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  • Fate, Corrupted, Fate, Redesigned

    OOC: Continued from here= Mishap of Fate

    Munto Codru
    Codru system
    One Week Later

    With time upon her hands. Amelia retreated into the back of the small and outdated ship, where she spent most, if not all, of her time studying the holocron and its teachings. Nothing else in the universe matter anymore to Amelia, her only concern, her only purpose now was to return the holocron to its people, and to become one with them.

    Everything else that used to matter to Amelia was pushed aside like trash, memories, emotions, even personality traits were destroyed or clouded so that her new purpose would be for filled unhindered and undistributed. There were brief moments of realization, however, moments where memories would resurface, and feelings of guilt and remorse over her recent actions would flood her body and mind like a tidal wave. But these moments of clarity were brief, and only lasted seconds. Most of the time Amelia felt nothing but hatred, anger, and an intense urge to make it to her destination, safely.

    By the time Amelia arrived in the Codru system. She couldn't quite remember any of her other emotions. They were like a distant memory from her childhood, things like happiness, joy, peace and excitement. None of them had the same meaning anymore, and Amelia's more intense and negative emotions were her new bed follows. Every night while she slept, Amelia dreamed of things that were nightmares a few weeks previously. These nightmares now were the only things planted firmly within her mind, and when she thought of them while she was awake it gave her a small thrill that was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

    Once in the Codru system. Amelia set the ship on course for the planet she desired, and then brought the ship in to land upon a medium size landing pad, not too far away from her ultimate destination.

    With the ship now at rest. Amelia packed up her things, embarked from the ship, and made her way up to the temple upon the mountain side. As she made the journey Amelia could sense people watching her, studying her even. They didn't matter for the moment; she ignored them and carried on her path, almost as if she was a droid programmed with a set mission, a set task that had to be carried out no matter what else happened.

    After the long journey up toward the temple. Amelia pushed open the large doors with both hands, and made her way inside the dimly lite hall. She then walked to the center of the room, and fell down gently upon her knees. Once at rest Amelia reached into the backpack on her right shoulder, and placed the glowing red holocron directly in front of her knelt posture. Amelia then sat back on her heels, and waited for someone to step out of the shadows. The young girl’s entire demeanour and posture was downcast and submissive. Almost as if she was someone in a state of worship or adoration for a deity.

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    It called out, an artifact of dark power had made its way into the temple, and many would attempt to retrieve it. Xander, Blackmoore, Darth Vizios, King of the Indularan Crown Worlds, and Sith Knight would see himself to it before anyone else could claim it. Dressed in his crimson robes, the king pressed through the corridors of the temple on a mission.

    What he found was interesting. A young woman remained knelt on the ground, the holo ton glowing in front of her. Was she offering it, or worshiping it. Both seemed plausible at this point. Still Xander wanted the artifact, so he would engage the woman.

    "You have something of value with you," he said breaking the silence as he emerged from shadow. "Tell me, who are you and what brings you here? Are you offering the artifact, yourself, or both?"


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      Antony had walked by the hall hearing the doors open. Raising his eyebrow the teen Warrior walked inside as quietly as he could. Seeing a young woman, a bit older then himself it looked like, that set up a holocron and sat back to look. Watching from the shadows he studied her. From what he could see she seemed like a woman who was worshipping a deity or something. Strange, indeed. Then again, so was he. Crazy is more a term he could use.

      "What are you doing here? Having worship time?" Antony said from the shadows, stepping into he dimly lit room towards Amelia.

      From there he could see her more and study her demeanor. She seemed passive and that was nothing he wanted to see out of new recruits. Rolling his eyes, the Sith Warrior then crossed his arms much like his father. Oh how he wished he could stop emulating his father. But, there were times he was much different then him. Other times they were one and the same. Then again, hearing voices was the difference.

      She seems interesting. In a sort of worshipper kind of way. Maybe you could get her to follow you around and worship the ground you walk on. The voice in his head spoke.

