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    Posted by Nemhain Oenghus on 12-05-2002 02:45 PM:
    Time Changes as do People...

    Foot steps sounded along the the floor on the massive hall, the huge pillars of marble reflecting what little light shown in the vast room, she had changed, it had been so long and she dared to return for a second time

    Her image flickered slightly as if it wasn't real and static sounded for a quick moment, she paused and checked the small black plug-like mechanism on the left side of her neck, it sparked slightly and a small hiss flew past her lips. It seemed these days she was many things, and not only had she changed on the inside but on the outside as well

    "I demand to be recognized once again!" The child-like being yelled in a strong, demanding voice, with just a hint of an animalistic growl

    "I don't expect you to realize who I am, as I left a while ago...a very long ime ago, at least by my time.." She yawned quietly, shuffling her heavily booted feet, leaning casually against a large black pillar, folding her arms over her stomach

    "Of course...My un-anounced leave, wouldn't give you much desire to have me back in the Empire as I wasn't much good to you poor pathetic, goody goody, Sukura Carme. She's completely useless...But If I remember correctly she was a Sith Warrior soon to become and Knight, sadly she left all that..." A loud cackle slipped past her lips, her oddly innocent child-like face blending with her laugh

    "Well....? Can I once again be what I was..? Or must I earn it again?" She asked the quiet hall, waiting to be heard

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 12-11-2002 10:17 AM:

    From a darkened corner, a Sith Disciple watched. The voice spoke of being here once before, the Zabrak observed that whoever they were, they had obviously come before Zeta had joined the Empire.

    Very demanding she seemed to be, and this only made the Zabrak silently wonder how she had come as far as she had within the Empire.

    He was not surprised in the lack of response that had yet to be given. He watched, wondering how long she would stay there, wondering how long she could go off demanding from something she had left behind, for whatever reasons.

    Posted by Nemhain Oenghus on 12-11-2002 11:51 AM:

    Grey eyes flashed suddenly, glinting in the pale light. She sensed him, he was doubtful of her and his powers were just beginning to develope. A thought flashed through her head somewhere along the lines of who was he to judge her.

    "Zeta is your name..." Her voice rang loudly in his head, throbbing against his skull...

    "And you think I will be ignored..." Her voice sounded in the hall this time...

    "Most likely, I will be, but if I stay long enough perhaps I'll get a tiny bit of recognition...Dreams I guess...Of former glory...Or lost friendships..." She turned towards him, the dim light falling on her tanned skin face, reflecting off her eyes.

    "Have you come to watch me fail...?" She asked.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 12-11-2002 01:19 PM:

    Sukura, commonly known as Suki to the normal people of TSE. Athena had seen her and even once or twice spoken to Suki.

    " You have the nerve to leave with no word. And then demand to be heard NOW? "

    The Sith Knight looked towards the woman standing there. Her anger could be seen as power, but the child had no control over it. And to have power one had to have control.

    Athena then looked over at Zeta and then to the woman once more.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 12-11-2002 02:09 PM:

    Stepping forward, the Sith Disciple cast no emotion as he looked onto Sukura.

    He said nothing for a second or two, his eyes starred back at her, impassive.

    "...I do not judge, but I do observe. I've seen many come and go here in my time as a Disciple. I've seen those, like you, who demand to be seen and heard. Their outcome for such an outburst, cost them each. Each were no closer to gaining what they desired than before they stepped through these walls..."

    "..I've not come here to watch you fail, just to warn you instead. If you continue with this approach, recognition will not be the thing that will be dealt onto you..."

    Posted by Nemhain Oenghus on 12-13-2002 11:53 AM:

    Her eyes blinked a few times as the Disciples words hit her, he was absolutely right. She hated admitting when she was wrong, but in this case it could not be avoided. She turned towards Zeta again and folded her left arm over her stomach, bowing deeply, showing that he had won her respect, if that even meant anything to him..

    She knew she appeared to be the sort of person who thinks they are better than most, but in reality she thought she was much lower than most walks of life. She sighed very very quietly and cleared her throat speaking again..

    "It is very appearent now that I am in no position to demand anything, rather I should be asking, practically begging. However I will not beg...But I will ask.." Her voice was steady and her words were very formal.

