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The Enterance of a Madman...

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  • The Enterance of a Madman...

    Posted by Dr.Veldrane on 10-30-2002 10:14 PM:
    The Enterance of a Madman...

    *A well dressed man enters the registration room. He looked to be in his mid forty's, and was well-dressed. His hair was slicked back into a ponytail. Looking around he saw only darkness. It did not matter to him, he expected a dark atmosphere from this place. Not sure where to direct his attention, he just spoke out.*

    "Hello, I've come to join this...this...establishment."

    *He stood with his arms crossed behind his back waiting for a response*

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-30-2002 11:48 PM:

    *Bio wasted no time in coming out of the darkness in view of the middle aged man. From where Bio appeared, he was resting at his pillar. Staying still until his cloak settled, Bio stood with his arms hanging at his sides. Wasted again no time, he replied*

    "Greetings, my name is Hazzardous, Sith Warrior of SE. Tell me why you want to join this...estabishment as you put it".

    *Bio remianed in his posture, awaiting a reply*

    Posted by Dr.Veldrane on 10-31-2002 12:17 AM:

    *The doctor looked over at the being before him. He attempted to look into his face, but when he noticed there was none, he frowned. Wondering how a being can exist without a face, Veldrane was about to ask, however he bit his tongue for the time being, and answered Hazzardous' question*

    "Well... Hazzardous, personally I've always felt a dark energy inside of me, being able to sense others thoughts and feelings, as well as past experiences. Like you for instance. I sense a deep inner pain, possibly due to Tell me...Hazzardous, were you an orphan?"

    *The man stared into the void which was Hazzardous' face. an uneasy feeling came over the sith as Veldrane grinned showing his small baby-like teeth*

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-31-2002 01:28 AM:

    *Bio clenched his chest upon hearing this man words...He didn' have to answer this person's questions*

    "That's turly none of your business my I ask again, why do you want to join this estabishment?"

    *Bio said the question with alittle more force in his voice, still angry this man who knew little about him, thought he was an orphan...which he never was to begin with*

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 10-31-2002 03:18 PM:

    Lina blinked some .. what was this newcomer trying to point out ? It was rather rude to poke your nose into someone's past.
    She shrugged and watched on as Hazzardous repeated his question to the most unusual of all hopeful.

    Posted by Dr.Veldrane on 10-31-2002 05:00 PM:

    *Right as Hazzardous finished reasking the doctor his question, Veldrane began to blurt out his answer, quickly yet no less thought out.*

    "I wish to bring out the potential in myself, to be able to... develop my dark powers to their greatest efficiency. I believe the sith, and only the sith, can help me accomplish this goal."

    *Veldrane bit his tongue there, that was enough reason he thought. Dr. V just stood there still smiling at Hazzardous.*

    Posted by Lady Jezebella on 10-31-2002 07:54 PM:

    "It would be best to wipe that smug look off your face."

    A young female Sith stepped forward from the shadows. Her hood was drawn back, as so the man could see her rather pale face, and one hand was resting upon her hip; the other skillfully tossing an engraved dagger up into the air.

    Narrowing her copper-colored eyes, Jezebella, smirked and began asking questions of her own.

    "What makes you think you are worthy? Hmm?" Her tone held a hint of amusement and challenge... daring him to say something silly, so she could mock him.

    Go ahead and brag.... it's what the weak do best

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 11-01-2002 09:51 AM:

    *Bio mentally objected Jezabelle interuptting his questions, to him, that was rather rude for Disciples to do such things yet Bio was in no moon to aim his pent up anger at her when he knew that anger was for the old man before him*

    (*To himself* Make haste Jezabelle...I'm not done here yet...)

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 11-01-2002 10:11 AM:

    Lina smirked slightly, knowing how hard it was for Bio to hide his anger for Jezebella's sudden outburst. She then kept quiet and waited for his next answer.

    Posted by Dr.Veldrane on 11-01-2002 02:15 PM:

    *Veldrane's maroon eyes narrowed and seemed to glow in the darkness at the newcomer interrupted his conversation*

    "Excuse me...miss. Do you know what happened to the last person who inturrupted me during a conversation? I ate his liver with some fava beans, and a nice Chianti. Now if you dont mind, I was having a conversation with Mr. Hazzardous."

    *The good doctor turned his attention back to Hazzardous and rolled his eyes.*

    "Some people have no manners. Now, you were saying?"

    Posted by Lady Jezebella on 11-01-2002 03:01 PM:

    With that... Jezebella arched a brow.. what a blunder that was. Shaking her head, Jez frowned and took a step back.. not planning to further interupt their conversation.

