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  • Star-crossed wasteland

    Sylar arrived on Munto Codru, landing his small snub fighter on the outskirts of what appeared to be a small town. He scoffed at it and marched through the busy yet quiet streets. He had arrived after receiving a strange communiqué offering something he couldn't refuse. He was one of the few Shi'ido of Lao Mun that still roamed the galaxy, and he had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and power. The Sith was the largest known source of both of these things, and Sylar knew that the Sith occupied Munto Codru.

    He knew that it wouldn't be as simple as walking right up to the Temple and banging on the front door. He had to make them come to him, he had to make himself known to them. As he wandered through the streets of Munto Codru, he found a small cantina. He entered and took a seat at the bar, he waved at the bartender to hand him a drink. A small glass was filled and placed in front of him on the bar. Sylar grabbed the small glass and swallowed the contents in a single gulp. Almost instantly he had regretted entering the cantina, the drink tasted like the sweat of a Hutt. In a bout anger, Sylar threw his glass at the bartender. It shattered to pieces as it collided with the back of his head, and shards of glass and blood scattered the bar.

    Several patrons made a swift exit from the cantina, some stayed in there seats and quietly watched, while the others went to the aid of the bartender who was grabbing a large metallic bat. A drunken local tried to grab the young Shi'ido as the bartender swung his bat, instead Sylar grabbed the arm of the man behind him and pulled him over his shoulder to receive the bat to his face. Thud. Sylar kicked his chair back away from him and hit another local charging at him. It had become an all out bar fight. Sylar grinned at the spectacle he had created, so much chaos, oh what a joy it was. People fought amongst themselves, and some tried to tackle Sylar. One crashed a bar stool across the back of the man, and caused him to stumble and take a fist to his jaw.

    Anger. Rage. Hatred.

    All of these roared through the man, fueling the Darkside within him. In a fit of pure rage he screamed out his frustration and caused the lighting of the cantina to brighten. A few light orbs shattered from the extra surge of energy that came from Sylar, and he turned to the now frightened man who had attacked him with the seat. He directed his rage at him and with that ignoring the pain. Sylar crushed his fist into the other man's face and breaking the nose of his victim.

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    A shipment of wine was due to arrive at the local cantina for Xander Blackmoore. The King of the Indupar Crown Worlds had managed to get the main export of his kingdom in the hands of near every cantina on the planet. This one was the final hold out, but the ever persuasive king ensured the owner would agree to the terms of the contract. After all, keeping the citizens of the Crown Worlds happy meant credits needed to be invested in said happiness.

    It was an odd thing to see the lights flicker as he approached. The sounds of fighting also filled the surrounding area, and soon many ran out of the bar with a fear on their faces which could only be caused by a display of the dark side. Now the monarch was curious. Stepping in, he watched as a certain man decided the owner needed a broken nose. This wouldn't do. Xander needed the shipment to be stocked the moment it arrived.

    "You had better tell me what he did that is so deserving a shattered nose, before I break every bone in your body, starting with your nose. And enough with the theatrics. The dark side is not to be wasted on such menial displays."