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  • Freedom, Sweet Freedom.

    There was a feeling to the place, as though death itself was present, hiding within the shadows. The atmosphere was dark and dense and she could almost feel it press against her, trying to crush her against the ground. It was like nothing she'd ever felt before but it didn't bring even the briefest glimmer of fear to the surface. In fact, it sent a shiver of pleasure through her body and it almost brought a chuckle from the blonde haired woman. If she could of reached out a hand to try and touch the darkness, she would have.

    That was not the case as her hands were bound behind and she had been forced to kneel. The pale faced nineteen year old could do little but just sit there, firing off rude and offensive remarks at the helmet wearing figure who stood behind her, blaster pointed at her head. Even with her hands bound, he didn't drop his guard. Twice had she all ready managed to escape her bonds, blasting them to pieces although neither of them could explain how. The bounty hunter had a hunch though and had altered his plans accordingly. He didn't have the equipment to handle a magician or whatever the hell she was but he had heard rumours of a cult who could.

    The remarks of the girl were replaced by a grunt as the bounty hunter butted her with his blaster to try to keep her quiet, not that it made any difference. She had her fair share of scars and Nar Shaddanian but they were nothing compared to what she had dished out in her young life. There were many who had met their end by her hand. Occasionally for money but more often then not, for the sheer ecstasy that came of it. She was a thrill seeker, a creature of passion and lust, caring for nought besides her own selfish desires.

    So they waited together, the sound of the prisoners insults and one liners reverberating around the dark hall.

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    Sighing as the incessant bickering echoed from the atrium near the front entrance, Sianna finally pushed herself up and moved from the archives and into the shadow of the hall lit by sconces exuding the soft blue from a unique oil manufactured locally. Silver orbs caught sight of the pair, one holding a blaster to the back of the head of a kneeling female, obviously bound from this angle. Boots beat upon the dark stone as the ghostly figure adorned in black moved towards the pair as the Echani could sense a Force sensitivity in the female, but not the armored male. Given his gear and adornments, she guessed a mercenary or bounty hunter.

    Sniffing derisively, the pale priestess moved from the shadow of the last large column and in sight of them. Taking in the situation, she wasn't in the mood for any games.

    "What's this," she motioned to the female, her authoritative voice echoing in the vaulting ceilings.

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      Patience wore thin as Archer observed what took place. Initial thoughts questioned when Sith would use a bounty hunter to bring a live prisoner to the temple. Surely they had resource enough to find anyone they wished. Still the disciple was knew and unsure whether this was sanctioned or not. Confirmation came in the commanding question of another Sith, her aura as commanding as the tone of her voice. Archer took notice this one could handle the recruitment herself, but the bounty hunter was annoying.

      Leaping from the large wooden beams which made up the rafters of the vaulted ceiling the assassin landed just behind the bounty hunter, dagger drawn. Blue eyes looked to the Echani with a desire to end the annoyance.

      "He comes to offer the blonde, though the way he treats her, he's damaging the goods. Not a smart man. Shall I help this man find his way out?"

      It was clear the blonde was the person of interest here, and regardless of what the Echani said, Archer was going to kill the man anyway.


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        Aganubon's mocking laughter could be heard in the darkness as the Sith Warrior made his way towards the bounty hunter. He noticed the newcomer, Archer, make his way behind the bounty hunter. Aganubon wouldn't spoil the boy's fun.

        "So...have we sent an open invitation to all the dregs of galactic society? Join the Sith, indulge in your sado-masochism..." Aganubon says, crossing his arms.

        Aganubon made no attempt to hide his disdain for the laissez-faire attitude that the Sith Empire had in regards to recruitment. Perhaps they just needed warm bodies to run headlong into a hail of blaster fire. Cannon fodder had their uses, he supposed.

        Aganubon hoped this would be entertaining, if nothing else. Newcomers were all so...cute in their ignorance.

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          "It is as he says, I have come to offer this wretch to the Sith Empire. There's no doubt that there's something strange about her. More than once has she caused damage to my ship from her cell and she has twice managed to escape from her bonds, leaving nothing but fragments of what were brand new cuffs. She insists that she has no idea as to how it happened but I don't believe a damn word she says. None of this is in my contract and she's all ready done enough damage to make the pay I would receive worthless."

          The bounty hunter paused and drove his boot in to the back of the bound girl in frustration, drawing another grunt from her. He was all too aware of the figure behind him but he continued regardless, caring little.

          "So I offer her to you, for half of the price. Teach her or kill her, I couldn't care less."