    "Many pardons."

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-01-2002 03:35 PM:

    The Sith Knight smiled and looked at the good doctor and then to Bio. Then once more at the Doctor.

    " You know what I dont think I care for your attitude, so watch it old man. Or your liver might be left lying on the floor in a puddle of blood. You got me! "

    She looked at Bio and awaited his next question.

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 11-01-2002 10:28 PM:

    *Despite all these setbacks, Bio continued his question of the odd doctor*

    "Old man, you still haven't answered the questioned, You may believe in the Sith, but that doesn't mean the Sith believe in you...
    many like yourself come here asking the Sith to bring out their true potenials but often forget to add what they can offer them in return..."

    *Bio calmly looked at all the people gathered here before he continued*

    "So for the third time "Dr.", why should this organization hep you? What can you offer it in return for releasing your potenial?"

    Posted by Dr.Veldrane on 11-07-2002 09:55 PM:

    *Veldrane thought for a moment. His maroon eyes seemed to glow in the darkness like the fires of hell itself. *

    "Well, lets see. I have a few...qualifications that would possibly make me an asset to the sith. I am a well renouned psychiatrist. My patients have been some of the most well known figures in the galaxy. Including the queen of the royal house of Hapes. Might I add, she throws a wonderful dinner party. Wonderful taste in wine. Well, anyways, I've influenced her on quite a few of her political decisions that she deemed...impossible to refuse. Therefor, lets just say i have my hand in not only her political decisions, but in all those whom I treat. Given, the sith are already an extremely powerful faction and i doubt they would need my small influence, however, since my cliants do not know of my... indulgences, they still take my advise to heart and thus have allowed me fully into their minds. With my subtile control over them, the sith would have no real need to aggressively control a planet. It could all be done with but a small suggesion."

    *The doctor put his hands in his pockets and awaited a response*

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 11-08-2002 10:32 AM:

    *Bio wasn't exactly buying the good doctors words at this time*

    "Your words move me not Dr...are you suggesting the Sith be diplomatic in it's conquest on the galaxy's? I fail to see why we should change our ways when we have been doing prefectly fine with our "aggresive controls" as you put it.
    Futhermore Dr., If the Sith were diplomatic, that would lower us down to the level of Jedi. It's disgusting how all they do is talk politics in my view. If you want real politic's "Good Doctor", they the answer is in fact, our "aggression control".

    *Bio stopped at this moment as his ranting were going nowhere. He had to think up someway to throw this man off guard...whihc wasn't anytime soon*

    "And on a side note, the Sith are not your cilents Dr., the only one I allow into my mind is my one else. So I fail to see why the Sith should allow you into their minds...for I see no other purpose than to maniuplate those foolish to open their minds to you to use for your own purposes..."

    *Bio was now testing the man's endurance to see if he could crack. Bio didn't care if he threaten to eat his heart with a side of hash for his constant questioning...for Bio knew drilling new comers constantly was a way to weed out potenial was trick taught to him by Kekoa...*

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-08-2002 12:15 PM:

    " Mmmmmmmm. "

    :: A small whicked grin graced the lips of the Dark Lord as he watched the events unfold from above. The Sith Lord crossed his arms over his chest as he stood hovering above the gathering crowd, though he was able to see and hear as if he was standing right there in the midst of everything.

    The Shadow Lord's blood red eye's pierced the vale of utter Darkness that surrounds him, his eye's shift from Sith to Sith until at end his gaze fell upon the so called Doctor.

    Soon the Doctor's forehead began to fill with sweat as the gaze of the Dark Lord was still locked upon him. The Doctor cleared his throat as a feeling of dread overcame him, as he cleared his throat an image flashed before his eye's, the image was of a young man being disembowled while still alive. Then more images flooded his mind, images of unspeakable Evils and unimaginable Carnage.

    The screams of the victims filled the Doctor's ears as he was helpless to watch. Then a deep hollow voice entered his mind ::

    " How does the mind of the Beast ... a true creature of Darkness suit you? "

    :: The images and sounds cease as the voice speaks ::

    " You are weak ... your lame proys shall not work here, come back when you are ready. "

    Posted by Dr.Veldrane on 11-08-2002 01:55 PM:

    *Though the sweat ran down the doctor's face, he never lost his composure. This was just all part of their test he thought to himself, he had done the same to his patients as well. For the time being the doctor disregarded Mr. Hazzardous. Veldrane was not weak, and he would not leave until either he was part of this organization, or the blood of one of these sith fed his harpy. He smiled at that thought. It had been awhile since he had indulged himself. The madman looked around and finally up at the two red glowing eyes staring down upon him.*

    "Weak am I?"

