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The Arrival ... Evil Emerging

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  • The Arrival ... Evil Emerging

    Posted by ShadowStorm on 09-29-2002 02:24 AM:
    The Arrival ... Evil Emerging

    * The echoing of booted footsteps fills the council room as a tall man comes into view, his cold dark green eye's give some insight to his true potential and power. His force presence wasn't much though it was nothing to laugh at, he had much strength within him, strength that all could feel.

    He walked to the center and dropped to one knee, he lowered his head in the deepest respect for all those who were present. His blood red cloak fell around him nearly engulfing his body, etched in gold upon his cloak was the symbol of his land *

    " Great Sith of the Land, I wish to join you in your quest to exterminate the Light. I mean you no disrespect for speaking first without being spoken too. "

    * He said in a calm and collected voice *

    Posted by Macros on 09-29-2002 02:33 PM:

    A small figure of Darkness dropped from above him, landing behind him silently. Before the newcomer had even sensed he was there he had the basic gist of what was transpiring within his head.

    He was clothed casually for an assassin. Wearing wide black trousers that flapped about him, a deep gory red ripped t-shirt, covered by a long black leather coat.

    He flipped over the figures head, landing neatly before him, although he was small, he was neatly proportioned, his quickness evident from a glance. He stood before the hopeful, speaking, barely above a whisper he bagan the questioning. . .

    "Who are you? Why do you wish to join us and what do you have to offer us?"

    He drifted back into the comfort of the shadows; his home, his life, and his sanctuary. Awaiting the newcomers answer he toyed with a knife from his boot, knowing that if he grew bored of this one he could always have target practice, not that he needed it.

    Macros never missed.

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 09-29-2002 06:17 PM:

    Lina watched from a dark corner, her eyes not leaving the hopeful. They then shimmered once or twice, as she looked on ..

    Posted by ShadowStorm on 09-30-2002 10:45 PM:

    * The man's eye's did not stray from the ground even as the Sith Disiple spoke to him. *

    " My name is Lord Isen Rohan. "

    * He paused for a moment thinking of what to say next *

    " I wish to join your Empire for many reasons. After the death of my family I realized many things almost as if I was blind to the happenings of the galaxy, amung the things I have realized is the Jedi will never win simple because they are weak, maybe not in body or force but in mind. They are unwilling to change and for that the Sith will conquor them, the Jedi are ignorrent and foolish.

    The Jedi refuse to strike first and most ever refuse to fight, but you must fight, you must fight to for the things you belive in and they do not. My entire family was killed along with my wife and unborn son because the Jedi refused to help us, even though we were in the right in ever way, I suppose they have better things to do such as read books and let the galaxy go to hell.

    I wish to join the Sith out of Vengence and Hatred for the Jedi.

    I offer you my undying loyalty and service as well as my heart and soul. You have my devostion and willingness to learn all you have to teach. "

    * The man known as Isen ceased talking so the Sith Disiple or any else who wished could continue their questioning. *

    Posted by Macros on 10-01-2002 03:49 PM:

    Macros nodded form the shadows, that answer was as good as any. His words would prove true, or he would die. That simple fact remained. He spoke again, glancing at Lina he sent a message to her via the Force.

    Take over Im bored.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-03-2002 09:41 PM:

    "Are you speaking to use or to the sod? Let us see your eyes when you address us, so that I may see just how afraid you are..."

    The voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere, it boomed like the thunder during the most terrifying of storms. Talus stepped out of the shadows, his long trenchcoat was buttoned up so that it stayed close to his mammoth frame. His size often intimidated those weak of spirit, Talus wanted to see if the new comer was intimidated.

    "Vengence is an overused excuse to join our ranks, people want revenge for many things. I'm still mad at the full who scraped my speeder so many years ago and didn't leave a note, I'd like revenge on him, but it doesn't drive me to be a Sith. Many people hate things, I hate the fact that I have to listen to people say that they want revenge as a reason for joining the Sith, yet it doesn't drive me to rise among the ranks of this Empire. No, what I want to know is what you desire in the deepest darkest recesses of your heart, what is the real reason you want to be a Sith. Suprise me, let me hear something that actually sounds intelligent come from your lips. Or if you so desire to be with your people and family I'll be more than happy to send you to them."

    Talus' dark eyes gleamed with the last words, he ached for confrontation, he fed off of agitation and conflict.