    "My lady Athena..." She paused here to bow her head in respect. "If I may once again join the ranks of the most honorable Sith, I would be greatly pleased. If I must start again as a Disciple I will." She said cautiously, avoiding any vocabulary that was informal, and keeping her tone of voice even and clear.

    "Sukura is dead, I killed her...She left, not I. I am Nemhain Oenghus, I have returned to fulfil the obligation she could not.."

    Posted by Saharia on 12-22-2002 10:14 PM:

    ::Saharia stayed in the shadows, her face silently watching the newcomer before she spoke. She half smiled and the shady part of a face appeared in the fading light as she spoke.::

    How can we but trust your skills with the dead part of you supposedly gone, does the dead soul's, if she is indeed dead, skills still live in your soul or mind?
    Why does you choose to come back here when you did not wish to reside here earlier?
    Further more, what was the reason for leaving now that you have thought upon it and decided to come to an unwelcome old home where you have much angered some here already?

    Posted by Nemhain Oenghus on 12-23-2002 05:46 AM:

    "Who have I angered..? Who here hates me...? They no longer know me therefore they cannot make any judgements of any kind! Then again...This is the home of the Sith and here...people judge..." Her voice was again calm, and her stare was blank, she looked upon no one but simply stared up at the dark ceiling.

    "My skills are better than that disgusting Sukura Carme's, she refused to kill...But I...I will kill, anything." Her voice floated through the hall.. "But of course I won't kill without reason, she never did and that's one part of her that refused to go away....You don't kill unless you've got a reason..."

    "And it's not that she didn't want to reside here, it's that she didn't really belong here, to happy go lucky...To friggin' happy..." She snarled quietly, her gaze ever directed at the ceiling staring off into oblivion...

    OOC: Actually the reason I had to leave was because of school, I'm a Sophmore in highschool and I'm also taking classes at RISD collage, so the work was piling up and I was under a lot of stress...Which is the lamest excuse ever but oh well. I should have left a post about why I wasn't around but I was really busy...Now that I'm adjusted and gotten myself a sced-ooo-al I decided to come back to try again...So that's the reason why I left.

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 12-29-2002 09:01 AM:

    Lina's eyes widened slightly, while she remained silently in the shadows..

    Sukura .. I remember her ..

    They had a drink together in Rama's, but she never realized the young thing had disappeared. She bit her lip and watched on, wondering if they would let this woman, who is supposed to replace Miss Carme's place, join ..

    Posted by Saharia on 12-29-2002 11:57 PM:

    OOC: lol, ah ok. Real life first.

    ::Saharia did not respond with emotion outwardly, her own thoughts left unsaid.::

    When one up and leaves without word then many things may yet happen, but be assured that ones honour is carried by themselves alone and none can take that away. If it is present within you it shall speak for itself.
    Happy or not happy, the enjoyance of bloodlust or reason, the darkness is what we all serve when we join, and we all must be sure we are happy to serve.
    I hope one is sure one is happy to serve the great darkness.

    Now let us take our attentions away from Sukura for she is of no apparant importance, only you are.

    What can you bring into The Sith Empire that which would accredit it, and how may it serve you?
    You have explained why she did not reside here, but you yourself, why do you wish to reside here besides power?

    Posted by Nemhain Oenghus on 01-03-2003 12:26 PM:

    Nemhain paused for quiet sometime, thinking carefully over her response. She stood there, curling her talon-capped fingers into a small fist, a cracking sound clinging to her knuckles. She finally turned her grey-ish gaze towards Saharia, parted her lips and replied...

    "I've spent a good deal of time training with my Clan, while they dwell on a planet far from here that lacks almost all forms of technology, they did have much to teach me. They taught me numerous forms of hand to hand combat as well as many sword fighting techniques. I'm well trained with a double bladed axe, as well as a two-handed broad sword...Whether this will do you any good I do not know..." She paused again, but this time for a much shorter time before she spoke again.

