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    Munto Codru's mountainous terrain did not allow for an easy journey to the Sith Nexus. Alastair's ship had originally hailed for the right to dock on their landing platforms to no avail. Weary but determined steps continued to carry him up the slanted path, a trickle of stones falling away from the pressure of his soles with every step he took on his journey, trying his footing and daring him to keep pressing on in spite of potentially treacherous terrain. He paused at the apex of his climb, sliding his glove hand across the pommel jewel of his sword as he took in the large arched entryway that dared him to enter.

    Seeing his destination generated a second wind within him. He dropped his hand off his weapon and proceeded inward, stowing what could have been seen as a threatening gesture. Within the center of the Sith's main hall he stood out like a sore thumb, his tan colored traveling coat a quick contrast to the dark masonry and onyx tile. Taking in the barren hall, save for braziers and the occassional decorative trophy, he couldn't help but let his thoughts wander. Suppose it's too much to ask for a reception desk, hm? One after the other, he peeled away his brown dueling gloves and folded them together, sliding them into the black belt about his waist. He idly picked at a spot of dry blood marring his sleeve, suddenly aware he wasn't exactly putting his best foot forward in the kept appearance department.

    No apprehension drew at him as he waited. In spite of the eerie silence permeated only by the sound of flickering flames, he knew he was expected. He also unfortunately knew what it meant to be the one receiving a guest. It was their own time, the Sith. In the meantime he drew in the details of the dimly lit hall, starting from above and working his way down what began as ornate and gravitated towards drab to end in tile. As his eyes set to his feet, he noticed for the first time the unmistakeable stain of blood, the outward lightly arc of splatter a testament to the violent act that had been perpetrated mere feet before the place he stood.

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    What are you hear for? The voice inside Antony's head rang out.

    His 'Dark Passenger' had taken over again. This time it knew someone had arrived. As Antony had drunk himself into a stupor the night before it had it's moment to be free. For now that is. Taking the time now to be free it then took over Antony's body as he stepped from the darkness. With a yellow eyed glare the possessed teen kept walking towards the man.

    What do you expect to find here? He said in a darker tone then his usual.

    Folding his arms across his chest, the teen raised an eyebrow. Seeing the sword at his side Antony then smirked. Knowing that he could kill this guy without much effort since a sword wasn't a match for the Dark Side. But, he'd refrain for now. Since the guy was obviously here to seek them out. For some reason or another.
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      The acoustics of the Temple's main hall were such that when his interogator spoke, he at first had trouble pinpointing his location. His every nerve willed him to reach for his weaponry, at least to have a hand on the sword's pommel or dagger's hilt. His reason won out, keeping his hands in a more neutral location as if he were being questioned by local authorities. Before he could answer the first question, his interogator showed himself and begged a second query of him. Only a second passed in his appraisal, subtle enough to go nearly unnoticed and natural enough to not draw a second thought about it. He appeared a child, but Alastair remained intelligent enough to not say something insulting to echo the natural doubts in his would-be questioner.

      Those doubts, were that the boy was either a child playing a prank and feigning importance, or he was truly one being trade by the Sith. A young mind was easily cultured and structured, he knew. "To be judged to join your Empire." His words were plain and expected, no doubt, but he believe in speaking directly. "I expect to find the Sith, purveyor's of the Dark Side." His left hand lowered to his belt, hooking his thumb in the strip of black leather that once secured tied off just aside his hand. His right rose to sweep back through his hair from a single side, giving him the momentary distraction to shift his eyes away in search of any others.


      • #4 have have you? Then you've come to the right...or wrong place...depends on if we see you fit. He said although he spoke like 'we' for the most part.

        It indicated that he was possessed by his 'Dark Passenger' although Jaden's voice was there...just couldn't find it's way to speak. Like Antony was stuck there inside his own head. Not able to do anything about it. Being possessed by his passenger was a nightmare! It gave him a huge headache most of the time.

