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Vice Hazzard, your fate.

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  • Vice Hazzard, your fate.

    "It has been discussed and talked about, debated and various points and issues said time after time, in the end the overall majority did vote and the answer was that at this time you not be allowed in The Sith Empire for reasons I'm sure you know well of."

    OOC: To add to that IC post, will say your a good RPer and wish you luck.

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    Vice Hazzard does not speak. He nods once, acknoledging the decision yet not agreeing. He walks out of the room, never looking back.

    OOC -

    I suppose on some level I understand. But I cannot honestly say I concur with this. But of course that is not my decision, I have no say in this for I do not decide these things.

    If you'd do me this one last thing, I'd be appreciative. Please, e-mail with an explanation. I do have a good idea, but I need closure on this incident so I can move on. I won't lie and say this doesn't hurt.


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      OOC: You might not concur with it yet it is final. Your not the first person in the world to not be let in a group, you know why the decision really is, more than likely you even understand even if it is a let down for you, I'll email you soon though with a more indepth reason behind it all. Its the least that can be done.


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        OOC - Thank you and may all your future endeavours be fruitful.