    *He chuckled*

    "You call me weak, yet you yourself hide in the shadows among your own people. That makes me believe you have some type of a social problem. Tell me, do you feel uncomfortable in groups? Do you feel much more comfortable talking to people when they can't see you? Hmmm? Mr. Hazzardous here doesn't even have a face from what I can tell, and yet his social life seems more healthy than yours. Do you feel like you are disfigured more so than him? Or is there some other reason as to why you feel more comfortable with your view hidden from others? Possibly some sort of...relationship problem?"

    *The doctor stopped and looked deeply into the darkness at the two eyes. He chuckled a bit.*

    "I do apologize, I'm asking too many questions at once again. Care to come down and prove me wrong? Because I do not think you have anything to be shy about. Well, not with me at least."

    *The doctor smiled and wrapped his hand around the harpy. just in case one of the other sith took his questioning of the shroudded one in a disrespectful mannor*

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 11-08-2002 03:55 PM:

    Lina didn't want to cause any physical fighting between the doctor and herself, but this whole ordeal was ticking her off. She stormed out of her dark corner, furrowing a brow, her expression in pure anger.

    "I'll make something clear, you have no right even asking us about our personal lives or getting into our damn buisness. You stick your nose any further into it you're going to have to answer to our wrath. What do you want ? To get into our personal lives or join the Sith ? Make up your mind .."

    She grunted, and crossed her arms over her chest, sinking back into the shadows, her gaze back up at Phantom ..

    "Sorry for the outburst, I'm just really starting to hate his guts .."

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-08-2002 05:33 PM:

    *Stepping out from the shadows himself, MnT's black trenchcoat and clothing seemed to melt right into the nothingness.. His expression calm and collected as always, he stared the doctor right in the eyes, as he added his own say into things..*

    ... Doctor Veldrane, as intelligent and trained in the art of psychiatry as you may be, you should under no circumstances consider yourself anything But weak around here..

    *Just the fact that MnT knew the man's yet-unsaid name, was reason enough for the Doctor to realize that his true intentions were far from hidden, even in the confines of his own mind*

    ... I believe that if you are wanting to join the Empire, you are going about things the wrong way indeed.. Insulting our members, refusing to answer the questions directed at you, trying to find weakness where there is None, and, really Doctor, what absurd Logic compelled you to offer your ability to influence certain things with as little violence neccesary, to the Sith Empire?

    *As he spoke the last few words, he was shaking his head in disbelief.. It seemed quite likely that Veldrane had only the barest comprehension of what the Empire was before he came..*

    ... So I strongly suggest you save your attempted mind-games until after the decision has been made, and do your damndest to try and convince us that we should Want you here..

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 11-08-2002 09:34 PM:

    *Hazzardous knew it was feudal that others would come in with retorts so he made no attempt to stop it anymore. BUt he was more concern with the Doctors questions aimed at Phantom*

    (Poor old man...if only he knew Lord Phantom...)

    *Bio didn't know Phantom on a personal level and made no attempt to ask about it...but he knew Phantom well enough to know Phantom had a temper for annoying people...his mind was send back to the time Unknown stormed into Rama's Corner and was so brazen as to mock Phantom in his presence. Bio took two steps back, so if PHantom jumped down from his rafter he would land right in front of the doctor*

    (Besides, a break for my tongue is much needed...)

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-09-2002 02:15 AM:

    " Muhahahaha ... "

    :: A Dark and Sinister voice of laughted bellowed from above. The Doctor began to choke as his throat constricted, allowing for just enough air to keep the Human from passing out. As the Doctor gasped for air he was thrown back and off his feet.

    Slowly a Dark figure emerges from the Darkness above, his blood red eye's had changed to a Dark Crimson color as his eye's went ablaze with hatred and anger. The hooded figure touches donw on the floor and continues to gaze upon the fallen Doctor.

