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Lexis enyers the chamber...........

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  • Lexis enyers the chamber...........

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 11-30-2002 01:34 PM:
    Lexis enyers the chamber...........

    Landing his craft, Lexis exits and heads for the Empires recuitment center. He opened the double doors and entered. The room was drk except for a light shining in the middle. Heading over to the light he looked around hopeing to see someone, hopefully to see a master. As soon as he made his way to the center of the room he spoke in a low scratchy voice.........

    :: Hello, My name is Lexis Lazarel and i wish to become a Sith.::

    He awaited an answer from someone who was hopefully there.

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 11-30-2002 03:33 PM:

    "Why ?"

    A voice called out from the darkness, while two ice-blue eyes shimmered within.

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 11-30-2002 04:18 PM:

    Lexis noticed two eyes glowing in the darkness, the voice seemed to come from there. He thought a moment about why he wanted to become a Sith. The question never has crossed his mind. He has always wanted to be one but he didnt know why...

    :: I really dont know. Alls i know is i want to learn to learn the ways of the force, but i never have wanted to be one of those stupid Jedi's with all there rules of protecting the innocent and the such. The way i see it is that if you cant protect yourself then you deserve to die. But i will fight for the Sith Empire at all costs. They are the true force users.::

    Lexis Lazarel

    "Madness is the gift that has been given to me." "Dont weap for me you poor child. For you are too ignorant to realize the blood on my hands is that of your parents."

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 11-30-2002 06:24 PM:

    Lina emerged from the shadows, her hair waving back and forth. She had a deep coldness in her eyes as she looked upon him.

    "Many people come through that door cursing the Jedi .. that's practically all we can ever get out of them; how dumb the Jedi are. What makes you stand out above the rest ?"

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 11-30-2002 08:33 PM:

    :: I offer you my skills as an assassin. I dont need any training on how to use melee weapons, ranged weapons, or even fighting. I am very skilled in those areas. The force itself i cannot control yet like you poeple can. I can sense the presence of the force bu that is all. ::

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 11-30-2002 09:01 PM:

    Lina nodded, and shrugged. There goes the skills question, but if others wanted to ask him anything about that they could.

    "What's the dark side to you ?"

    She crossed her arms and canted her head. She then yawned a bit..

    His answers had better get more interesting..

    Posted by Xavier Sadow on 11-30-2002 09:42 PM:

    Xavier pushes himself off the wall where he was leaning and looks at the newcomer. He smirks at the arrogance and slides his hand back through his hair.

    "There is always room for more training in any aspect. And a lightsaber is not a usual melee weapon. If you mess up with a sword while practicing.. you cut yourself. If you mess up with a lightsaber while practicing... you cut something off completely, or perhaps even worse. Do not assume you know everything there is to know of fighting, no one ever has or ever will."

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 11-30-2002 10:23 PM:

    :: Dont act like i dont know that. ::

    Lexis lifts his left arm up. It had been cut off from the shoulder, and a biomechanical one was in its place.

    :: This was done while practicing with a normal blade. Alls i was getting at was you wouldnt need to train much in it. No crap a lightsaber is different. Your a fool to not think so. Now back to your question my lady, The darside to me is ultimate power. Without it there would be no life. The whole universe would be in chaos. But it wouldnt be the kind of chaos that the darkside brings. Its the kind where theres only light. There would pretty much be no choice in everyones life. We would be forced to know only one side of everything, the lightside. The side which i despise.::

    He looked at the woman witing for her response hoping it would satisfy her.

    Posted by Xavier Sadow on 11-30-2002 10:48 PM:

    Xavier growls loudly at the newcomers ignorance. He moves forward quickly, using the force to speed his actions. He grips Lexis' real arm and growls loudly, his hand gripping tightly and beginning to burn hotter and hotter. He raises his other hand, many black globules appear and slam together just above his palm then burst into flames to form a ball of fire about the size of a baseball.

    The hand on Lexis' arm burns through his shirt sleeve and into his skin.

    "I suggest you change your tone with me young one or you shall find your head lying ten feet from your body!"