      Oh that would be great, huh? He said sarcastically to it.
      Antony's Theme Music Antony's alternate theme song Thanks Tearstone for all the help you did on this


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        At first Amelia didn't react to the two sith that walked into the room. She just stayed still, calm, and slightly detached from everything else around her. All that Amelia cared about at the moment was the holocron, and being knelt within it's presence. It was only after a few minutes did Amelia final lift her head upward, away from the holocron, and looked toward the sith in the room. She took in the older one first, and studied him closely with slightly red/yellow tinted eyes. Amelia then turned her attention upon the younger one, and looked through him as if he was nothing more than a leaf on the wind or a passing breeze that barely registered upon her skin. After she had taken in the youth. Amelia turned her attention back onto the older sith, for the moment, recognizing him as the authority in the room due to his age and his very presence.

        "I offer all three..."

        Amelia's voice was barely above a whisper, and had a slight hiss within the undertone for some reason. Other than that her voice was strong and confident, as if she was devout and truthful with her words.

        "My name is Amelia Vex, and I have come in search of the sith under the instruction of the one that record the holocron before me."

        As she mentioned the holocron Amelia gestured her right hand toward it, which seemed to cause the square like object to flash bright red for a moment.

        "She has started me down the path of true power. But her teachings go so far, I want to learn more, and give myself over to the sith and the dark side in every aspect."


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          Xander should have known that where secrets of the past lie, Layla was not far. She too was drawn by the Holocron, though was uncertain of it’s true value until she could manage to break down it’s barriers and press within. She entered the chamber opposite of Xander, briefly meeting his gaze with tawny eyes shadowed beneath her cowl.

          It matters little whether it is offered, or not.

          She conveyed to Xander, her Apprentice. Her words she kept silenced for his mind though, because in spite of the amusing power play that could have emerged, she chose not to show dissension and to downplay who Xander was before the adept before them. He was still this new woman’s superior, after all.

          Layla was not so shy about the Holocron, crossing the distance towards it and lowering to a single knee just before it, with the girl opposite her.

          “You spoke with the Holocron’s guardian, then?”

          Her chin inclined slightly, not only exposing the purple kiffar markings, but her inclined brow.

          “Typically something beyond someone of your lack of training. The guardian must have wanted to speak with you.”

          Her hand hovered over the device, careful not to snatch it up, like it was made of fragile glass.

          “Tell me two things, Amelia. Who is it’s creator, and what has it taught you thus far?”


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            Xander moved for the holocron when his steps were stilled by a familiar aura. Eyes moved from the deivce to the tawny gaze of his own master. How would she play this? Glances were exchanged before Neferis moved for the girl and the device. Her actions did not betray Xander's position to the woman, and neither would his words.

            "The woman is correct. You could not have simply accessed this on your own."

            It was a simple observation, but he was curious of the answers Neferis asked.

            "If training is what you seek then you will start by answering whatever Neferis asks of you."


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              When the woman entered the room, Amelia paid her no mind, at first, and kept her gaze on the elder man that had spoken to her first. She studied him, observed him, closely, for some strange reason for a long moment. It was only when her sight of the male sith was obscured by the woman that Amelia finally turned her attention on the woman with the cowl. She noticed the kiffar markings on the woman's face, which caused Amelia to cant her head slightly in curiosity. The young girl then watched as the sith woman moved her hand to hover over the priced holocron. It seemed as if the object has caused quite a stir amongst the sith population, something that the guardian of the holocron warned Amelia might happen. But under no circumstances was Amelia to let the holocron out of her sight, at least, not until there was some sign from it's guardian that it was time to let it.

              As Amelia watched the female sith's hand hover over the holocron, a small bolt shot out from the top, and was aimed at making contact with the woman's palm. If the bolt made contact then the feeling it would have caused would have been euphoric and even empowering, both physically and emotionally, for a brief moment.

              After the bolt had shot from the holocron. Amelia lifted her gaze back up to meet the woman's cause, as she decided now was the time to answer her earlier questions.

              "The guardian within the device goes by the name of Darth Averna, and she has taught me that the path to true power and enlightenment is through passion and hatred. She said something about passion and hatred being the first steps toward obtaining my true fate and purpose in this galaxy."

              When Amelia had finished talking she looked down upon her own hands for a moment as they began to tremble, in what way would be unclear.

