was no excuse for bad manners.::

    Welcome to the halls of the Sith Empire,
    I am Saharia Saryin Azalin. What be your name and what can you but offer this empire?

    Posted by Akuma Manifest on 12-30-2002 03:33 PM:

    His head turns slowly, observing the room, picking out small details.
    "I have no name, but I've assumed the alias of Akuma Manifest."

    "What do I offer the Empire... Another blade, another bolt, another fist. What is there to offer? Knowledge? What good is knowledge? Strength? What good is that even? No skill could make a single person more useful than the next. "

    The droid bleeps and Akuma's hand strays backs and strokes the metallic surface. He mumbles something to the droid and all goes silent.

    Edit: Before the edit it was, "Akuma's hand strays backs and strikes the metallic..." It was meant to be "strokes" not "strikes"

    Posted by Crescent on 12-31-2002 10:57 AM:

    *A dreary silhouette of a figure stalks along the shadowy edges and corners of the room, his outline barely noticeable within his insidious dwellings in the umbra of darkness; illuminating the overshadowed corner, to little extent. The edges of his pallid lips twist to have a cruel and allmost nefarious smirk grace along them, as his crimson-hued eyes studey the hopeful with precise intent, a thorough scrutiny. A virulent, sibliant hiss echos slightly from his throat, as he stays silent, the solemn shadows watching... studying... waiting... *

    *He rotates the hilt of a long, dura-steel dagger in his hands before him. The tip of the blade points into his finger tip of one hand, while the other gradually turns the hilt. He continues to caress his blade, letting the embrace of it's cold steel touch upon his skin sharpen his senses, in a way. Yes, he had spilled much blood with the weapon. The demise of many still etch around the blade, it's malignant edge traced with innocent screams, and tortured souls. But alas, he remains in his still, silent observation.. *

    Posted by Akuma Manifest on 12-31-2002 11:57 PM:

    Akuma glances at the silhouette... He uses his droid as a seat and leans himself against it. Folding his arms, he remains patient for a response.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 01-01-2003 08:27 PM:

    The Sith Knight walked in and crossed her arms. She looked at kuma and Cresent, then finally to Saharia.

    " You call what ever you mumbled an Answer to her question? I dont. There is always something you should offer. Why would we allow you to join if you didnt have something? I had dying loyalty that I proved. "

    The clone made her way towards the man.... Her dagger in close hand. Her marcasite eyes danced in the dim light.

    " Your powers are in what field? "

    Posted by Akuma Manifest on 01-03-2003 12:47 PM:

    Behind the helium mask, the Kel-Dor couldn't help but smirk.
    "Eternal Loyalty? You think that's worth something? Now, I'm not saying that You are incapable of being... useful, if that's the proper term I'm looking for. But what good is Eternal Loyalty if there's no need for the person who's loyal?"
    He scratched his neck.
    "Explain this to me dar'lin. I ask again, awaiting for a decent answer. What could anyone possibly offer to help this Empire? The only thing I could think of, is Leadership."
    He rested his weight on the droid and folded his legs, sitting on top of it. The droid bleeped and shook slightly.
    "My ... 'powers'.. lie within my piloting ability and bounty hunting. Silent killing."
    Two straps cross the Kel-Dor's chest, he pulls one strap off and attached to it is a long barreled rifle with a scope attached to the top of it.
    "This, Mi'dear. Is a Nightstinger, it fires invisible bolts of energy, and is virtually indetectable. The only problem is... the cartridges come with 5 shots per, and cost a hefty charge."
    He pulls off the other strap and tosses forward a basic blaster rifle.
    "This is nothing special.. The Fire Lance, I only use this when **** goes to hell. But it's always useful when it comes down to bounty hunting. Has a stun feature, which no hunter is complete without somethin like this."
    From his side, the Kel-Dor unsheaths a blade and holds it out in front of him.
    "I'm not proficient with this beauty, but I'm getting better. This weapon has the ability to deflect blaster bolts and can split slugs in half. The blade was sharpened down to the very Molecule that encompased the metal."
    He flips the sword through the air and resheaths it.
    "My most prized small pocession. The blade also resists hardness, so it can cut through most solid materials."
    He rubs a spike that protrudes from his helium mask.
    "Now, if you're not completely bored yet, I'll go on with my two starships."

    Posted by jenobi on 01-03-2003 02:35 PM:

    Jenobi had enough of this.

    He jumped off his favorite spot and the balcony and landed right in front of Akuma with his eyes blazing

    " I think you need a couple of lessons in respect...Especially in the presence of Sith"

    Jenobi walked directly up to Akuma's face and, took out his saber and held the end where the saber comes out on his neck

    " You come into our sanctuary, talking on and on yet you show no respect to those who are more powerful than you are...In my book you should die for that."