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 11-30-2002 11:10 PM:

    Lexis just looked at him as his arm started to burn. He was used to burn s such as this but he wasnt used to his head getting blown off.

    :: Fine ::

    Posted by Xavier Sadow on 11-30-2002 11:13 PM:

    Xavier narrows his eyes slowly at Lexis before closing his hand into a fist, the fireball slowly disappearing. He slowly lets go of his arm, the burning sensation still there, his hand imprinted upon Lexis' arm.

    "Don't ever disrespect your superiors here young one. Some are not so quick to calm down as I am."

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 11-30-2002 11:19 PM:

    :: I wil make shure i watch myself then. Im not accustomed to being in a "military" type group. Ive bee a loner a long time. No partner for me while i assassinate. I apologize for my rudeness. ::

    Lexis bowed as he apologized.

    Posted by Xavier Sadow on 11-30-2002 11:23 PM:

    Xavier nods slightly and looks to Lina for a moment, smiling a bit at her with a nod before moving back to where he was. He leans against the wall once more, pushing the bottom right part of his trenchcoat back a bit, revealing the hilt of his twin bladed black hued saber before crossing his arms over his chest.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-01-2002 03:27 PM:

    "Hahahaha..haha...ho ho ho... Bravo, Bravo. In the span of 5 minutes you've already succeeded in angering a Knight and boring me." A loud voice roared out across the recruitment hall. A large, dreadlocked man stepped from the shadows, his dark eyes gleaming.

    "You hate the Jedi? How Novel! I bet no one else in this building thinks the same way, in fact I believe we were just about to ask the Students of the Light over for tea and crumpets... What do you say Sir Sadow, wouldn't that be grand?" As Talus moved towards the newcomer he promenaded and exaggerated his movements almost to the point of foppishness. Though when his eyes met with the Knight's his motions became reserved for a moment and he nodded his head in respect for the Warrior of superior rank.

    "You came with a firm knowledge of weapons? I don't think anyone has ever done that as well... No in fact I had no idea what a light saber was when I came before the Empire to offer myself to them." Talus tone was bitingly sarcastic and his demeanor was becoming more and more menacing as he moved closer.

    "In fact I think the only origional thing that came out of your mouth was your name... and even then someone else gave it to you." Talus hissed the words at the man, his massive frame casting a shadow over the hopeful.

    "Now tell us something interesting, something we haven't heard before, that is unless you want to anger yet another Sith..."

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-01-2002 06:35 PM:

    ::A small chuckle could not be heard by the ones gathered in the recruitment halls. Yet, it had been released within the shadows, then a thought::

    'Ah, Talus my friend, always with the best of all and most accurate comments.'

    ::Talus' methods of interviewing the newcomers, were certainly not orthodox, probably not approved by many, even considered annoying by others. To the shadow in the dark, they were nothing short of effective and straight to the point. Oh, and in no disrespect what so ever, amusing::

    "And, well..." ::The deepest and most vicious of all voices, could be heard echoing in the room::

    "My friend has made a question and is awaiting for an answer..." ::The large tattooed Zabrak came out behind the pillar was leaning against and revealed himself::

    "Was his last comment, regarding the angering of another Sith, not clear enough?" ::The Zabrak's eyes, then met his comrade's and the ten-horned'headed creature nodded in respect, meaning no lack of it, by jumping into the interrogation. He then stood right next to his fellow Sith, crossing his arms, awaiting for an answer::

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 12-01-2002 11:37 PM:


    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-01-2002 11:59 PM:

    OOC* LOL calm down that was all IC, ooc I think you're doing fine. Edit your post above and talk to me at DarkPrinceTalus at AOL. It's called roleplaying for a reason. I'm a sith I'm not supposed to be nice. but please don't misinterpret anything I say IC as an attack on you ooc

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-02-2002 12:24 AM:

    OOC: Talus is right, don't take it personally. 'member this is the Sith Empire, and you may not be treated with all that courtesy, but like Talus said, we're Sith, not the Republic or the Jedi.

