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A gaunt figure approaches..

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  • A gaunt figure approaches..

    ...and doesn't flinch as doors seem to slam shut behind him, enveloping the Pau'an in absolute darkness. For his species however, darkness is a natural environment, and they are able to see quite well below the sink holes on their planet. Tigon is 2 meters tall, pale gray skinned, and most sentient species would find him unattractive. His long arms hang limp at his sides, his mouth widens in a grin, revealing razor sharp teeth designed to tear into flesh. But the grin fades as quickly as it appears. He swings his arms behind him, widens his stance, and waits patiently for the inevitable.

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    Well, all I always thought we just needed a live corpse to decorate up the place, Marcus smirked to himself.

    He launched himself away from the wall where he'd been leaning and approached the Pau'an. Standing eye to eye with the alien, the Sith Lord cocked his head to the side and favored him with a mocking grin.

    "What's up, doc?"


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      Tigon watches Marcus approach. The Pau'an however, is apparently of a far more serious nature, "I wish to join your order." It is as simple as that it would seem. The tall alien emphasizes his statement with a brief nod.


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        Marcus nodded back.

        "That is usually why folks come here," he agreed, smirking. "Don't get many door-to-door salesmen out this way. I guess somebody passed word what we do to them."

        Typical for him, Marcus was making all of this up as he went!

        "So. Why you? I mean, what's so special about you, mister...?"