              "Averna gave me a taste of what it would feel like, she granted me the power to kill my own brother. I had never felt so strong and so powerful in all my life. The much blood..."

              It was almost as if Amelia was suffering from some kind of shock, although as soon as this brief break in her focus came, it faded quickly. The young girl's hands fell back by her sides, and she turned her gaze back upon the holocron in silent worship once again. Until such time she was spoken to again by anyone in the room.


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                Her palm danced just beyond reach of physical contact, and the holocron responded to the presence of her. It was no unfamiliar feeling what ensued, a frequent one upon delving deeper within the Dark Side. Briefly the yellow flecks of her eyes intensified by the surge of the Force, then subsided back to their tawny state.

                She briefly considered refuting the Guardian’s statement, but felt instead it might confuse their hopeful since it was after all true, from a certain point of view. Her hand set upon her raised knee, her focus set on the hopeful entirely for the moment.

                “And why did you kill your own brother?”

                She briefly wondered if it was like Xander, who needed to sever his own bonds at one time, but chose not to feed answers to the woman.

                Rather suddenly she rose upwards, and with a crooking of each finger in a come along gesture, the holocron was bid to ascend and levitate just above her palm. If any were capable of expounding secrets, it was the Kiffar Knight.

                “Where would you see yourself go from here, Amelia, and why?”

                She was very casual about her questions, and her possession of the Holocron by the Force. Averna was not a name she knew, but assuredly their was at least one worthwhile thing to discover from it’s guardian.


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                  The question about her brother caused Amelia to tremble, and look down to the floor all confused. It was almost as if she was looking to the holocron for the answer, but when nothing came her remorse began to shine through, as it a few moments ago.

                  "He...wouldn't listen....he was stubborn and arrogant. He just wanted the prize....he wanted to sell it for a profit..."

                  As Amelia talked about a prize, she gestured toward the holocron with her hand, as if indicating it as the prize that they were both seeking at the time. With her finger tip within reach of the device, a jolt shot out and caressed her finger, which caused Amelia to jolt herself, and her eyes to shine a yellowy red color. It was then that all remorse left her face, and the cold expression of devotion and worship for the device washed over her face again.

                  "I killed my brother to prove myself worthy of Averna's teachings. She demanded a sacrifice, and she demanded that I cut all ties from my past before I begin on my journey."

                  Amelia's voice had changed as well to a much more confident and controlled tone, her words honest and truthful on a brutal scale.

                  When the sith woman picked the device up. Amelia stood upright as well, rather suddenly, as if her actions, even her movements were connected to the device. Upon the sith woman's next question the color within Amelia's eyes subsided slightly, but was still present, as if she was showing a measure of free will when she answered the question.

                  "Where I go from here would be up to you, correct? But if my desires are to be taken into account. I wish to become a sith, like you, I want to learn more about the dark side, and wield the power it grants. I had a small taste when I killed my brother, I want more than just a taste now. As for why I want to be a part of something greater and more powerful than I could have ever imagined before."

                  The whole time Amelia spoke she kept her gaze on the one that held the holocron within their possession, as if she was linked to it somehow.


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                    Xander moved himself stand next to Neferis. She had the holocron and he wanted it. Part of him wanted to take advantage of the fact she was his master, but he knew that she may not wish to share. His own thoughts though were suspicious of this Darth Averna. Xander did not trust the story as it appeared to be presented on the surface, and he was confident Layla did not either. His own thoughts reached out to his master on the subject at hand.

                    "Something is not right about this. The guardian of the device... it wants to be here and is using this girl. Even though the Sith is dead, she is still plotting something."

                    Xander turned his own attention to the girl.

                    "You want power, everyone walks through these doors saying the same thing. Even I did," Xander's eyes quickly glanced to his master as she would remember. "However, nothing here is given, you earn it, struggle for it. It is struggle which makes strong."

                    Xander echoed the words Neferis had spoken to him so long ago.

                    "Killing your own brother only proves one thing, that you can take a life. What I want to know is what can you offer this empire that no one else can, and don't say that holocron, because you have already let it out of your hands. If that is all you have to offen then you are no longer needed."