        We are those who dabble in the Dark Arts. Why do you think we will allow you here? What's your story? Let's start with a name. The teen said walking closer to Alastair.
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          His 'we' was taken for nothing more than a general reference to the Sith, remaining oblivious to the multiple personalities that resided within him. He had to push his pride aside, being questioned by what he considered a child was a new experience for him. "I'm not worried about whether I fit your mold." It was an arrogant statement, but one based off a confident understanding in who he was. With one hand occupied in his belt his other set to rest his forearm atop his weapon, a common sort of stance when he was engaged in conversation. His weight took a slight shift to the side, fully fixated on the young man.

          "Alastair Kade, of Serenno." He didn't presume the boy knew anything about his culture, and so in the interest of telling his story he explained. "Wealth and power are everything on my home. The entire planet is ruled by the most wealthy and the most powerful. I'm intelligent enough to know that such things aren't earned through good deeds and intentions. I come to the Sith, because if I am deemed capable, why would I not? To live on my planet, vying for power as I am, is to fight a battle with a hand tied behind my back. I would not be using everything I could."


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            You should be, should be worried if you fit our mold. Antony said again referring to himself in the third person.

            He then circled the man once again. His stance was neutral as he rested his forearm atop his weapon. That made the Sith Warrior grin. Although Alastair's eyes were fixated on him it didn't matter much to the teen. He then heard all the story and found it quite interesting. Where he came from was far more interesting. Serenno was a marvelous planet. Or so he'd seen in the Archives and maps. The terrain there was breathtaking, again, so he'd heard.

            Someone from Serenno vying for power. Not unheard of, but, seems rather vague if you ask me. Coming here was a good choice though. But, you should know that we will not give you the power you seek. You must learn...and take it when you see the opportunity to do so. That is the way of the Sith. Are you able to take it when you see it fit? That is the thing you must be able to answer. Ah, this boy may be young...but...he's taken his steps into power by taking it from those who had it. Waiting for his moment and taking it. That time he revealed himself to be possessed.
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              Antony cautioned him about being concerned but Alastair would not budge into uncertainty. The young man began moving around him, and his head turned to follow until he went out of sight, then turned towards the other side to catch him as he came back around from the other direction. “No, not unheard of. Count Dooku was of the Sith, after all.” Everyone on his planet knew that name, one of the major Ruling Houses of Serenno. His family had no ties to the Count’s, not even listing among those that would hold the title of Count. As Antony continued to circle him like a predator, he began to wonder if the boy’s intention with his words was to antagonize Alastair into making a move.

              He pondered whether it was a wise move, his arm giving the slightest twitch in a moment of thought. Instead he chose to answer, and let the boy know that he would do as necessary. “I expect no handouts, as I would give none myself were our roles reversed. I do also believe in taking what I want, that is why I am here. I came to take charge of my destiny, and put my skills to their fullest potential.” He was briefly struck by the oddity in the boys speech patterns, and how he conveyed himself in the third person, or spoke as if he was not the person Alastair thought him to be. It was turned aside, in lieu of the conversation that was intended to be centered around him. “I am capable of seizing opportunity, but the opportunity must be right. There is no power in death.” Or so he would believe, but that was an answer to Antony for if the boy were challenging him to make a move, that he knew better than to go against an opponent he knew nothing about.


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                Antony laughed, He was also a Jedi too. At one point.

                The teen wondered if he'd take out his weapon. Although it wouldn't be Alastair's wisest choice to do so. If he did, Antony could throw him into the wall with a mere thought. An outstretched hand using the Dark Side. So he remained still. As he heard him speak, the teen expected to hear that answer. Good one nonetheless. A wise answer more then anything. It seemed that Alastair knew what he would need to do to gain the power he craved.