    The figure's face remained shadowed from the hood he wore, only his lower jaw could be seen showing off his Ivory Vampire Fangs ::

    " I suggest holding your tounge ... before you find yourself without one ... "

    :: The Dark Lord paused briefly ::

    " You can not handle the mind of the Beast ... A true creature of Darkness and Evil. I have caused more pain and torment then you could ever hope too. I have done things that make even the Strongest of Sith lose their lunch and make their skin crawl ... I wouldn't meddle in affairs where Death is the easiest and the less painful way out. I could do things to you that you could not imagin, I would keep you alive just to hear you scream. "

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-10-2002 11:05 PM:

    **From the shadows watched two violet eyes that could be seen only when the light flickered in the room. She didn't really enjoy coming out into the public places when there were actually people there. She sat quietly and watched everything with a vague sense of interest. The man in question was a psychiatrist, oh what fun it would be if he tried to analyze her. Where would he start? But she knew how to shut up people who got too curious. She had done it to a fellow disciple a few nights ago.

    But now she just watched and listened; both to voices, and to thoughts. At first she was polite about it and tried to shut them out, but now, she used them to every advantage she could find.

    Though the fate of the doctor was what was on everyone's loudest thoughts. How strange some people can be. Again, she was somewhat glad that she did not have to go through all of this. She never told anyone except for Master about her abilities.**

    Posted by Dr.Veldrane on 11-11-2002 11:16 PM:

    *As the grip on the doctor's neck released he took a deep breath and stayed on the ground for a few seconds. After he was breathing regularily again, Veldrane answered back with a dry hoarse laugh of his own. he rose back up to his feat and looked at the sith.*

    "My my, quite a temper you've grown Cale. That can't be good for your blood pressure."

    *The doc's blazing maroon eyes glanced at the fangs protruding from the sith lord's mouth*

    "...though I doubt that's any concern to you now."

    *The doctor put his hands in his pockets and let out another laugh.*

    "You are truely beautiful, you know that... my son?"

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-12-2002 01:50 AM:

    " ... Cale ... Son ... "

    :: The Dark Lord thought to himself as his blood red eye's turned a dark crimson color as his hatred had reached a boiling point, no one knew Phantom's true name save the few he had told ::

    " Your life has come to an end ... "

    :: With speeds unmatched the Sith's left hand shot towards the Doctor, as it reached it's full extent the doctor was thrown backwards into the wall that stood behind him. The doctor hit hard and let out a small grunt as he slumped to the floor below still somewhat dazed from impact.

    The Dark Lord's right hand reached into the folds of his cloak and removed 'Death' his black/gray lightsaber which hung freely from his belt. With a press of the small red button the saber jumped to life with a snap~hiss, the blade itself gave off little light.

    Again with speeds unmatched the Sith Lord rushed to the fallen Doctor, Now upon him, he raised 'Death' above his head and with a small grin he began to bring it down upon the Doctor's head ::

    Posted by Miryan no Trunks on 11-12-2002 02:05 AM:

    *He wasn't entirely sure why he reacted the way he did, but with a quick telepathic note to Phantom, and a slight force pull to the blade, MnT was able to spare the "Doctor's" life for he felt, just a moment longer..*

    "... My friend, perhaps killing him right now might not be the best solution.. As antagonizing as his mere presence is, not to mention his claim of being your father..? He May have some information the Empire could use.. And a willing source is always easier to pry info out of than a reluctant one, be the reluctant more fun or not.."

    Posted by Dr.Veldrane on 11-19-2002 08:59 PM:

    *After a few seconds Veldrane shook out of his daze. Seeing Phantom's arm still raised with the lightsaber in hand, the doctor reacted quickly he stood up, grabbed the sith lord's arm. The power of the old man was no match for that of Phantom, however, the grip was not one you would expect from an old man. Gazing at the hatred in his son's eyes, Veldrane brought his own an inch away. The Maroon eyes seemed to glow brighter as they got closer.*

    "Dead men tell no tales... son. I suggest you rethink killing me... at least for a time."

    *With that, he released his grip and turned around taking a few steps away.*

    "Unless of course, you do not wish to know of your true past."

    *The doctor smiled as he turned back around to face the Lord of Darkness. Whose eyes were still crimson with rage.*

    Posted by Crescent on 11-20-2002 05:42 PM:

    *He dwell within the opaque darkness, his nefarious crimson gaze locked not onto the gathered dark lords, but on the new arrival. Something about this man intruiging the young dicsiple. A long, allmost twisted grin slit his pale lips, as he still lay in wait ..... watching ...... waiting ........ *

    "This one seems interesting... the fact that he consumes bodily orgions most intruiging.. "

    *He whispered his deduction, or "sum-up" of the man to himself, in practicly silent words. His outline within the shadows would be barely visable, though his iniqitious presence in the force would seem to burn from it's stipled ominous clouds so brightly, one's id may even flinch.... *