    "In my clan, or Tribe rather, which ever one suits you...We have ranks, each member starting from childhood is carefully observed they are then placed under a certain category and trained under a specific set rules and are taught numerous rituals. I was trained to be a Dreamer. Dreamers are rare, they have the ability to take over another being's body and control it, they can literally blend their body with almost any being. In doing this, they are able to access the being memories and powers, however they cannot do this for an extended period of time, depending on the level of the Dreamer. I can stay within a being's body for a single day and night at the most....I believe that with this ability I can serve the Empire well, I am a decent fighter and because I have nothing to lose I'm not afraid to die fighting for the Empire, I am extremely loyal..." Nemhain's long speech finally ended and she wasn't completely sure if she explained herself well enough, but the rituals of her people were far to advanced to explain. She had no desire to tell, mainly because it was under the penalty of Yawitcha or Decapitation of the Limbs, if she told them the secrets of her people...The Hatorii.

    Posted by Saharia on 01-05-2003 06:32 PM:

    ::Saharia nodded, now they were starting to get somewhere. This was a test to find out information and facts on the applicant, not a battle of honour or an exchange of insults.::

    I feel there are things you have left out but we will see later if they be important.One is entitled to have secrets if it does not endanger the empire.

    What are your personal beliefs?
    What be the dark side to you?
    If you do be accepted, what would you do with this power as training goes on and how far are you willing to sacrifice your old life to embrace a new family?

    Posted by Nemhain Oenghus on 01-06-2003 11:57 AM:

    "The things I have left out are of no importance to anyone here, 'Less they be a Hatorii. The ways of the Hatorii in no way endanger the Empire..." The child-like beings voice trailed off and grew soft, a tinge of very slight saddness mixed in with her words.

    "I am but one of the last Hatorii remaining, we dwindle and die, our blood runs thin and spoiled. I am fully aware of what I have chosen to leave behind. My family is dead, killed...destroyed, they are gone and so my memories of them must go as well. This will be my new family." Her voice grew loud again, and strength now clung to her speech.

    "My beliefs are simple, the Hatorii follow a strict code on conduct, we are a proud and honorable race. We believe firmly in Honor, Loyalty and Strength of Body as well at Strength of Mind. We are not good and we are not evil, or so the Writings say. Each Hatorii choses their own path, and as long as a Hatorii never dishonors the code she or he has pledged themselves to, they can never disgrace themselves." Her gaze was intent on Saharia, and she spoke calmly and directly as she could.

    "If I am accepted here I will pledge my loyalty to the Empire only, I will fight only for the Empire and respect My Lords and Masters, as well as my peers and those below me. I am sacrificing little as I have no home nor family anymore, Death fell upon them due to the cruel malice of another foe, whom shall remain nameless for the time being." She ended and waited.

    Posted by Saharia on 01-08-2003 10:38 PM:

    :;Saharia nodded and stepped back. She did not say anything nor did her opinion show. That was not for her to decide nor for Nemhien to know.::

    I have no more questions.

    Posted by Nemhain Oenghus on 01-22-2003 06:32 AM:

    Nemhain just stood there motionless, just waiting. She never remembered it taking so long to be accepted...or rather rejected in her past. But her facial expression was neutral, despite the fact that she was slightly nervous.

    "Alright then..."

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 01-28-2003 08:30 AM:

    Zeta stood in the same place he had spoken to the woman from, his eyes without emotion as his face remained glued in her direction. He looked almost haunting, almost mesmerized, not a blink of an eye or a twitch in his face had come from him as he stood there watching her in silent observation.

    "Nervous? Why?..."

    Again, his face gave no expression as he awaited her answer.

    Posted by Nemhain Oenghus on 01-30-2003 12:30 PM:

    Nemhain didn't turn to face him, she just stood there quiet and unwavering. She heard him ask his question, and she could tell he wanted an answer...but she didn't feel like giving one.

    She too, knew that the council would see through her and feast upon her nervousness, but she hoped by then her nerves would calm and she would again be able to compose herself.

    "I suppose because at the moment you are my superior, and it is because of this that I must provide you with a suitable answer.." She paused in her words taking a moment to pick out the right things to say...

    "You can obviously see through my guise...I'm nervouse because this is all I have left, and think about it...What if perhaps I am rejected...? Then what will become of me..? How will people look at me..? As a failure...and I am not a failure, though that may be hard to see..."

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