                Correct. There is no power in death. There is only the Void! Antony said then added, If we shall accept you will you be loyal to us? Give yourself to the Dark Side. For there is no turning back. Those who have are no longer here. Or else they are hunted down relentlessly. Will you be relentless in your struggle for power?
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                  Antony made an adept observation about Dooku, and his path of power. "All the better that he realized his folly." Alastair understood that Dooku had gone to the dark side for a reason, because he had tested the waters of the Jedi and realized the inadequacy of that path. His trials had led him to great power, were it not for betrayal. He kept his mind and expression stoic as he contemplated that betrayal, knowing such things would likely haunt him as well as a Sith. Already he believed that while Antony would aid him in finalizing his place in the Sith, he was not to be trusted. No one truly was. The moment he trusted, was the moment he let his guard down.

                  He realized the next answer to come was one that would tread a dangerous path, but also believed that the bold way in which he answered would be regarded on a mostly positive note. "I will be loyal to the Empire, so long as the Empire is loyal to me. Loyalty to an individual though has the opportunity to countermand what I just said." Silence fell following his answer, and he half expected someone to emerge from the shadows and berate him for not promising whole, complete and blind loyalty. There was only the sound of the flickering flames, biting at the air with the breeze ever in flux.

                  "I will not let stagnation be the mark that defines me. The moment I let myself believe there is nothing more I can do to improve, is the moment someone has surpassed me." His hand gestured outward towards his interrogator, palm upwards. "You have arrested power from others, would you not agree?" His statement was said with humor, not the mocking sort, but the call back to one of Antony's first statements to him.


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                    "Really?" James shouted from atop the platform above them.

                    The Sith Master had been watching Antony and now knew his son's secret. It was apparent since he'd delved into his mind. Seeing the voices that speak to him. The 'Dark Passenger' and James' other son, Jaden in his mind. Knowing his son missed his twin brother he subconciously created Jaden in his mind to compensate.

                    Jumping down, the Sith Master gazed at Alastair with his arms folded across his chest. White emotionless mask over his face. The intimidating mask and the dread and fear it spread to all. He was going to be the new 'Lord of Pain'. So with his hazel eyed gaze on the newcomer he heard all the proceedings.

                    "You will have our loyalty as long as we have yours. But, we are Sith. It tis the way to betray to get where and what you want. As a Master and Council member I've done that many a time in my life." James said with a booming deep voice, "I expect you to swear loyalty to your Master. To the Council. Above all to the Sith Empire. Will you do this?"

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                      Another joined him and Antony, a more imposing figure with a certain indescribable aura about him. Alastair kept his composure, but his muscles certainly went on edge and tensed up. The bone white visage with hollow eyes that stared at him likely intended to intimidate, and with his current lack of training and understanding of the Dark Side it did enough of that. He still remained resolute, expecting this sort of treatment and confrontation. The Sith Master spoke, and he took in the information given to him. Alastair had to admit his understanding of things differed slightly, and the next thought to come was voiced honestly. “Your statement intrigues me. Should I be deemed worthy to join the Empire, I would like to discuss it further.”

                      It was not an attempt to garner favor. He really wanted to have an exchange of views concerning loyalty, and just how far it should go. “My intention is to give loyalty to the Empire, the Council, and then a Master. Still I think there is much I can learn on the matter, because loyalty is not so black and white an ideal.” He knew his words had the potential to be misunderstood for the makings of someone that would be inherently disloyal. Alastair was not at the Sith to make friends, however. Antony had already made it clear he had stabbed people in the back to ascend himself, and such was no different in the political climb of power. Just how was that accepted, he wondered.


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                        James smirked, "If you are deemed worthy then we shall. What skills do you bring to us? What can you offer the Sith if you are worthy of being accepted as one of us?"

                        He then stepped further then looked towards his son. With a hazel eyed stare the Sith Master waved his son away. There would be no further need for Antony at this time. James had this covered and since the teen was only a Warrior he couldn't accept him into the Sith. Not yet at least. Antony had a long way to go to get to Sith Knight. A long long way to go. The boy needed further training. Guidance, and, he needed to rid himself of the voices in his head. Namely his 'Dark Passenger'. He knew about Jaden's voice being there, but, it wasn't a concern since Still, the Sith Master wondered what else that Alastair had to offer the Sith.