          For once though, the blonde didn't respond with an off the cuff insult or remark. She simply knelt there, anger and blind fury beginning to force it's way to the surface. Not only had she been captured but not how life was being offered for nothing? Was that how little she was worth? The sheer force of these emotions sent another pleasurable jolt up her spine. At that moment, she wanted nothing more then to see her captor die, in a pool of his own blood.


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            “Slaves are typically only used for practice, and they are far easier to come by then through monetary value.”

            The Sith took what they wanted. It was their way of being. All present, save the Bounty Hunter and perhaps the blond knew it.

            “If you are offering her to be one of us…which…”

            It seemed his story implied such things. That she had value as a Sith. It was not his right to give, however.

            “…is what it seems, then she might be judged appropriately. Not simply bought and left to figure her a failure or success.”

            Layla stepped towards the restrained woman, dropping a hand to her chin to incline it towards her and appraise her eyes. Her focus shifted towards her boot, drawing a dagger up out of a sheathe by aid of the Dark Side and carefully navigating it in front of Vesta, quietly to the ground.

            The Sith Knight diverted herself just briefly to stand between the girl and the Bounty Hunter, as if to talk business, but more to shield vision.

            “You say half. But…I’ve never seen if she’s actually capable of killing, or whether it will shatter her fragile psyche.”

            While she spoke, the Force once more went to work, disengaging Vesta’s cuffs. Neferis stepped to the side, exposing a clear path to the Bounty Hunter, but moving with what would seem a purpose.


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              Watching as things unfolded, silver orbs glanced to the assassin behind the bounty hunter, "He's not yours to take," she stated, knowing everyone heard her which was the point. As the hunter glanced behind him and no doubt had already had that sixth sense warn him of someone now threatening his exit from this place.

              The priestess then eyed the benefactor for this potential new recruit, "All I've heard are words, in order to determine whether or not she's worth keeping, I need a demonstration." Knowing Layla had already supplied the opportunity, Sianna was now more interested in seeing whether or not the girl actually had any talent. Now it was time to find out whether they would keep the female for target practise in the arena or for a new disciple.

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                Pen nodded to Sianna's words and watched as Laya removed the restraints with the force. His own skill was employed to levitate the restraints to keep them from making any noise by hitting the floor. He knew what high Sianna and Layla were getting at, and this would be fun to watch.

                Rounding to the front of the blonde, a dagger was dropped in front of her to see if she would take it. Everything was set for her to show them what she was capable of. Pen stepped back to give the woman space.


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                  The moment the woman stood in between her and the hunter, Vesta's hand reached out and grasped the dagger. Inside, she felt a mixture of elation at being free of her bonds and pure primal rage at the armed figure before her. This was her one opportunity to lay waste to the selfish piece of trash, she knew that and needed no further encouragement. She could feel the tension in the hall and it seemed to heighten her senses, every movement was noticed, every word spoken was heard so clearly.

                  When the woman stepped away again, Vesta swiftly placed her hands behind her, to keep up the illusion. Her eyes never left the face of the hunter although the same couldn't be said for him. He was becoming more anxious by the moment, his attention drawn towards the woman as she approached. His hands gripped tighter around his blaster and his body language became more aggressive. He turned, his focus solely on the Sith, keeping her in his vision. The moments passed and nothing seemed to happen.

                  When all of a sudden, he gasped in pain as Vesta violently plunged the dagger in to his back. Enraged, he swung his blaster around to try and strike the blonde haired girl but missed entirely, leaving himself open as Vesta slashed at his mid section from right to left, sending blood everywhere. Her pupils dilated and she felt such pleasure as she struck him. Never had she felt such euphoria and it almost felt like her heart would burst from her chest as she pressed her assault. Again, he swung wildly at her but she dodged the blow and slashed at his hand, blood again seeping from him as she made contact.

                  She charged forward and launched a left handed punch towards him and as her fist met his helmet, Vesta felt a surge in strength, similar to when she had broken her cuffs on his ship. His helmet shattered at the force of the blow and sent him crashing to the ground.

                  Vesta was on him in a heartbeat and released all of her anger upon him with the dagger, each stab and slash sending a jolt of pleasure through her body. His cries soon stopped but her attack didn't.

                  When she was finally satisfied, she stood up and turned to face the Sith around her, the bloody dagger still in her hand.


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                    The sheer passion that erupted in the atrium gave Sianna goosebumps as she watched the pale female exact revenge on the bounty hunter. A dark grin arced upon her own pale features as the woman rose, dagger still in hand and now dripping crimson.

