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    Posted by Aspen Lithe on 10-02-2002 07:33 PM:
    The New One

    A setting sun shone briefly on the Sith temple, shining brighter for a second than it had for the last half hour, and illuminating in that light the figure of a man, one trying to lurk in the shadows. He was tall and thin, not heavily built, but holding himself in a way that seemed he would match easily one who had more muscle.

    The sun set, and candles sprung up around the entrance chamber. A mosaic of Sith teachings adorned the circular walls, which were punctuated at even intervals by shadowy alcoves. It was out of one of these alcoves that Aspen Lithe stepped, coming fully into the light after having been discovered by the sun.

    He stood tall and proud, shoulders squared and feet spread evenly apart, as if he was about to face some momentous challenge. Taking a breath, he called out into the night.

    “My name is Aspen Lithe, and I am here to seek training in the ways of the Sith.”

    Posted by Nikka on 10-02-2002 07:40 PM:

    *A voice rang out from the recruitment halls, dark and feminine. Then the woman appeared before the newcomer. Her emerald green eyes seemed to peer into his soul as they glanced over him.*

    "I am Sith Warrior Nikka Darkstorm. Welcome to the Sith Empire, Aspen. Tell me, what is the Dark Side to you?"

    *She folded her arms across her chest and awaited for his reply.*

    Posted by Aspen Lithe on 10-02-2002 11:01 PM:

    Aspen stared at Nikka, looking straight back into those round green eyes, and trying not to show the fear that he felt.

    “The Dark Side is power. It is control, and it is fear.” He answered Nikka, not taking his eyes off her’s.

    Posted by Nikka on 10-02-2002 11:35 PM:

    *The Warrior simply nodded at his responce and went on to her next question. The sound of her footsteps echoed as she began to pace slowly throughout the halls.*

    "I see. Do you have any knowledge of the Dark Arts or any combat training?"

    Posted by Aspen Lithe on 10-02-2002 11:46 PM:

    Aspen turned his head to continue watching Nikka as she paced, but his body remained still and composed.

    “Combat training, yes. I’m an actor, and I do all my own stunts and fight scenes. I’ve been trained extensively in that area, but I’ve never had tuition in the ways of the Dark Side. I have heard of it, and witnessed it’s power, though, and I wish to learn more about it.”

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 10-03-2002 12:50 AM:

    :: Stepped into the recruit room and stood near the back, listening to the newcomer reply to Sith Warrior Nikka. Kekoa withheld her interrogating questions for this potential member at the moment. She leaned slightly against the wall and studied the recruit's body language. Then, hearing him reply to Nikka's question about combat, the Sith Knight shook her head slightly at the newcomer.

    As the Sith Knight saw Nikka look in her direction, Kekoa nodded respectfully at her once. Then, she gazed back at the recruit. ::

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-03-2002 05:35 PM:

    The Sith Knight watched within the darkness, her force signature hidden from Nikka but she allowed Kekoa to sence her. Her Iced violet eyes danced within the dark shadows. It had been forever since she questioned a newcomer. At times she was thought to be to harsh on them. But in her mind only the strong should be here.

    Her Ebony cloak covered her body and her weapons. Her blondish brown hair hung low around her face. She nodded once to Kekoa and then returned to her watch.

    Posted by Nikka on 10-03-2002 05:46 PM:

    *Just before she stopped in front of the man, she chuckled. It was amusing to her than an 'entertainer' would request to join the Empire. Nikka did not fully understand the concept of entertainers, nor did she care to understand. But in her mind, someone was sure making a lofty change in career. There was something more to this one than met the eye.*

    "Well, what makes you so unique, other than being an actor? How is it that you seek knowledge on something you do not understand?"

    *The question may throw him off a bit, but Nikka wanted it to be a challenge to him. The wrong answer would turn her away; the right one would pique her interest. As she faced him, she awaited his reply, never diverting her eyes from his.*

    Posted by Aspen Lithe on 10-03-2002 09:50 PM:

    “I want the knowledge so that I can understand,” he replied almost at once, completely oblivious to the pair of Sith Knights who were watching the conversation. “I already know of the Dark Side, and I already know what it can do. But I do not know how to wield it.

    “As for being unique,” Aspen unclasped his hands and spread them to the side, putting one foot behind the other and bending his body at the waist in a mock bow. He straightened up. “I am here. I found my way to your temple. I had the nerve to show up before the most powerful beings in the galaxy, ones who could easily kill me, and ask admittance into their ranks. And I believe that I would be a valuable asset to this Empire, rather than a hindrance.”

    Posted by Nikka on 10-04-2002 02:02 AM:

    *Nikka's grin broadened. Perhaps that was the potential answer she was looking for in the newcomer. For one to seek power and knowledge of the Dark Side who has never weilded its power proved to have potiential in her eyes. If anyone else had any opinions of the matter, they would speak up soon, otherwise, Nikka was ready to let the interview be takken over by another member. She nodded, a small grin curling on her lips.*

    "Very well. I believe I have nothing further. I will hand over the interview to a Council member or whoever wishes to continue. Good luck."

    *The Warrior turned and sank back to the shadowy and shrouded corner of the chamber.*

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-04-2002 03:08 PM:

    The Knight smiled as the Warrior returned to the shadows. She waited to see if Kekoa had anything to ask of the newcomer before she did. Few people asked the questions most wanted to know.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 10-04-2002 08:42 PM:

    :: Kekoa stepped away from the wall and sensed another enter the chambers of the recruit area. Turning her head slightly, Kekoa gazed at Sith Knight Athena, returning a respectful nod back in her general direction.

    Looking back to the newcomer and Sith Warrior Nikka, Kekoa observed as Nikka left Aspen upon her last question. She stepped forward and walked about the newcomer, as Kekoa's long black cloak twisted in behind her. The tall Sith woman looked at the male and spoke, “Your reply to combat training would not be consider as experience, Aspen. Acting and Stunts are not true tests of ones ability to fight another. You would not last a moment out in the Training grounds or the battle field.”

    Kekoa halted a few feet before the recruit and stared at him. “Please tell us, in full details, something about your background as to family, lifestyle, history, the location of your homeworld, and so on.” ::

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 12-10-2002 03:47 PM:

    Lina watched on, her ice blue eyes shone in and out of the darkness. They were kept on the newcomer with great curiousity, for she was rather confused about how this "actor" could've stumbled upon a dark Empire ..