    Like Talus said, u doin fine, just 'member, u gotta prove to us you're bad *** enough, to join the empire. Nothing personal, just characters, aight? You can also talk to me if you want at:

    AIM Darth Mundus
    MSN [email protected]

    Keep it real, u not doing bad at all, it's just how our characters are.

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 12-02-2002 10:41 PM:

    OOC: Ya sorry thats me high and forgetting that that was all ic. Sorry.

    IC: " Something you havent heard before a. Well i can kill anyone and anything without hesitating. Those who get in my way will be brutally punished; or i try my best to brutally punish them seeing as how some people might be as powerful as you too. I have no feelings what so ever for those below me. I will beat the living light out of all that defie the Empire no matter who they are. I am the most loyal person you could ever meet. Good enough for you know?"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-03-2002 10:46 PM:

    "No, that is expected of all who join our ranks..." Talus was growing bored, but he still had a few more questions to ask.

    "I can see this is going nowhere, time to move on to another question, perhaps you may enlighten me by accident to your worth in answering these."

    Talus began to encircle the recruit once again. How he ached to snap his saber into his wrist and remove this fool's head from his shoulders, but that was not allowed and the newcomer could still prove himself. He moved closer to the man and hissed softly in his ear, only loud enough for it to be audible to the recruit and Mundus, unless others in the hall were using the force to enhance their senses.

    "What would you do if there was no one else in this hall to stop Mundus and I from using you for a practice dummy. If we suddenly decided that you were no longer amusing to us and decided to kill you out of sheer boredom. Tell me, how would you die? Because trust me you would die..."

    Talus stepped away from the man and waited for his response, this would tell him what type of man Lexis was...

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-03-2002 11:33 PM:

    ::Mundus nodded in agreement to Talus first statement. Was this newcomer trying to make an impression saying he was ruthless, relentless and mercyless? Every member of TSE was like that, for they were Sith and it was in their nature, flowing through their bloodstream. Certainly that wasn't something to be impressed with::

    ::Mundus could feel Talus' boredome, and was starting to feel the same way. A waste of time, something that without speaking to each other, or reading each other's minds, both disciples knew, a waste of time, is what was takin place in the recruitement hall::

    ::As the tattooed lips of the apprentice, draw the most vicious of smiles in his face, when he heard the genetically enhanced Sith's question been thrown at the hopeful::

    ::The Zabrak couldn't help but punch his left palm with his right fist as Talus was done with such question::

    " would you die..???" ::Only a whispear could be heard coming out of the Iridonian's mouth::

    :: Darth Mundus then stepped right next to Talus Invictus and both Sith crossed their arms, with an evil grin in their countenances, awaiting for a reply::

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 12-04-2002 12:19 AM:

    :: I would die the most gruesome death while trying to defend myself. I would not beg for mercy but die at the hands of those who are stronger than me. Only a weak, piece of bantha foder type person would beg for mercy from anyone. ::

    Lexis Lazarel

    "Madness is the gift that has been given to me." "Dont weap for me you poor child. For you are too ignorant to realize the blood on my hands is that of your parents."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-04-2002 02:30 AM:

    (OOC: No offense, but you really need to refrain from using such language. Normally we can tolerate the 'a' word every now and then, but the other thing, please, that is rather offensive, not only to myself, but others around.)


    The Warrior stood in the back corner of the room, watching the hopeful recruit. The back is and always seemed to be where she always belonged. She was never really good at questioning new recruits, even though she would sometimes give it a try, but she always felt she was on display. This time, she chose to remain hidden and merely watch.


    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-04-2002 01:19 PM:

    Talus roared with laughter for a moment, he couldn't contain himself, he was amused with the answer it was honest and straigtfowarad. But the laughter soon stopped and he backhanded the man sharply, watching as a bit of blood oozed from his lips.

    "Watch your tongue wretch, I did not appreciate the foulness of your language, we are Sith, not mercenaries. If you are accepted you will be held to a higher standard, than the trite you spat out rises too."

    Talus then yawned, to show his disdain for the length that this often took.