                    "See, was that so hard," the priestess swept closer to the new recruit, silver orbs glancing to the corpse on the stone floor. "Imagine what you'll be able to do with all that raw energy once it's focused," Sianna's gaze rose again to Vesta. Nearing the woman, Sianna planted a kiss on Vesta's bloodied cheek, then backed again. "Personally, I can't wait." Backing a step, the priestess knew more would be required beyond what Vesta had displayed thus far, though it was a good start. "What do you know about us? I don't expect a lengthy dissertation, but at least rumors. Most of what you'll need to know will be taught once you pass our little tests here, but I need to know where your heart is."
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                      Layla observed the assault with an odd display of indifference. Many in the galaxy shunned the casual way in which death and murder were accepted, but the Sith understood it as a rite of passage.

                      When it was said and done, Vesta emerged baptized in blood, and Sianna moved forward to question her. While the Sith Priestess seemed pleased with the course of events, Layla observed her differently.

                      No doubt her action and temperament would fit the Sith, but Layla sought different qualities. Vesta was more akin to Volk in that instance, and while she was curious for the Sith’s development, she was not presently a tool to be used in her galactic holochess game.

                      For now, Sianna had the floor, but in time she would have her words.


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                        It took a few moments for the question to register with Vesta as she was still lost in the sheer elation that had come from killing her captor. The blonde haired young woman felt almost aflame with passion and she struggled for a short time as she tried to calm herself down again. Her breathing was ragged but she was smiling, more to herself than to those around her. The opportunity had presented herself and she had jumped on it without any hesitation and she took pride in what she had just done.

                        Eventually, her breathing became shallower and Vesta began to rack her brains in an attempt to remember what she had heard in regards to the Sith. Rumours on Nar Shaddaa were rampant and the blonde woman didn't believe half of what she had been told. Yet, they were all she had to go on whether they were true or not.

                        "The Sith are power seekers, willing to step on, dominate or sacrifice anyone, including their own allies, if it suits their goals. Some are brutal and prefer to just kill those in their way directly, while others prefer to hide in the shadows and plot and scheme their way to victory instead."

                        Vesta paused momentarily and then added, an assumption more than anything.

                        "They all harness their darker emotions though in order to use their gifts."


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                          Listening to the reply given, Sianna also glanced to the eyes of those around them and no doubt waiting their turn to interview the newcomer. Silver orbs then returned to the slave. "In a nutshell, that's about it. However, the very action that you performed here is only the physical personification of what we strive for spiritually. I'm the priestess of the Sith'aria and the end goal of every Sith, and the last line of our code, is once we reach that pinnacle of power over ourselves, then the Force frees us to the power beyond."

                          Sianna glanced down to the bounty hunter's corpse. "Just like you freed yourself from him," her gaze rose back to Vesta. "Eventually you'll learn to overcome your doubts and fears and use those emotions and passion to push you beyond what you ever thought possible." The Echani flashed a grin to the potential, then backed again and glanced to Pen and Layla, then motioned to the center of attention.
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                            Layla dissected the way in which Vesta spoke. She very clearly spoke of the two alternatives to a Sith’s approach differently. She also had to confess she had expected merely an animal, based on her ferocity.

                            “I’d ask which sort of Sith you are, but not just your actions but your words convey that enough, I would say.”

                            She gave enough pause to allow the girl to refute her claim, the tops of her cheek lifting in tandem with the lowering of her brow to crinkle the space around her eyes.

                            After giving suitable time for a response, Layla proceeded with a single question for the time being.

                            “What darker emotion, as you so put it, do you believe will be your key to harnessing the Dark Side.”

                            Sianna’s words were not ignored though. Layla agreed little with a few of her sentiments, but chose not to undermine her disagree with her fellow Sith. They both had their own motivations.


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                              Vesta found the words of the pale Priestess inspiring and she found herself nodding her head in response, a smile on her face. She could understand the philosophy and there was a small part of her which almost asked to hear more. However, the blonde slave felt that now was not the time, she was still being judged after all. It did cause a spark of curiosity to race through her body though and her imagination began to run wild within her. The more she heard of the Sith, the more eager she became.

                              When the brunette Sith commented on what type of Sith she was, Vesta didn't argue nor agree with it. In fact, she didn't comment on it at all. Her actions had and always would define her more than mere words could, that was how it had always been with her, before coming here and before being captured by the Bounty Hunter. If she was to be viewed as a bloodthirsty savage because of it then so be it. She did not truly believe that it was a negative impression to make either, it would garner her a reputation, quickly.

                              She did answer the question posed to her however and she soon answered, turning her gaze to her questioner.

                              "My passion is will what draw the Dark Side to me, that was I felt strongest as I killed him," she briefly glanced down at the corpse and smiled again, "I have feelings of hate and anger which live inside me but it's raw passion which pushes me forward and is behind everything I do."