                    His words while sharp and harsh were spoken with intent. Xander wanted to know what type of woman she was. Did she have the resolve to prove her usefulness or would she fold and prove herself to be weak.


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                      Xander’s opinion of the girl’s situation was mentally passed to her, and she had to agree with the sentiments. As he predicted, she had already been questioning Amelia’s connection with the holocron.

                      “A Holocron should demand little. It is a storage bank for information.”

                      She rather plainly informed the girl, allowing a few moments for Xander to speak. In the end, she spoke forward a touch more harsh then she might normally have been, but she had seen little to grant the respect of much more.

                      “I am having trouble discerning whether you will make a wonderful servant, or pet. If an ethereal guardian could garner such ability to subjugate you, then what could I do I wonder.”

                      She crooked each finger, one after the other, and slowly the holocron began to rotate on it’s invisible thread.


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                        As the other sith in the room began to speak. Amelia turned her attention upon him, and studied him with a mild detachment, as if he was a fleeting spot on the horizon or a faceless face within the crowd. Even with her outward disinterest in the male sith, he made a good point about earning the power, and struggling for the right to wield the power. Amelia knew that it wouldn't be easy, the writings in the holocron said as much. The murder of her brother was only the beginning, a test to prove her willingness to learn, and to prove shes willing to do whatever is demanded of her in any situation.

                        "I do not nor wish for this power to me handed to me on a sliver platter. I know that with a power such as the force it is something that is earned by the trials and struggles of those that are wiling to sacrifice everything to obtain it. I have proven that I am willing to sacrifice anything, and that I am willing to undertake whatever trials or struggles that are...demanded of me."

                        Once she had addressed the male sith. Amelia turned her attention on the more, superior of the two, at least she seemed more in authority than the rest anyway. When the female sith made the comment about being subjugated, and if there was anything she could do to turn Amelia into her own pet. The young hopeful stepped forward, until she invaded the female sith's private space, and canted her head to the right with a slight smile upon her tender lips.

                        "If you wish to take me as your pet, then, do so in the way a sith would do so. As far as the guardian has taught me the sith take what they desire, from whomever they desire. I will not fight you or struggle against you....if you truly want me...take me"

                        Amelia's voice turned soft, yet deep and alluring the more she spoke. When the hopeful fell silent. She gestured her arms out to her sides, and made herself open and vulnerable. If the female sith wanted to turn Amelia into her pet then all she had to do was take her...right here and now.


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                          This one was not getting it, and her attitude of slight which toward the monarch did not go unnoticed. There was also the matter of her misunderstanding of Neferis' words. The girl had just been told without the holocron she had no value among the empire beyond that of a common slave or, even more degrading, an animal. Xander's question still went unanswered, and he had just as much authority to accept her as Neferis did. After all, the two were both Knights of the empire.

                          "You have not answered my question," he said stepping between the two woman, his blue orbs starting to take on a red rim which threatened to color the rest of his eyes. "You make yourself vulnerable before proving your worth. Thus far all you have shown is your ability to play the pawn of a dead Sith, giving it what it wants. Sith take, they don't willing offer themselves as a pet."

                          Xander gripped her jaw and forced her to look him in the eyes.

                          "I am going to ask one more time, what can you offer this empire that is unique, that will make it stronger? Convince me if you want to find your place among us."


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                            Amelia advanced on her suddenly, but in a gesture that conveyed an urgent need or desire. Coupled with her words, Neferis saw in that instant the submissive side of the would-be Sith.

                            “How amusing..”

                            It was then that Xander cut in front of her, and her eyes narrowed into the back of his head. If it weren’t for her desire to portray a unified front of Sith to the hopeful, she would have swept a hand to the side and cast him out of her path.


                            She spoke aloud to signify the man with her was her student.

                            “…she believes I desire anything of her. When was the last time you saw me desire anything of anyone.”

                            She turned, and began to walk away.

                            “I have learned what I wish. Her holocron is of no consequence to me, merely the memory of a Sith Lord wishing to be more than it is. So convince him, little pet, because I am finished here.”