    "It's good that you would not simply accept your fate. I have but one question remaining for you and then you will be left to the rest of the jackals here. You are accepted into the empire, you are trained and blessed with the gifts that our order bestows. You master however is a traitor and you know it, but he/she is good to you, you love you master as you love youself, you honor and respect your master, you hold more loyalty to you master than you do anyone one other person in the galaxy, but the council orders you to kill your master as a test of you determination. Can you bring yourself to strike you master down, to stare in their eyes as you plunge you blade into the heart of the person who has done so much for you? Think before you answer this question, for it may very well decide your fate amongst us..."

    Talus crossed his arms across his chest and awaited the response of the recruit, he was certain that there were others paying close attention to the question he'd just asked.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-04-2002 03:08 PM:

    ::Mundus morbid expression turned to one of disgust when he heard such foul language coming out of the mouth of the newcomer::

    ::The 7'1" 315 lb Zabrak was about ready to strike his lightsaber down the newcomer's tongue, and teach him some respect and show him some manners. However, that became a slight chuckle, when Talus did it for him. The blood dripping down the hope-to-be Sith's mouth, would not be the only crimson fluid coming out his body, if he were to continue with such lack of respect::

    ::As Mundus heard Talus' question, the morbid expression came back afloat on the Iridionia native's face. It was rather a good question and the Sith gathered there, better hear a more than good answer::

    ::He too awaited patiently for a reply::

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 12-04-2002 08:01 PM:

    ((OOC: Sorry about that. I sometimes just write what im thinking and dont proof read it so i will edit it roght away.))

    Lexis waited a moment and thought about it. He thought for a few minutes then looked the Sith in the eyes and replyed with a simple....

    :: Yes ::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-06-2002 01:13 AM:

    "That is your response?" Talus asked rhetorically, shrugged his shoulders and turned around.

    "May you be judged by your words and my your actions prove yourself worthy of such claims. I have no further questions nor the patience to deal with you any longer, I leave you to mercy of the others who no doubt have their own questions for you."

    As he stepped reached a door he stopped and looked at the man.

    "If you are accepted, remember your claims and words here today for you may be asked to prove them someday." With that he sunk into the shadows and was no more.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 12-06-2002 08:12 AM:

    ::The Zabrak listened to newcomer's words. He stood still and heard very carefully to what Talus had to say afterwards::

    ::He then looked for a moment at this hopeful:: 'Would you really?...' ::The thought crossed the Zabrak's mind. How could they be sure that the truth was being said by this hope-to-be Sith?::

    ::They couldn't, but like the genetically enhanced disciple said, his actions should prove his words someday....::

    ::As he watched his fellow Sith disapper into the shadows, Mundus took one more careful look at this newcomer. The fire in the Iridonian's gaze could be seen burning with a rare intensity::

    ::With his right thumb and index fingers rubbing his chin the tattooed face apptentice then added::

    "Would you really?..." ::This times the words could be heard by everyone in the room, it was not a mere thought anymore, but a question thrown to this hopeful::

    "You honestly think you being an apprentice, could kill a Sith ranked either Knight, or Lord or Master? " ::The fire in Mundus' look grew wilder in desbelief:: "You honestly think you could take down a higher ranked Sith? You really think you can do it? For you must be aware that the price of failure would be nothing less but death, either by the hand of your master or by any other Sith, due to not accomplishing such task...???" ::The oversized Zabrak awaited for a reply, his patience was drawing near to its end, so he'd better hear something good out of this newcomer::

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 12-06-2002 10:18 AM:

    "Now, now people. Let us remain calm......."

    Sten crawled in, his arms and legs comfortably pumping to move him.

    "So, you said you wanted to learn of the ways of the Force.... but the question is, can you do it without getting yourself killed. You are being either brave or stupid........hell I don't know. But here, you might want to tread a little differently. You see, we are not like the Jedi: we imbrace anger and the impulses it gives. So it would be in your best interests respect where it's due. And trust's due here, at the TSE."

    Posted by Lexis Lazarel on 12-07-2002 12:06 AM:

    :: Yes, i will take on a high ranking Sith. Whether i succed all depends on how good i am and Fate. If it is my time to die at the hands of my Master or anther Sith i will accept my demise and fight till it is the time of my death. ::