    Posted by Macros on 10-04-2002 04:53 PM:

    Macros grinned from the shadows. Talus was never one to get along with anyone, especially Macros. But he certainly had a way with words that made Macros shake his head.

    Posted by ShadowStorm on 10-06-2002 01:19 AM:

    * The young man of twenty five rose to his full height and stood toe to toe with the Sith Disiple looking him in the eye *

    " Do I look scared? I am not a coward nor am I foolish despite what you might think. "

    * Isen said with an arrogent smirk upon his face, his dark green eye's seemed to shine as he spoke to Talus. *

    " Power. I seek Power. "

    * He paused a moment to let his words sink in *

    " Power is the one and only thing that everyone respects and I wish to obtain it. "

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-06-2002 01:39 AM:

    Talus showed no sign of whether he approved or disapproved, his face was static and unaltered. But his mind as always was racing.

    Power, ah he's more honest than most... but is he loyal?

    "So tell me Lord Isen, if you seek power what will you do with it once it's attained, go mad destroy the universe, hunt your enemies and crush them, perhaps conquer a small planet and set yourself up as a god? Would you remember those who taught you how to attain this power, those who enabled you to reach your goals, would you be willing to be a tool for the glory of the empire and in turn be given power unimaginable. Would your will be that of the Empire's or would you attempt to bend the will of the Empire so that it matched your own?" Talus did not flinch when he said this, his voice changed only when calling the man by his name, in which he stressed the word Lord, with disdain. He awaited the answer of the newcomer, who stood mere inches in front of him.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-06-2002 01:39 AM:

    An observer had been watching, listening. The observer never said a word, usually content with just watching and listenting, but for some reason today, the observant Zabrakian was not content with just watching and listenting. He wanted more to speak, he was curious.


    The Zabrak slowly stepped forward, his presence easily before being hidden by the darkness, but now no more. He stepped forward enough so that his own presence could be made out through the darkness.

    "How do you know that you do not already have what you speak of? Where do you think such a thing comes from?..."

    The Zabrak paused as he uncrossed his arms, gesturing with his hands toward the area around him.

    "Such a thing as power does not just pop out of thin air, it must come from somewhere, but where?...That is a very good question, do you know?"

    Zeta's eyes were always focused on the young man as he spoke. The Zabrak gazed at the man intently as he awaited his reply toward Talus' question first, and then his own.

    Posted by ShadowStorm on 10-09-2002 02:45 PM:

    " Indeed I will hunt down my enemies and crush them, you can not fault me for that, I have heard many stories of your kind doing the same, I'm sure even you have...or will soon.

    I will never forget who tought me the ways of the Dark Side and the place in which it was tought. I would willingly give meself and all that I own to the glory of the Empire. "

    * Isen turned as he heard the second voice. He bowed his head in respect and smiled at the question. *

    " I would say Power comes from the fear of others. "

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-10-2002 07:37 AM:

    The Sith Disciple let a light smirk cross his mouth, crossing his arms yet again.

    "I could ask that question many times over, and many times I will get a differemt answer, none of which should ever be considered wrong or right, I believe. My answer is not the same as yours, but I shall tell you anyway."

    The Zabrak paused to look around the room at his fellow Sith, seeing if anyone would stop him, when no one did, he continued.

    "I believe that power starts within the mind. To me, knowledge is power. With knowledge comes experience. The more knowledge and experience you have, the more powerful you can become."

    The Zabrak seemed to be doing more pausing than anything else, this time he paused to reflect on the man's words, only onto the answer that pertained to his question though, it was not his place to dwell on the other question the man had answered, especially when it had nothing to do with him, nor concern him.

    "Fear is but a simple emotion, but such a simple emotion can fuel ones own power. I believe we all fear something at one point in time within our lives, however weak or strong that fear may show through... "

    Zeta nodded his head toward the man's direction.

    "...and you, what have you feared?..."

    Posted by ShadowStorm on 11-07-2002 04:25 PM:

    " What do I fear ... ? "

    * Isen paused briefly as he thought of what to say, he didn't want to seem to weak or to arrogant, both might ruin his chances of joining the Sith Empire. *

    " I fear weakness in myself and in others I serve with. I fear Ignorance and stupidity in others, but above all I fear failure. See I was rasied to be the best of the best and those things were not acceptable or tolerated. I was to be the Lord of my Land ... That is what I fear. "

    * Isen stood silent not sure if what he said made him weak, but never the less that is what he felt from deep within his cold heart. *