                        "Go, Antony! I will take over this." He said looking over his shoulder at his son, "I am Sith Master, James Icarus. A Council member here in the Sith Empire. What will you do in your search for power, Alastair?"

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                          He could feel and hear his interrogator’s smirk within his words, though it remained unseen behind the bone white visage. The amusement at Alastair’s curiosity, amused him in part. Such thoughts were not left to linger long, as his hand naturally fell down to the sword at his side following the question. “I am already skilled in melee combat, though not with the aid of the Dark Side. I’ve heard tales of it’s amplification of abilities, beyond the mystic things it is capable of. I can offer my ambition, which may not be viewed as an offer, save for the fact ambition breeds persistence. I will be unrelenting in what I pursue, and for that this Empire will be better, or I will be dead. I have no intentions of meeting an early grave, though.”

                          Antony. He finally received a name for the young individual, and then a name and title from the man before him. It was unclear whether he had drawn the Council Member’s attention because he happened to be passing by, or if their were some other reasoning. He only kept focused on the task at hand, that he might move on to bigger and better things. “Whatever I need to do. The only place, I stop, is death. What good is power to a corpse. I will go where I need to go, and give up what I need to give up, because power will grant me everything I need and more in due time.”


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                            "I apologize for my son...he can be...arrogant sometimes. Like his father." James said with a chuckle.

                            The man's answer was honest. He pried into his mind and saw nothing that gave away a lie or anything of the sort. He was wanting power and the ambitions he had were justified. In James' mind anyways. The man reminded him of his own self a long time ago. When he was young and formerly and Imperial force user. That was ages ago it seemed. But, since James was much older and part of the Sith, much more the Council, he had some of his goals accomplished. Another goal he would like to achieve is taking the 'Lord of Pain' title from Sion and giving it to himself. Passing down the information from one to another. Then, be betrayed or else pass his legacy to his son, or one of his apprentices.

                            "Your goals are justified. By your ambition to learn and grow. Through struggle and chaos will you learn. Power will be attained if you can see the weakness in others and in yourself. Death will not grant you such power. Only through the Dark Side will you achieve any goal you set. It took me many years to achieve my own. Now I'm part of the council and a Sith Master. Although one's goals never completely stop." James said, "Tell me, are you ready to go down the Dark Path that is now laid before you? Do not lie...I will know if you are."

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                              Alastair’s eyes wandered the direction of the departed son, who was well out of the reach of any sense of his senses, but perhaps if the Force were refined within him, he began to wonder. “He is young, but I did not consider him overtly arrogant. He is already a Sith, and I not. I would speak no differently than someone who was not at the same level as myself back home.” Alastair set his focus back to having the discussion on himself, since as both he and the Council member knew, this was his moment. Any thought of Antony was put aside, though he knew he would cross paths once more with the Sith, though under a different context.

                              Power will be attained if you can see the weakness in others and in yourself. Somehow he thought these words would stick with him for a long time to come, though he was unsure how. It was the kind of advice that stood the hairs on the back of his neck up, like some sort of forewarning. His mind came back to the present, with a shift of metal on metal, disturbing the lazy rest of his sword with his palm pressing into the pommel and guiding it into a different location, pressed down and angling the tip upwards slightly behind him.

                              “Who could be truly ready, not knowing what lies ahead. I am as ready as I am capable of being so.” Even as he made his statement, he wondered at what goals would lie before one at the pinnacle of the Sith Empire. Surely something lofty. With all their talk of loyalty, he wondered if the Sith Master aspired to control over the Council as a whole, or the diffusion of a Council to lead alone. The inner politics intrigued him, but not for their talking points but rather the subterfuge of it all.