    Posted by Akuma Manifest on 01-05-2003 08:03 AM:

    "I knew some hot headed power frenz would do this.."
    He slowly pushed the hilt from his neck.
    "I never once meant to infringe on the madamoiselle's abilities. I was merely using her as an example. I am perfectly sure that her prowress is detailed greatly, and her skill is beyond natural comprehension."
    His silver eyes glimmered deep within the depths of the mask.
    "If you wouldn't mind, I don't appreciate you in my face."
    The droid that Akuma was seated upon bleeped and rolled backwards.
    "Perhaps you're right monsier, Maybe I did come in here, and sung the wrong tune. Maybe I.. disgraced your sense of 'honor' and 'respect'. Even though you are the essence of just about everything evil and unjust in this universe. So the point behind just and fairness in your sanctuary is beyond me."
    He shrugged.
    "But maybe everything has morals."
    His postured straightened.
    "On a side note, I do apologize about that incoherant rambling of weapons and toys. That, I'll admit, was quite rude of me. But the lady did ask what I was capable of... or at least that's how I intereperated it."

    Posted by Saharia on 01-05-2003 06:25 PM:

    ::Saharia walked out of the shadows, watching him with vague interest and a spark of something quite different in her eyes.
    Her disposition was nothing more than polite, but there was also power in her mind and unspoken thoughts. Rudeness got you no-where.::

    Politeness is of high importance. I would be most dissapointed if you did not speak your mind in fact, and each must prove they are better than the next, for this is what this interview is: Are you but worthy to serve the darkness? Finding another way to utilize your speech may prove positive.
    I shall hit you with questions now, please answer with information that be useful to the empire's decision.

    First, the physical side and mental side.

    What be your warrior skills? The body side. We can but teach you waepons later if you are accepted.
    Which areas are in your intellect strengths?
    What be your weaknesses and strengths?
    What be your past experiences and what be your beliefs?

    Most of all, what be the dark side of the force to you?

    ::She stood perfectly still, watching.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 01-06-2003 02:25 PM:

    Athena looked at the younger members of the Empire and then to the man before her. Her loyalty was something of great honor for with out loyalty why should we bother allowing one in. She was nothing more then a Clone and she held back the urge to throw the man into duracret and smash each and every bone in his body. But she would allow the little-ones such pleasures today.

    Posted by Akuma Manifest on 01-07-2003 03:32 AM:

    Akuma turned to face Saharia, he seem infactuated. Slowly the Kel-dor approached her, but stopped, still holding about 3 meters between them.
    "Either your charisma is quite stunning, or your wisdom.. is beyond comprehension, that which, in my opinion, are both true."

    He went silent for a moment, his gaze never changing from Saharia.
    "Could you perhaps, do me the honor of at least telling me your name?"

    His head drooped,
    "The thing is, I will only be able to 'honor'[sarcasm] your presence with the bore of worthless answers in this silly game."

    Posted by Saharia on 01-08-2003 10:33 PM:

    ::Saharia said nothing for a while, this man simply did not see this as a serious ritual. He saw this as a game, and though he would be quite a charmer, she did not see his answer as substantial.
    Her voice was not gentle, it held a certain harsh tone to it, but it did not carry any superiority. It carried a dead tone that meant business.::

    You have a pretty face, but this is not the place or the time.
    This silly game is but a test, lets exam you must pass to see if you are such a one to be a member of TSE, and so far you are failing.
    Not on the answers but on the respect scale, which is evaluated by not only I, but mostly of other members and others far higher in rank than I. One being Lady Athena over there.
    Last of all a sith master evaluates and decides the final outcome.
    I am not here to critisize you or to be picked up but to see if you can become a TSE sith.

    This is how the 'game' works, and all must play by it's rules.
    Please answer my questions.

    Posted by Akuma Manifest on 01-12-2003 02:17 PM:

    He takes one more look around the room.
    "Perhaps my coming here was a mistake. I apologize for wasting everyone's time. It was a pleasure meeting you all."

    The Kel-Dor turns around and pulls the hood of his Shadow Suit over his head, making him a bit harder to see.

    He picks up his weapons, attaching them to his sides and strapping them over his back.

    "Farewell Sith's."
    He becons for the droid and heads off.

    Posted by Saharia on 01-12-2003 02:49 PM:

    ::Saharia half smiled in goodbye, a small glint in her eyes. So he had made his own evaluation of his recruitment, and somehow she felt it appropriate considering his attitude towards it.::

    Farewell. If you join the jedi, I will gladly meet you on the battlefield.

    Posted by jenobi on 01-14-2003 02:13 PM:

    There was a blur of movement and then a familiar snap- hiss filled the room. Jenobi had kept himself quiet while the others questioned him, but now it was over. Jenobi's eyes blazed and had his saber blade pointed at the mans' chest

    " Maybe I should try a different approach then, hhmmm? Young one, it is not wise to first of all touch a Sith's most priced possession, and on top of that to call one hot headed. For that maybe you shouldn't be allowed to leave without loosing something. A hand, arm, leg...or maybe your life."

    Jenobi touched the minds of all the Sith gathered and spoke via the darkside

    " Just give me the ok and I'll teach him a thing or two."

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